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   Chapter 17 A Heavy Task (Part One)

Boss's Dearest: Cure You With Love By Fumo Baobao Characters: 6150

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As the saying goes, "never slap a smiling man." In addition, Mandy knew that Mr. Oliver's attitude to Charlotte, so her tone was still impatient, but she told Charlotte everything she could tell.

With the plan and explanation, Charlotte's working speed doubled. After ordering lunch for Oliver, she almost finished her work.

Then she quickly took out the suspicious documents and made some changes.

Today, Charlotte finally remembered to order a lunch for herself. Although she had ordered it, she still forgot to eat it.

The lunch had been put on the table all the time. Charlotte was so anxious to finish her work that she didn't raise her head. Charlotte was so efficient today because Oliver didn't embarrass her the whole morning.

Just because of this, Charlotte felt that she was in a much better mood today and everything went well.

While she was thinking about it and hopping that Oliver wouldn't disturb her the whole day, she received an internal call and asked her to go to the CEO's office.

This man really couldn't afford to being nagged! With these thoughts in her mind angrily, Oliver came to the door of Oliver's office. She collected herself and knocked on the door.

"What's wrong? You haven't finished your work yet? "

As soon as Charlotte entered the room, Oliver couldn't help satirizing Charlotte.

"I will try my best."

Charlotte gritted her teeth. She would not refute Oliver on this matter.

"What's the use of just saying it?"

Oliver turned the ring on his finger and looked at Charlotte with a teasing look.

What Charlotte hated was Oliver's attitude. He always looked down upon her. Apart from secretly making up her mind to do her work better, Charlotte didn't want to waste more time to show up her mind in front of him.

"Why don't you say anything?"

Although Charlotte didn't say anything, Oliver wouldn't let her go. In a word, Oliver didn't think he would get tired of this pet no matter how he played with it.

"I will prove my efforts with actions."

Faced with Oliver's deliberate provocation, Charlotte raised her head and glared at Oliver. Her words were almost squeezed out of her mouth.

Oliver liked Charlotte's expression like this. She looked like an angry young lion. She looked dangerous, but actually she was fragile. After seeing the expression he wanted to see, Oliver finally came back to the point.

"In that case, I will give you a chance to show your ability."

Oliver threw a folder on the table in front of him to Charlotte, and Charlotte quickly caught it with her hands. On the cover of the folder, there were several words: Intended Project.

"This is..."

Charlotte glanced at Oliver in confusion and then looked through the documents in her hand.

She knew this was a new project of the Shen Group recently. It should still be in the start-up stage, which was a very important stage.

Charlotte wondered what Oliver wanted her to do with such an important project.

"This is a very important project of the company recently. At present, the project ha

s encountered difficulties, and you are also in a hurry to perform."

Oliver said nonsense seriously.

"You will solve the problem this time."

When Oliver spoke, his eyes never left Charlotte, expecting the little pet to show some interesting expressions.

"Let me solve it?"

Charlotte's eyes widened and her red lips slightly opened. She looked a little cute, which made Oliver feel as if a cat's paw was scratching in his heart.

"Yes, you solve it."

Oliver nodded affirmatively.

Bang! Bang! Bang.

When Charlotte was about to say something more, a knock on the door interrupted the conversation between the two.

"Come in."

The playful smile on Oliver's face was replaced by a serious one.

"Mr. Oliver, everyone is here. When will the meeting start?"

It was Mandy who came in. The meeting was decided on the spur of the moment, so Charlotte didn't know it.

"In a minute."

Oliver immediately stood up and walked towards the meeting room.

Charlotte stood there in a daze, with the documents in her hands.

"Charlotte, hurry up and take your laptop to record the meeting!"

Mandy frowned with taking a glance at Charlotte and urged her impatiently.

"Okay, I'll be right there."

Charlotte finally came back to her senses. She had to record the meeting. She hurriedly packed up her belongings and quickly came to the meeting room.

The meeting room was full of people, and Oliver seemed to be impatient. The appearance of Charlotte successfully attracted everyone's attention.

Charlotte stand at the door. Her hair was in a mess, and the documents in her hands were about to fall on the ground.

Noticing everyone's gaze, Charlotte's face flushed to the ears because she left in a hurry and appeared in this way.

"Come on in. Do you want to waste more time?"

Oliver urged Charlotte impatiently, showing no respect to Charlotte.

Charlotte glanced at the empty seat beside Oliver and quickly ran over to sit down, which caused all kinds of dissatisfaction, but for the sake of Oliver, they did not show it.

But Charlotte could clearly see the contempt for her in everyone's eyes.

"Let's talk about the intended project today."

Oliver didn't waste time anymore, but cut to the chase directly.

Hearing the intended project, Charlotte's attention was instantly focused. Wasn't this the project that Oliver asked her to solve?

"Mandy, tell everyone about the difficulty of this project at present."

Mandy had already stood in front of the projector, waiting for Oliver's order.

"Yes, sir."

Mandy asked her assistant to cut in the screen.

"Recently, the zero program has encountered a difficult problem, which is that the resources have been robbed."

Listening to Mandy's analysis, Charlotte also looked through the materials that Oliver just threw to her. She wanted to know more about this project.

The Shen Group's industries involved almost all the industries in H City, which was one of the main reasons why Shen Group could become the number one financial tycoon in H City.

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