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   Chapter 110 Irene in Danger

Beauty's Rebirth: Take Control Of Destiny By Chang Du Characters: 10042

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Nora cried and suddenly thought of something. She sat up abruptly, picked up the backpack thrown on the ground, took out her mobile phone, opened the video player, found a video and played it.

In the video, it was the scene that Cassius carefully helped Vanessa walk. In the video, Vanessa's hairstyle and dressing style were exactly the same as that of Irene. Most importantly, what Vanessa said and did were exactly the same as that of Irene.

Startled, Grayson grabbed Nora's phone in disbelief and pointed at it emotionally.

"What's going on? Isn't this man Irene's boyfriend? Why is this woman standing beside him? And why does this woman look and behave like Irene?"

Grayson's words were exactly what Nora wanted Irene to know.

Nora raised the volume of the video to the maximum, and finally felt it was not enough, so she put the phone beside Irene's ear.

"Irene, you know what? Your man and your love have all been taken away by this woman named Vanessa. And now memories of everyone around Cassius have been tampered by the evil skill of Cole. They have forgotten your existence, and the people around you have completely forgotten everything about Cassius! Do you understand? They are going to make Vanessa replace you and stand next to Cassius!"

Irene heard the video and noise clearly when Nora took out her mobile phone and played it. Irene's heart ached so much that she opened her eyes suddenly.

"No way! No way! I will never allow anyone to take away my man and my love!"

Irene roared and opened her eyes. It was so dark in front of her that she felt a burning pain all over her body. She couldn't even breathe as she moved her fingers. She could only pant feebly.

At this moment, Nora put her phone on the table, took off the pearl on her neck and gently put it on Irene's neck.

Irene, who was in the octopus's belly, suddenly felt light. Moreover, she miraculously saw Nora's face.

"Irene, you know I'm different, don't you? This is my magic treasure that has made me different. It gave me a new life and led me to you and Athena. So I lent it to you. You have to work hard. I believe that you can overcome all the difficulties, because we have died once, haven't we?"

Nora burst into tears and smiled brightly.

The pearl on Irene's neck seemed to feel the power from Nora. The light became brighter and brighter, and the warm light shone in the big octopus's belly. Then Nora's voice and image disappeared, as if there was a barrier to isolate everything.

Irene struggled to stand up and touched something under her feet. With a piercing sound, a smell of burning objects floated over, and then she felt a burning pain under her feet.


Irene took a deep breath and looked down. She found herself lying on a horizontally wood. There were some light green mucus under the wood, and the mucus was still emitting bubbles and an unpleasant smell.

Irene could clearly see that the one meter wide beams under her feet were being corroded at

illed her body.

After a flash of a white light, Silver, which has only the hilt left, a blade made of white light appeared.

Irene could clearly hear the sound of a sharp weapon cutting on the flesh. The vine in the other hand of Irene was also squeezed, regardless of the pain caused by the bump. Irene clenched her teeth and used up all her spiritual power!


When the deafening roar was heard, Irene saw that the light above her head was getting brighter and brighter, and the fresh air outside was smelled at the tip of her nose. She struggled to open the skin of the big opening, and then walked out of the big octopus's stomach with green blood.

The big octopus stared at Irene with its big eyes full of unwillingness and disbelief, shaking its tusks with weak strength.

"You can't believe it, can you?"

Irene sneered and struggled to stand beside the big octopus. She looked at Silver in her hand, which was too little to be seen. Her eyes turned red and looked at the big octopus weirdly.

The big octopus had always been a hegemon, and it had always believed that it was invincible. For tens of thousands of years, it had never met a low-level monster, and it had always been so convinced. Now it was defeated by such an unremarkable little child, or even killed, how could it be willing to accept what had happened?

"Huh! You don't have to be complacent. So what if you have left my stomach? Are you sure you can leave my lair?"

The big octopus gave a vicious look at Irene and then jumped into the calm water.

Before Irene could figure out what was going on, an astonishing scene happened. The body of the big octopus began to disintegrate little by little, and it became slightly small pieces that could be hardly seen. If Irene hadn't seen the water became black, she wouldn't believe that those small fishes would occupy the whole river.

These fishes were made from every drop of blood of the big octopus, and their power could not be underestimated.

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