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   Chapter 14 Oliver Got Angry

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Charlotte was frightened by Oliver's expression. She remembered that she still need to ask him for help. She couldn't make this man angry. She clenched her teeth and shrank back in her seat, without saying anything.

A series of rapid knocks broke the suffocating atmosphere in the car.

"What happened?"

The traffic policeman asked as he knocked on the window.

It was getting dark, and even the street lights couldn't make him see everything in the car clearly. The traffic police rushed over when he heard the news. But he only saw the two strange people in the car from the windshield. The traffic around them had been coordinated and slowly returned to normal.

However, there was no movement from the car.


Oliver sat up straight again, rolled down the window and answered the police coldly.

"In this case, you have to go back to the Transportation Department with me. You are now parking illegally and seriously breaking the traffic rules."

The traffic policeman dutifully conveyed his idea, but he didn't expect that Oliver would roll up the window and fly away.

This was the first time that the new policeman had encountered such a situation. He didn't come to his senses until the car disappeared in the night. He hurriedly gathered his colleagues around and chased after the car.

As soon as he got on the car, he was stopped by an old traffic police.

"Forget it. Someone will go to the department to deal with it tomorrow."

Obviously, he had recognized the people in the car just now. Although he didn't often deal with Oliver, he still remembered these people with special identities.

"Do you know the man just now?"

The new policeman looked confused. Apparently, he didn't know what was going on.

"Well... He is not someone we can deal with, but he won't run away. Don't worry. We'd better continue to maintain order. "

The old traffic police didn't say anything more and returned to the team commanding traffic order.

After leaving for a long time, Charlotte's mind was still blank. Just now, Oliver suddenly drove away, which obviously shocked Charlotte.

"Did you run away just now?"

Charlotte, who was still in a state of shock, had already forgotten the unhappiness just now and muttered to herself.

Then she turned around to check if someone was chasing them. After confirming that no traffic police was chasing, she heaved a long sigh of relief.

"What? Are you afraid? "

Seeing that Charlotte was timid, Oliver was in a better mood. He wondered why a stubborn person would worry about such a trifle.

"No! You will be caught if you escape! "

Charlotte taught Oliver seriously, who didn't take it seriously. Her look was like a teacher in kindergarten scolding kid.

Seeing the slight smile at the corners of Oliver's mouth, Charlotte remembered that the two of them were quarreling just now. She immediately shut up and turned to look out of the window.

"Don't think what happened just now is over. It's not over."

Oliver warned Charlotte word by word in a cold voice.

Now that he was in a better mood, he would let her go first. But he couldn't bear his pet messing around with men. He would get even with her one day.

There were fewer and fewer cars passing by outside the window, and only the faint street lights lit up the road ahead.

The two people in the car had their own thoughts and kept silent.

On the way home, Charlotte suddenly remembered that she hadn't finished her work yet, and before she went out of the office, she seemed to have brought out a document about Lin Group. She had planned to take a few glances at it during dinner.

She rummaged through her bag and found nothing in it. Oh, no, Charlotte's heart missed a beat. The document was brought out from the company. She didn't know whether it was confidential or not. If she lost it...

Charlotte scratched her hair in chagrin. She must have taken her bag with her when she was dragged away, not the folders on the table.

"Do you want me to carry you out of the car?"

Seeing that Charlotte didn't get out of the car all the time, Oliver's last patience was used up.

He walked over and opened the door, teasing her in a strange voice.

Hearing Oliver's voice, Charlotte became more furious.

Charlotte was so anxious that she didn't have time to be afraid of Oliver, and her tone was much harsher.

"It's all your fault! It's all your fault! "

Full of complaints was hitting him, Oliver looked at the awkward "pet" in the passenger seat. It seemed that something was wrong according to her expression.

"Hmm? What's wrong? "

Asked Oliver, raising his eyebrows. He was also recalling what had just happened.

"I have to go back and work overtime!"

Charlotte sat still on the passenger seat motionlessly. It was more like a spoiled child than an accusation of Oliver's crime.

"I permit you not to continue to work overtime."

Oliver shrugged. There was nothing that she had to do. The essence of overtime work was based on his will for annoying her on purpose. If he didn't allow her to do now, she could not.

"You... You! You are so bossy! "

Charlotte thought for a long time and finally came up with the word. S

he thought it was a serious word, but in return, Oliver rolled his eyes at her.

"Get off the car now!"

Oliver said in an irresistible tone, but he didn't pull her down. Oliver found that he was much more patient all of a sudden, but if she continued to be stubborn and didn't come down, he would carry her back directly next.

"No way! I have to go back! "

Charlotte was about to tell the truth, but when she saw the cold expression on Oliver's face, she immediately hesitated. She should have done something wrong. She not only took the documents out of the company without permission, but also lost them.

But if... If she told him the truth, maybe Oliver could do something about it? Oliver must have known others who had dinner with him in that restaurant just now.

When Charlotte was hesitating, Oliver had already made a move. He grabbed Charlotte's wrist and pulled her into his arms. Then he clamped it with his arm, and Charlotte was easily clamped under Oliver's arm, and then he used the other hand to stabilize Charlotte's waist.

Charlotte was in the air with her head down. She felt terrible.

"You bastard, let go of me!"

After hesitating for a while, Charlotte began to struggle instinctively. She was not afraid of Oliver anymore.

"Behave yourself, or I'll teach you a lesson later."

Oliver frowned and sped up. What a noisy pet.

Charlotte didn't eat on time today, so she had a stomachache. She had just had a little, but she felt her stomach was churning after being tortured by Oliver.

After struggling for a while, the feeling became stronger and stronger. Finally, before she entered the house, she couldn't help throwing up.


Charlotte vomited, and then a stinky smell rushed into Oliver's nose.

Oliver shook his hand and almost let go of Charlotte, throwing her on the vomit.

He threw her forward with his last sanity. Charlotte, who had just vomited, lost all her strength after being tortured like this. She sat on the spot paralyzed and lost her mind for a moment.

"It's disgusting!"

Oliver stepped back and covered his nose with disgust.

Charlotte, who finally came back to her senses, quickly got up from the ground. For a tyrant like Oliver, even if he knew that she had lost the documents, he would definitely humiliate her first.

She didn't know he would how to torture her in the future. She'd better go back and look for the document by herself.

Charlotte returned to the car, picked up her bag and ran on the road. It was an emergency, so she had to take a taxi, although she was reluctant.


On the way, Charlotte heard Oliver's angry roar, but she didn't care about it. The bodyguard brought back Charlotte, who he missed so much.

When she was dragged back by two strong men, Charlotte wanted to find a place to hit her to death. How could she forget that she would be misunderstood if she did so? If she was misunderstood to run away, the consequences would be more serious.

"You want to escape?"

Charlotte, who was taken back, stood in front of Oliver with her head down and her body trembling.

Feeling the dangerous aura from Oliver, the brief words was enough to frighten Charlotte.

Oliver's tone returned to the cold and ruthless.

"No... I don't want to escape. I just want to go back... "

Charlotte lowered her head and answered in a low voice. It seemed that she couldn't hide the truth anymore.

"I have told you that you don't need to work overtime!"

Oliver didn't believe this clumsy excuse. It was unlikely for her to escape. After all, he knew clearly that the reason why Charlotte stayed was more convincing.

There must be some other reason.

"I... I... "

Charlotte just couldn't speak it out. Her whole body began to tremble. In addition, she felt uncomfortable in her belly just now, and now her face was a little pale.

But it couldn't been seen clearly under the light at the door.

"Tell me!"

Oliver's growl made Charlotte say everything.

"I left some documents in the restaurant by accident..."

Charlotte closed her eyes and gritted her teeth to hold back the discomfort in her stomach.

"Documents? You have dinner with David and bring some documents with you? "

Squinting at Charlotte, Oliver said in a domineering tone.

"It's none of his business... It's all my fault. "

Charlotte was afraid that Oliver would misunderstand David. After all, David was so kind to her that she couldn't get him into trouble.

But Charlotte's protection didn't make Oliver forgive David, instead, he hated him more. 'It seemed that they had a good relationship!' Oliver thought. 'How could she defend him like this?'

"I planned to continue to read the document while eating, so I took one with me casually."

At this point, Charlotte had no choice but to tell the whole story obediently.

"But you just took me away and I left the documents in the restaurant..."

The more she said, the lower her voice became. Charlotte didn't dare to look up at Oliver's expression, but waited for Oliver's anger.

But because of the stomachache and the fact that she didn't eat on time all day, she passed out before Oliver got angry. Then she was unconscious.

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