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   Chapter 109 It Wouldn't Change

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In order not to let Cassius inadvertently saw or touched something that evoked the depths of his memory and cause the counterattack of the skills, Vanessa took him away from his villa and came to the countryside where the two of them had a good time together when they were children.

Looking at the renovated old house, Cassius didn't feel much excitement, and for some reason, he felt hatred from the bottom of his heart.

In the morning, when Vanessa came in with the breakfast she had prepared, she saw Cassius sitting in the living room with a frowning.

"Cass, what's wrong with you? Do you feel uncomfortable in the morning?"

It seemed that there was nothing wrong with Cassius, but in fact, he was in a good condition. His spirit was not as good as before, and his physical strength was not as good as before. What's more, he was used with an evil skill, which made his physical health worse.

Therefore, this time, Vanessa took Cassius here on the pretext of taking care of his physical health, so he would recover soon. Unexpectedly, the matters of Black Fiend were handed over to both Howard and Cole.

It was Vanessa who made such an arrangement, and Cassius was absolutely not clear about it. Therefore, when Simson and Murphy had returned to the country, they immediately took control of Black Fiend, leaving no chance for Howard or Cole to take charge of the business.

"What's wrong with Boss? Something's wrong with him, it seems!"

Teddy was a healer. He had arranged all kinds of checkups as soon as he saw Cassius, but the results were just simple anemia. This result didn't match with Cassius's current situation. As soon as Teddy had returned to the country, he found his buddies and gathered together with them to have a discussion.

"Yes, indeed! I have met a girl recently. I don't know why I have a feeling that we have known each other for many years. This feeling is so strong and it doesn't seem to be an illusion at all. Most importantly, my heartbeat tells me that I care about this girl very much."

Simson frowned and held his head, as if he had a faint pain in his temples.

Murphy frowned as well and didn't say anything. His hand, which was holding the phone, inadvertently veins stood out.

Murphy also had this kind of inexplicable feeling. The difference was that what Murphy had forgotten a person's existence but why this person had disappeared for no reason, and it happened after the person had the showdown with him.

Thinking of this, Murphy had an impulse to destroy the whole world.

The group of guys fell into silence. They looked at each other sitting around at the same time, and each of them had a doubt in their eyes.

"Is that woman really Boss's woman? Why do I have an impulse to kill that woman?"

asked Marion coldly, not as seductive as she looked usually. As soon as she thought of the disgusting and happy look on Vanessa's face when she stood beside her boss, Marion couldn't help but feel aggrieved for someone else.

On the other side, Cassius himself was also unea

"Not well! I don't know why Irene suddenly stopped taking the medicine soup! Master Shifu said that if Irene couldn't continue taking the medicine, she would be..."

Before Grayson could finish his words, Nora grabbed her phone and went downstairs in panic.

Nora touched a glittering marble on her neck, which suddenly flashed. At this moment, she realized that it was not a marble at all, but a bright pearl.

Two hours later, Nora opened the door of the cabin with sweat all over her forehead, holding her belly. She stumbled into the cabin, out of breath.

The white bearded old man saw her and hurried to help Nora to the bedside of Irene.

Looking at Irene's pale face and listening to her faint breath, Nora knew that Irene was in a bad condition without asking anything.

"How could this be?"

The old man didn't say a word. He pointed at the dim and dark Jade Space on Irene's wrist.

"I'm afraid she is not in good status now! Alas! This poor child may have encountered a disaster. If she doesn't make it well, she would...Alas..."

The old man sighed again and again, and the regret in his eyes stung Nora.

"No! Irene, open your eyes! I'm Nora! Your best friend Nora! Didn't you say that you would be the godmother of my child? The baby will be born in less than two months. Don't you help me take care of it? By the way, isn't Irene pregnant now? If our children are of different gender, let's have an arrange marriage for our kids, okay? Irene! Don't leave us like this! Are you willing to see that woman take everything from you? Woo...Woo..."

Nora cried heartbrokenly on Irene's chest. In Nora's heart, Irene was already a family for her. Looking at Irene's lifeless face, Nora remembered the scene of her death in the last life, which made her heart more painful.

Irene only felt that there was a cry beside her ear. The voice was so familiar and warm. At the thought that she had been swallowed by the big octopus, she felt that everything was impossible. She must be hearing imaginary voices.

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