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   Chapter 15 Hospitalization

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Oliver, who was about to lose his temper, was startled by Charlotte's faint before he opened his mouth. He had thought that it was Charlotte's trick to pretend to faint to escape his accusation.

After calling her for a few times without any response, he went up to check, only to find that all of Charlotte's body was covered in cold sweat, and her face and lips were deathly pale.

Oliver's anger disappeared in an instant. He picked her up and rushed into the bedroom.

"Call the doctor right now!"

Someone immediately called the doctor.

Oliver had his own private doctor, who was on call and came very fast. The doctor arrived in a few minutes.

But these few minutes, Oliver had an illusion that time became long, he was going through a hard time every second.

While the doctor was checking, Oliver called his assistant.

"Go to the restaurant just now and find the document she said."

Oliver didn't forget what Charlotte said just now. He was not afraid that the information would be leaked. If it was very confidential and he wouldn't let Charlotte touch it. If he didn't guess wrong, the document that could make Charlotte so interested...

Would be... Judging from Charlotte's tone just now, he guessed that she would look for the document when she woke up.

"Mr. Oliver, it's your call."

A servant brought the phone which was left behind by Oliver just now. The phone was still ringing and it showed that it was David.

Oliver looked back at Charlotte, who was still receiving inspection, and quickly walked out of the room with his mobile phone.

"Mr. Oliver."

After answering the phone, Oliver didn't say anything, as if he was waiting for the other party to speak.

"Here is the thing... Charlotte left something in the dining room by accident just now... I thought she would go back to the company, but I didn't expect that she was not there. "

Of course, David saw the direction, which Oliver was not going to the company with Charlotte. It was just an excuse of David.

"What's up?"

After what happened today, Oliver didn't want to say one more word to David.

"I think Charlotte must be very anxious to read this document, so she has to have dinner with it. If she can't find it, she must be very anxious..."

Oliver interrupted David before he finished his words.

"Put the documents on my desk tomorrow. It's late. We need to go to bed."

After saying that, Oliver hung up the phone decisively. Oliver's anger, which had just dissipated, was ignited again because of the phone call.

David called her Charlotte so intimately. Damn it.

When Oliver returned to the bedroom, he saw Charlotte still in a coma. Instead of venting his anger, he felt sorry for her.

"Do you know why?"

Oliver pretended to be indifferent and asked casually. In fact, all his attention was on the woman in bed.

"She must be hungry, plus acute gastrospasm."

The doctor gave Charlotte an intravenous drip and reported to Oliver.

"Maybe it's because she didn't eat on time. She will have a stomachache in the future. So she needs to take good care of herself. She should wake up later and try to give some light porridge or something like that."

Hearing the reason, Oliver didn't feel relieved. Instead, he blamed himself. She was sick for not having meals on time today.

After sending away the doctor, he also ordered the kitchen to cook some porridge to warm it up, waiting for Charlotte to wake up.

Looking at the pale face on the bed, Oliver complained in his heart.

She looked stubborn, but she wasn't as strong as she showed.

Although Charlotte had suffered a lot before, she was the apple of her parents' eyes. As long as the conditions permitted, she would never suffer.

It was getting late. Oliver sat quietly on the edge of the bed, unwilling to leave.

Compared with Oliver, David couldn't fall asleep for a long time. He stared at the material in his hand and checked it carefully.

This was the document left by Charlotte in the restaurant, and she had to take it with her even when she was eating. David guessed that this information must be very important to Charlotte.

But how could Charlotte have anything to do with Lin Group?

Charlotte woke up from hunger. She didn't eat much at night, and then vomited. Before she passed out, she didn't feel hungry because of stomachache. Now the medicine worked, and a sense of hunger came.

The first thing she recovered was her physical sense. She felt that she was lying on a big soft bed, and there was a familiar male breath on the bed.

She tried to open her eyes and saw the infusion on her head. Under the dim light of the bedside lamp, her vision was still a little blurry. It was not until her pupils slowly adapted to the light that she could completely see the surrounding environment.

This was not the room she used to live in. This room was not as luxurious as her own room. There was no magnificent furnishings and decorations, and the simple and cold decoration style. It could be seen that the owner of this room was usually a person who was disciplined.

This is Oliver's room!

Charlotte thought of this sentence. 'Few people could enter Oliver's room, and even some servants couldn't be allowed to enter it except for cleaner on duty.

It was more accurate to say that he was a neat freak than to say that he had some secrets.

Normally, Charlotte was not allowed to come in. Most of the time, Charlotte was locked in her room and

was not allowed to come out.

"Miss. Charlotte, you are awake."

A servant who had been waiting beside her asked in a low voice as soon as she saw that Charlotte had woken up.


Charlotte's voice was so hoarse that she almost scared herself.

"I'll ask the kitchen to bring the porridge here right away."

The servant stood up and went to inform the people outside the door to bring porridge in the kitchen.

"Miss. Charlotte, would you like some water?"

The servant asked cautiously. Before Oliver went out, he repeatedly told her to take good care of Charlotte and not to be careless.

Charlotte nodded. Her throat was about to explode.

"Why haven't I seen you before?"

When drinking the water, Charlotte looked the servant up and down. She looked young, only in her twenties. She looked younger than Charlotte, and it was the first time Charlotte had seen her.

"Miss. Charlotte, I just came here. Mr. Oliver asked me to take care of you."

The girl was timid when she said. She seemed to be yellow-bellied and introverted.

"Take care of me?"

Charlotte sniffed at her words. How could Oliver suddenly be so kind to find someone to take care of her?

Oliver didn't plan to do that, but today Charlotte's sudden coma made him feel anxious. How long had it been since he last had this feeling?

This made him realize that although Charlotte] was very stubborn, her thin body was not that tough.

As soon as Oliver turned around, he saw a servant coming up with a hot towel. So he decided to let this girl who looked about the same age as Charlotte take care of her.

"I'm the only one who can instruct Miss. Charlotte. You still have to take good care of her.

The little girl trembled when she recalled Oliver's expression and tone just now. Everyone knew that Oliver was cold, but as a servant here, she had a high salary and a good allowance.

"What's your name?"

Looking at the trembling girl, Charlotte thought that she didn't look like a bad person. She didn't need anyone to serve her, but it would be good if she could have a companion.

The rest of the family were as cold as Oliver, but the girl in front of her looked like her.

"My name is Mary Zou."

Mary Zou whispered her name, which made Charlotte feel pity for her.

"Miss. Charlotte, here is your porridge."

There was a knock on the door. It was the kitchen servant that brought the porridge.

"So soon?"

Charlotte looked at the clock on the wall. It was only a few minutes.

"Yes, the porridge is ready. It's still warm on the fire. I'm waiting for you to wake up."

Mary Zou took the porridge and spooned it. She was about to feed Charlotte, but Charlotte refused.

"I can do it myself."

Then she took the bowl over. She couldn't afford such treatment.

The white porridge looked simple and tasted impeccable. Charlotte couldn't tell what was in it. Anyway, it smelled good.

When Charlotte finished the third bowl and wanted the fourth one, Oliver came to her room.

"You may leave now."

Looking at the panic stricken Mary Zou, Oliver drove her away.

Mary fled with an empty bowl as if she had received an imperial edict.

Charlotte, who was in a good mood just now, got goose bumps all over her body when she saw Oliver. She didn't know since when it became an instinctive reaction to be afraid of him.

"You are so fragile."

Oliver glanced at Charlotte, whose smile was gone, and said four words, which made Charlotte roll her eyes frequently.

"You'd better not get sick again. I have to call a doctor to treat you. These are not small expenses."

Oliver walked to the chair beside the bed and sat down, looking at Charlotte with disgust.

Her face had gradually recovered, and her voice was quite loud. She should be fine.

Oliver didn't notice his instinctive concern for Charlotte at all.

"Go back to your room. I'm sleepy."

Facing Charlotte's silence, Oliver was a little annoyed. He stood up and pulled Charlotte out of the bed. Her wrist, which had just been infused with liquid, was a little cold, but even so, Oliver still didn't show mercy to her.

"Hurry up."

In the face of Charlotte's resentful eyes, the answer was Oliver's disgusted tone and impatient wave of his hand.


Charlotte still had some questions to ask, so she didn't leave at once.

"What? Do you want to stay with me tonight? "

Crossing his arms over his chest, Oliver looked at Charlotte with disdain. As long as he teased this funny pet, he would feel very happy.

"Of course not!"

Charlotte felt that her stomach began to ache again. She got angry when she saw this man looking down upon her.

"I just want to ask if you have found the document."

The main reason why Charlotte was worried about the document was that she didn't even have a look at it.

"Why do you want to know the Lin Group?"

This time, Oliver asked a serious question, which was quite unusual.

"I... No, I just think... It's the company's document. If it's very important and I lose it, isn't it good... "

On the contrary, Charlotte was not used to Oliver's normal look and was stunned.

"The documents will be sent back tomorrow. If you don't want to sleep with me, go back to your room now."

In the blink of an eye, the serious Oliver disappeared.

Charlotte doubted that what she saw just now was actually an illusion.

"Who cares!"

Charlotte snorted and ran out of Oliver's room barefoot without wearing shoes.

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