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   Chapter 19 I Trust You

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At this moment, the sun was shining brightly. The sunlight sprinkled on Oliver through the window, which was particularly harmonious.

Charlotte was absent-minded for a moment. The man in front of her was no longer as cold as before. Now he was an ordinary man, more approachable.

"Close the door."

Hearing the door behind him that had not been closed for a long time, Oliver frowned. He thought that Charlotte always had no habit of closing the door in time.


Only then did Charlotte realize that she was staring at his back in a daze. She didn't know if he had seen her embarrassment just now. She closed the door in a hurry.

She stood straight and waited for a new round of difficult questions from Oliver.

"Have you known the zero plan?"

Oliver turned around and sat back in his chair.

"Humm... I know a little. "

Although she had read the materials in the meeting just now, time was limited. She had been listening to Mandy's analysis most of the time and hadn't read many details yet.

"You still have three hours to read these materials."

Oliver looked at his watch and gave Charlotte an exact number.

"I've told, you were the one to solve this thing, so..."

Oliver leaned forward with his elbows supporting his body and crossed his hands under his chin, looking at Charlotte with an aura of self-esteem.

"For the gain of this land, it's up to you."

Simplicity and clearness were always the characteristics of Oliver's words.

"Me? Today? "

Although she was mentally prepared, she was still shocked for such a short time.

"What's wrong? You can't do it? "

Oliver raised his eyebrows and looked down upon her again.

Being looked down upon by Oliver was the most intolerable thing for Charlotte. Her attitude immediately changed.

"Okay! Just wait and see. "

With her stubborn eyes and unyielding tone, Oliver's expression softened a lot.

That's right. Pets need to be in this state to be interesting.

"Okay, I'll wait for your good news."

Oliver opened the documents in front of him and began to devote himself to his work.

Charlotte snorted arrogantly and walked out in high heels.

Most importantly, she couldn't lose her momentum.

Although Oliver stared at the document in his hand, he focused all his attention on Charlotte.

Feeling Charlotte's stubbornness, he couldn't help smiling.

The old days were so boring, but future would never be like this again.

Because of the pet, life had a different taste.

When Charlotte walked out of Oliver's office, she was full of confidence. When she really returned to her seat, Charlotte put her head directly to the table. She really wanted to find a place to knock herself to death.

In such a short time, she could only barely understand the details of the project.

As for the client, she knew nothing.

She heaved a long sigh. There was not much time left, so she couldn't delay it like this. What's more, she had said something arrogant.

She cheered herself up and went to get the information about the owner of the land from Mandy. Before reading the information, Charlotte booked a high-end box of a KTV.

Then she found out the phone number of the client and called him.

"Hello, is that Mr. Zhang? I'm Charlotte Shao, the person in charge of negotiating with you about the zero plan of the Shen Group. "

Through the monitor, Oliver saw that after contacting the clients, Charlotte contacted Lin Group.

Mandy looked at Oliver worriedly.

"Mr. Oliver... It was such an important thing to let her, a new comer... Is it really appropriate? "

This matter was so important that Mandy had been very worried after she knew the person to deal with it.

"Do you think Charlotte is not good enough?"

Oliver didn't answer, but asked directly.

Mandy wanted to guess Oliver's attitude, but Oliver was as calm as water in both tone and expression.

"Miss. Charlotte is a capable assistant, but... After all, this matter was of great importance... We can't take the risk. "

Mandy didn't figure out Oliver's attitude, but spoke out her thoughts.

"Yes, you are right. We can't take the risk."

Oliver nodded in agreement. He wanted to test Charlotte's ability as a game, but he didn't want to delay serious affair.

"Arrange a person at the KTV booked by Charlotte in the evening. Be careful to hide identity and replace all the waiters with our people."

He wouldn't let anything out of his control.

"Yes, sir."

Seeing that Oliver was well prepared, Mandy realized that Mr. Oliver had made a full plan.

Three hours was a long time, but it was just a moment for Charlotte, who didn't have enough time.

She checked the time on the computer and thought that she should leave now. She couldn't be late.

"Charlotte, the car is waiting for you downstairs. To avoid being late, I will arrange someone to send you there."

Mandy came in almost at the same time.

"Thank you, Mandy."

While thanking her, Charlotte packed up the documents she needed to bring.

"Go downstairs now. Don't be late."

Mandy's attitude was much better than when they first met, which made Charlotte feel flattered.

"I'll be right there."

After checking again, Charlotte made sure that she didn't forget anything and rushed to the parking lot.

Fortunately, it was not

time to get off work, and there was no traffic jam on the road. Charlotte arrived at the destination half an hour earlier.

Everything was within the scope of Charlotte's plan.

"Welcome, Miss. Charlotte. I'll take you to the room you booked."

After reporting the phone number to receptionist, Charlotte was taken by a waiter immediately to the reserved room.

Before everyone arrived, Charlotte ordered drinks and fruit plates, and looked around the room. She was satisfied with everything.

"Well, lead me to the door. I'll welcome everyone in person."

Charlotte nodded with satisfaction and followed the waiter to welcome guest in person.

Charlotte didn't know who would come here from the Lin Group, but it didn't matter.

Charlotte wanted to win the battle in her best state.

Charlotte had contacted Marvin Chen before, the seller of the land that the Shen Group was going to purchase.

At that time, Marvin Chen also took a fancy to the local geomancy. After all, everyone with a little money now began to pay attention to these things.

Unexpectedly, after he bought the whole mountain uneasily, the government began to promote greening projects again. All kinds of inspection failed, which caused the development of the whole mountain to stop.

Once the development was delayed, it could be regarded as a loss of money, Marvin Chen had no hope to get back the money he had spent on the land in the past few years.

Coincidentally, the Shen Group was targeting the land. After comparison, coupled with the conditions and price offered by the Shen Group were very suitable, the matter was settled soon.

Just before he decided to sign the contract, the Lin Group contacted him and said that they were intended to buy the land at a higher price.

In the face of interests, [陈毅] wanted to go back on his words. He hadn't signed the contract, which was not regarded as breaking the contract.

What's more, Marvin Chen had his own plans in his mind. He couldn't afford to offend either of the two groups, but if the two sides really raised the price to each other, he would benefit in the end.

With this thought, Marvin Chen would dare to offend Oliver for more benefits of himself.

Before coming here today, Marvin Chen had made up his mind that since he had offended Oliver, he would delay it tonight and let them continue to raise the price.

When he arrived at the destination, he saw many people standing at the door as soon as he got off the car.

Charlotte also called several main persons in charge of the zero plan to accompany her. If she said something wrong or if there was anything she didn't understand, she could ask them at any time.

Several people in charge, led by manager Mr. Zhou, of course didn't want to come here. Not to mention how important the negotiation tonight was, when they knew that the person Oliver sent to negotiate was an assistant who had just come to the company for several days, they were even more dissatisfied.

But before they came here, Oliver gave an order again that everyone had to follow assistant Charlotte's order tonight. Although they were unsatisfied with that, they couldn't let others laugh at the internal discord, and everyone knew these reasons.

When Charlotte asked everyone to welcome Marvin Chen at the door, everyone was also not satisfied.

"How dare you ask us to welcome him at the door? If others see us doing that, it will disgrace Shen Group."

Manager Mr. Zhou had always been straightforward and frank, so he said everything that made him unsatisfied. At this moment, he didn't care about what Oliver had told him before, and his dissatisfaction was showed on his face.

"Mr. Zhou, please listen to my arrangement today. In order to get the contract successfully. "

Charlotte's mind was full of the materials she had read in the afternoon. She was silently preparing the content of the conversation tonight, without too much thought to comfort these people's dissatisfaction.

"We cooperate fairly, not humbly beg for this contract. It won't work. "

Seeing Charlotte was perfunctory, the manager Mike Zhou became more unreasonable.

"Mr. Mike Zhou, we are here to welcome our clients, not to be humble, but to show our sincerity to them. Sometimes, some tiny details may play a key role."

She opened her eyes slightly and said in a proper and calm tone.

Charlotte's imposing manner made Mike Zhou swallow back what he wanted to say.

Marvin Chen's car had arrived.

Mike Zhou didn't know what to say. Now that the other party had arrived, how could he enter the room without Charlotte's permission? It was not good to do this in front of the clients.

"This is Marvin Chen's car."

Mike Zhou had a clear distinction between public and private affairs. Knowing that Charlotte didn't know Marvin Chen, he reminded her in a low voice.

Charlotte turned her head slightly and smiled gratefully.

Mike Zhou, though a little straightforward, was definitely a good employee.

Before Marvin Chen got out of the car, he recognized Mike Zhou in the crowd. Mike Zhou was present in every negotiation of the Shen Group's zero plan.

But the woman in the lead was a little strange and he had never seen her before.

Charlotte wore a black business suit today. She tied up her hair, looking neat and tidy.

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