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   Chapter 16 Gossip

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After closing the door, Charlotte stuck out her tongue at the door. This man was really annoying. When she found out what she wanted, she would definitely try to escape here and never let him find her for the rest of her life.

Charlotte thought that Oliver couldn't see her after she closed the door, but she didn't expect that the surveillance video at the top right of the door could clearly send every action of Charlotte to Oliver's computer through the monitor screen.

Looking at such a cute Charlotte, Oliver smiled.

Today, Charlotte was different from what he had seen before. He didn't know if it was because of his good attitude or her illness that she was obviously braver than before.

Oliver liked the pet's arrogant attitude very much. It was getting more and more interesting. He was afraid that he would not let it go if he kept it for a long time.

Charlotte slept well the whole night. Perhaps because of the drug, when she woke up, she felt much more energetic, and the fatigue of yesterday was also gone.

"Miss. Charlotte, Mr. Oliver is urging you. He said you was going to be late for work."

As soon as Charlotte changed her clothes, she heard someone knocking at the door. It was Mary's gentle voice.

"Let him go if he is late. It's none of my business."

Charlotte was a little annoyed by his urge. She recalled how miserable she had been last night, and her tone was full of dissatisfaction and anger.

Mary, who was standing outside the door, was embarrassed. She didn't dare to say anything like that, so she had to stand outside at a loss.

When she was in a dilemma, Oliver quietly appeared beside Mary, which made Mary tremble with fear and unable to speak.

"Mr... Mr. Oliver... I... "

"It's none of your business. You can leave now."

After dismissing Mary, Oliver raised his fist and began to smash the door.

Charlotte was usually diligent. The reason why she got up late today was probably because of last night. Oliver didn't care about that, he still continued to knock until Charlotte opened the door angrily.


Charlotte wanted to say whether you were crazy or not, but when she saw the cold face of Oliver, she lost all her momentum in an instant. She had to go to work following him.

The two of them came to the company together, and there were more people gossiping.

Several female employees at the front desk couldn't help whispering when they saw the two people get into the CEO's exclusive elevator together.

"See? They got off the car together."

A woman with heavy makeup looked at the door in disgust. The scene just now was really dazzling.

"Exactly! They are aboveboard and straightforward now. Have you heard what happened last night? "

Another receptionist couldn't help complaining.

"Last night, Mr. Oliver said that Charlotte was his wife."

As soon as she finished her words, the people around her gathered quickly, and the front desk was packed with people.

"What! Wife! When did it happen? "

The crowd exclaimed in disbelief.

"I left late last night and saw it in the restaurant."

The female receptionist exaggerated what happened last night, which made everyone more convinced that Charlotte came here as a secretary because she climbed into Oliver's bed.

"She doesn't look like a good person. She is seductive."

The woman with heavy makeup gnashed her teeth and cursed, regardless of the surrounding people.

"Why are you surrounding here instead of doing your work?"

Everyone followed the voice and saw David. They immediately scattered and ran fast.

"Linda, Elsa, if you two take the lead to spread the gossip again, I have to report it to Mr. Oliver."

Of course, David heard them talking about Charlotte, so he immediately came out to stop them.

"Mr. David, we know we are wrong."

The two agreed reluctantly. Although David was a leader, he was not their direct superior.

"Don't talk about such groundless things in the future. You are talking about the CEO's gossip. If he really knows it, do you think you will be safe?"

David left as soon as he finished his words. He also knew that these people just gave in temporarily because of his identity.

"Hey, is he protecting her now?"

The woman with heavy make-up was Linda. Seeing that David had gone far, she couldn't help rolling her eyes.

"What a bummer!"

Before Elsa could finish her words, she was interrupted and felt uncomfortable.

Although she didn't finish her words, the gossip spread quickly. Only a few minutes after the crowd dispersed, almost the whole company knew what happened last night.

It was already half morning when Mandy came to the company because of something. As soon as she entered the company gate, she heard that everyone was whispering. She was shocked when she approached them quietly.

But she still returned to her work quietly.

Charlotte hadn't left her office since she came to the company this morning. She had accumulated some work last night, and she had a lot of new work to do today.

But all these failed to defeat Charlotte, because when Charlotte came in the morning, she saw the documents she had lost yesterday lying neatly on her desk.

At that time she got rid of the haze of being urged to go to work in the morning, and she was instantly full of energy. She must find out the truth and for the damn Emmett, she couldn't let him go no matter what.

Now that Emmett was the one who caused the destruction of her family, he had to pay the price for that.

The power of

hatred drove Charlotte and became the motivation that could not be erased by Charlotte.

Looking at the information cover "Lin Group", Charlotte didn't look through it, but she had a premonition that it would be the key information she found.

Although she didn't know why she had such a feeling.

She began to look through it carefully. The Lin Group did have a lot of contacts with her father a few months ago. Then she recalled the news she had heard before.

Charlotte was more convinced that the Lin Group might have something to do with her family.

Charlotte secretly kept a copy of the Lin Group's information in her bag. She had to go back and study it over and over again, and find more records about the cooperation between the Lin Group and her father.

"Miss. Charlotte, have you finished what I asked you to do yesterday?"

As soon as Charlotte put the copy in her bag, Mandy pushed the door open and asked about the progress of her work.

This was not what Mandy wanted to ask, but what the CEO asked her about it when she went to the CEO's office to report the work.

"Yes, I have finished what was assigned yesterday. I'm doing today's work."

In fact, she had read the materials two more times, which took up her time. Otherwise, she could almost finish today's work.

At the beginning, she was too slow to finish the work, because she was not proficient in doing it. But now, it was not difficult for Charlotte to do it.

Mandy stopped being surprised and nodded to show her understanding.

"Miss. Charlotte, you have to speed up. After all, the work here can't be delayed. Any mistake may cause incalculable losses."

Mandy still acted like a leader. She talked about business seriously for a while, then turned around and left to report the work progress of Charlotte to the president.

"Oh? She did it quite quickly. "

Hearing the progress of Charlotte's work, Oliver was also a little surprised. Just now, Charlotte secretly put something into her bag, and Oliver also saw it, but said nothing. If his guess was not wrong, it was the information of Lin Group.

Oliver, of course, wouldn't stop Charlotte from staying in his company, even if he knew her purpose.

But if Charlotte didn't waste time on this matter just now, she must have done more things and finished today's work.

"It's so fast. You'd better check it to see if there's any prevarication."

Oliver was more and more curious about Charlotte. This seemingly thin pet was both fragile and powerful. Sometimes the power it showed always impressed him.

"Yes, sir."

When Mandy lowered her head, she noticed the smile on Oliver's face. She guessed that Oliver didn't really hate the assistant Charlotte at all.

Looking at Charlotte who was still buried in her work, Mandy sighed deeply. She knew that paid leave was not so easy. Others could take it, but she could not take a rest easily.

"Send the work you have done and the sorted materials to my office."

After giving the order, Mandy went back to her office and began to work.


Although Charlotte didn't know what Mandy was going to do, she immediately sent the sorted documents to her.

She went back to her seat and saw through the glass that Mandy was reading the materials she had sorted out.

Charlotte guessed that she might be worried about a new comer and afraid of making mistakes. Although Charlotte felt a little uncomfortable when her ability was doubted, she had nothing to say. After all, she was just a newcomer for several days.

Mandy was very familiar with this kind of work, so she quickly finished the inspection.

There was no big problem. It was just a lot of small details. Although these small mistakes didn't influence in the result, they could not be ignored.

She came to Charlotte with the documents. Without greeting, she threw the suspicious documents directly on Charlotte's desk.

"Although it's not a big deal, the details can show a person's working attitude. On the premise of not affecting the normal work, quickly correct the mistakes in it, and check it again, don't leave any mistakes."

Charlotte didn't retort, but nodded repeatedly to show that she knew.

Hearing the sound of Mandy's high heels fading away, Charlotte looked up at Mandy's back. She heaved a sigh of relief. In order to stay here, this setback was nothing.

Charlotte quickly made a new plan for herself. The work at hand could be finished before lunch. She could spare the lunch time and read the wrong documents again. There should be no problem.

Everything was under control. After cheering herself on, Charlotte continued to work with full energy.

After leaving, Mandy also paid attention to the situation here from time to time. In the past, no matter who was scolded like this, there would be the negative mood and dissatisfaction, which would be more or less released.

Mandy, who was secretly observing Charlotte's behavior, was surprised again. She didn't see any dissatisfaction on Charlotte's face and body. Instead, she saw that Charlotte worked harder.

Mandy nodded and thought, 'Charlotte is more than a vase.'

Moreover, it seemed that Mr. Oliver was very interested in this person, so she had to learn to treat this assistant with a more appropriate attitude and method.

After Charlotte was accustomed to doing her work, her work went smoothly. Besides, Charlotte saw that Mandy had been there the whole morning. If there was anything that she couldn't do, she would ask her with a smile modestly.

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