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   Chapter 13 Seduce Man

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As the sun set, Charlotte enjoyed the independent office alone. Naturally, she couldn't feel the noise of getting off work outside. She still buried herself in work and forgot everything.

"Sir, Miss. Charlotte..." Downstairs, the assistant held the steering wheel tightly and asked cautiously.

"Drive." With his lips slightly closed, Oliver's commanding tone made people have to obey, and the assistant had no choice but to stop asking about Charlotte's condition.

Fortunately, he didn't know that any man who cared more about Charlotte now had to bear the anger of Oliver at the cost of his life.

When the night fell, it was clearly half past nine. In the tall headquarters building of the Shen Group, only the light of Charlotte's office was still on.

"Charlotte, it's so late. Why are you still working?"

A gentle voice came from above. It was not until then that Charlotte came back to her senses from her busy work. As soon as she looked up, she saw David's gentle face. She felt very comfortable all of a sudden.

"You worked overtime too, didn't you? I've heard of it before, but now I can see that the work of the Shen Group is really so heavy."

Charlotte rubbed her eyes and stretched herself. She had never been so relaxed in front of Oliver.

"Mr. Oliver has canceled all the overtime work today. I drove by and saw that the light in your office was still on, so I came up to have a look. I didn't expect that you were really there." David said as he came over to Charlotte and helped her close the document. His gentle invitation was irresistible. "Leave the rest work to tomorrow. I'll drive you home. Otherwise, it's not safe for you to be alone at this late hour."

What? Oliver cancelled all the overtime work and left her alone here. Obviously, he wouldn't let her go.

But so what? It didn't matter if she wanted to restore her father's company to what it used to be. While comforting herself, Charlotte opened the new document and read it carefully.

"It doesn't matter. I will be busy for a while. Otherwise, it will be more troublesome to postpone it all until tomorrow... Goo Goo... "

Before she could finish her words, her stomach began to scream. Charlotte rubbed her flat belly and looked at David with embarrassment.

"Let's go. I'll take you to dinner first." David didn't care whether she would refuse him politely or not. He took her hand and walked outside without saying anything.

"Wait!" Before leaving, Charlotte didn't forget to put the newly opened document into her bag. It was not because she was obsessed with work, but she couldn't forget the words "Lin Group" on the front page of the document.

She couldn't miss any information about her father's company.

At Long Island Restaurant.

"We... Have dinner here? " Looking at the golden plaque which was still shining in the dark night, Charlotte was at a loss.

Long Island Restaurant was the most expensive restaurant in A City. A few dishes were enough for her salary for a month. It was just a meal. David didn't have to spend so much money.

"Please, Miss. Charlotte." David just opened the door on her side and bowed to invite her.

Charlotte was a little stunned by his fluent and flawless movements. He was not only so generous, but also had received professional education since childhood. David's family background could not be underestimated.

"Mr. David..." As expected, as soon as Charlotte stepped into the dining room, Charlotte heard the receptionist call him, but she was interrupted by David before she could finish her words.

All guests in this restaurant ate quietly. A few minutes later, the dishes were placed on the table one by one.

"These are the specialty dishes of Long Island. Have a taste." David still picked up food for Charlotte politely, which made Charlotte a little embarrassed this time.

Noticing the subtle change in Charlotte's attitude, David changed the subject and teased her. Soon the atmosphere eased a lot.

She was smiling at another man!

As soon as the dinner party was over and Oliver went downstairs, he caught a glimpse of Charlotte, who was talking happily with the man opposite in the corner.

"Mr. Oliver, where are you going? We have to go to the night club with Mr. Zhang." The woman in the side of Oliver wrapped around him with her slim arms, preventing him from moving forward.

"Fuck off!" Oliver growled and shook off his companion heavily. Then he strode to the corner. His anger made the diners on both sides feel scared.

"Come with me."

Oliver stretched out his hand and caught Charlotte off guard. Charlotte was scared by his sudden movements.

"Oliver, what are you doing?"

Charlotte was so angry that she took a step back and cleverly escaped from Oliver's control, regardless of his temper.

What kind of attitude did he have? After giving her a lot of work, he left her alone in the company, hungry. Was he reasonable?

However, Charlotte really underestimated his ability to control everything.

Oliver was the reason and even heavenly principles.

"Mr. Oliver, it's off duty now. You are not qualified to take Charlotte away.


the other side, David remained calm. He stood up gracefully, and his plain tone was full of provocation. The smell of gunpowder was getting stronger, and Charlotte thought it was not good.

Oliver's woman never allowed other men to look, and the intimate "Charlotte" completely touched his bottom line.

"Do I need your permission to take my wife home?"

As Oliver spoke, he pulled Charlotte behind him and clenched her wrist angrily.

"What, what wife? Oliver, you... Ouch! It hurts! "

Oliver had said that, but Charlotte still dared to defend herself. It seemed that she really want to die.

"Since you are already my woman, how dare you come out to have dinner with another man at this late hour? You are so seductive. Go home."

Not in the mood to deal with David, Oliver pulled Charlotte out and put her into the car.

"Mr. Oliver, please don't leave. Mr. Zhang was waiting for you."

It was not easy for Susan Jiang to get close to Oliver, so she couldn't let him go so easily, but he didn't even give her a chance to seize his collar.

Looking at the receding figure of Oliver and the staggering figure beside him, Susan Jiang was furious.

It was all because of that woman that she lost her face in front of so many people today. If it weren't for Charlotte, she would have already climbed into Oliver's bed.

"Mr. David, who is Charlotte? Why haven't I heard of her?"

After tidying up her clothes, Susan Jiang launched an attack in the direction of David again, raising her chest and rubbing against the man's neck vaguely.

"Susan, is it because my father doesn't give you enough living expenses? It's okay for you to hook up with Oliver. You have nothing to do with other things."

Without looking sideways, David pushed away Susan Jiang's body which was getting closer and closer. A trace of disgust and cunning flashed through his eyes, but it disappeared in an instant.


Susan Jiang bit her lips and teeth and said Charlotte's name. Jealousy spread. Who was she? And how could she get the protection of the two men, Mr. Oliver and Mr. David?

It couldn't be a simple woman.

On the other side, the situation in the black car was also not optimistic.

"Next time, you can get out of Shen family directly." Oliver tried hard to suppress his anger that he wanted to throw her out.

Don't she want to get out of Shen family? But it's not the right time yet. When her father's company is restarted, Charlotte would leave without his permission.

Oliver had been depressed since the beginning, and the atmosphere in the car was extremely awkward. Charlotte could tell that Oliver was in a bad mood. She thought it was because she contradicted him just now.

Speaking of this, Charlotte was also in a bad mood. She had a good meal originally, but it was interrupted by him, so she should be the one who was angry, shouldn't she?

She turned her head and looked out of the window, ignoring Oliver.

Oliver was already very angry. When he saw that Charlotte was still angry with him, blue veins stood out on his hands holding the steering wheel.

"Have you finished your work? Why did you hang out with another man when no one was watching you? !"

Oliver's tone was extremely ironic, and every word was stabbed into Charlotte's heart.

"What are you talking about? You talk nonsense."

Charlotte turned her head and glared at Oliver, he was humiliating her.

"Nonsense? You two flirt with each other in public. Everyone noticed it! "

Oliver's words were getting harsher and harsher, which made Charlotte feel very aggrieved. She had been given a hard time today, but now he was insulting her.

"It was David's good intention to invite me out for dinner because it was so late."

Charlotte hadn't be angry with Oliver yet, who asked all the people in the company not to work overtime tonight, leaving her alone to do extra work.

The car suddenly stopped in the middle of the busy road, causing the cars behind to be caught off guard. They turned the steering wheel randomly to avoid hitting the car. In an instant, the surroundings of the car were in a total mess.

All kinds of horns and curses were heard around the car.

"What are you doing! ?"

Caught off guard, Charlotte was shaken hard by the car. Fortunately, she fastened the seat belt so that her forehead did not hit the front windshield hard.

"What did you just call him?"

Ignoring the noise around him, Oliver turned around, leaned over and approached Charlotte.

"What's wrong with David?"

Fearless of death, Charlotte raised her head and obstinately looked at Oliver. Ignoring the sudden shrinking pupils of Oliver and the fierce momentum in his eyes, she continued to talk back.

"You are so annoying! You two can't compare at all! "

Oliver's handsome face was about to approach, and Charlotte could even hear that Oliver's hand holding the back of her chair was cracking.

"It seems that... You haven't realized it yet. You still need me to teach you personally! "

Oliver gritted his teeth and said these words. He hadn't tamed his pet yet. How could he compare it with other men so casually!

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