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   Chapter 18 A Heavy Task (Part Two)

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This was the first time that the Shen Group invested in a real estate project like the villas.

Shen Group had invested in real estate before, but it was the first time that the whole mountain had been built into villas in the whole H City.

It was the first time to try the construction of high-end villas, so giving this plan a name of zero meant that it would start from zero and develop it based on nothing.

"We have already been going to make an agreement about the land we saw before. Unexpectedly, the Lin Group came out halfway and increased the price by nearly twice. They wanted to take the land away."

Mandy analyzed the problems that had occurred to all the people present. Now all the people in the meeting room were in charge of this project.

This land was carefully chosen and finally decided. For its surrounding environment, the air quality in all aspects, and the location from the city center, Oliver had invited the authority of all industries to come for the identification. As soon as all the reports were released, this place instantly became the legendary treasure land of H City.

However, this land was still a mountain. No matter how good the environment was, its value would be greatly reduced when it encountered the expensive development and construction costs.

Oliver made up his mind to start his zero plan here. They had reached an agreement and were about to sign the contract.

Just this morning, he suddenly received a call from the owner of the land, saying that he wanted to postpone the date of signing the contract and that he hadn't understood some of the terms of the contract yet.

Every term of the contract was made face to face by both sides, so after hearing this reason, Oliver's first reaction was that something had changed.

After a morning's investigation, it was finally found out that the Lin Group put obstacles in the way and made the price of the land increase. Facing with the relatively higher price, the owner of the land hesitated.

After knowing the situation, Oliver immediately held a meeting, hoping to get a solution.

In fact, the current solution could only be that he sent someone to negotiate with the other party and signed the contract completely. What they needed to discuss now was who should be sent.

Oliver couldn't make a move so easily. He must keep calm until it was at the last moment.

Oliver didn't take Charlotte seriously into consideration. He just talked to Charlotte and said it out naturally.

"What we need to do now is to get the land back from the Lin Group."

After reporting, Mandy made a final conclusion. After making a bow, she returned to her seat with the permission of Oliver.

"That's how it is. So, if you have any good suggestions, or if anyone has a good plan and is sure to complete it, please rec

ommend yourself."

Looking at the people sitting there, Oliver looked a little embarrassed. No one volunteered to speak. It seemed that they were really stumped.

If the opponent was someone else, maybe someone would want to have a try. But the opponent was the Lin Group. The Shen Group was not afraid of the Lin Group. In front of the Shen Group, the Lin Group was not worth mentioning.

However, in order to get the project, the Lin Group had gone all out. It was well-known in H City.

What they were worried about was that their skills were not as good as those of the Lin Group, and their methods were not as cruel as that of the Lin Group. If they couldn't reach an agreement in the end, the consequences could be imagined.

They all became timid because they knew the importance of this project.

"Since no one is willing to volunteer..."

At first, everyone thought that Oliver would lose his temper and scold them, but they didn't expect that Oliver seemed to be in a better mood.

"I'll send someone there."

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone's heart was lifted up again. They buried their heads in their chests, fearing that Oliver would send them to do it.

Oliver didn't look at the others at all. He stared at Charlotte cunningly and thought, 'maybe it's a good idea to let this person go. Charlotte won't refuse the opportunity to contact the Lin Group too much.'

Moreover, he really wanted to see how Charlotte would face such a difficult problem, and he would be happy to think about it.

"Since everyone has no objection, the meeting is over."

Facing the silent meeting room, Oliver didn't want to say anything more and announced the meeting was over.

"Mr. Oliver... May I ask... Who will you send about this contract? "

The project manager in charge of the zero plan, Mr. Zhou timidly asked Oliver about the choice.

"As for the candidates, I don't think it's necessary for me to report to you."

Oliver, who had been amiable just now, suddenly cooled down when he heard this question. The cold aura around him made everyone sitting on the seat goose bumps.

"It's my fault."

Manager Mr. Zhou kept wiping the cold sweat on his forehead with his sleeves and apologizing with bowing.

Oliver glanced at Charlotte who was still in a daze.

"Come to my office, right now!"

Oliver scolded.

After saying that, he left the meeting room first. Only then did everyone feel that the atmosphere around themselves finally rose again and they could breathe heavily.

Charlotte pouted and began to pack up her things quickly. Oliver would only vent his anger on her when he was "bullied".

She rushed to Oliver's office. Standing in front of the French window, Oliver looked at the busy street.

In Oliver's office, there was a big French window near the street.

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