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   Chapter 108 Irene Met Her Opponent

Beauty's Rebirth: Take Control Of Destiny By Duwu Qingyang Characters: 9962

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Irene packed up all the stuff she should prepare and threw them into the storage ring. Jadiel held Irene's hand and flew. Both of them were leaving the dense forest together.

"Master, where should we go to find the way out?"

Irene stared at the sky which seemed to be covered with a thin layer of mist, and her misty eyes were full of firmness.

"It doesn't matter. Although we don't know the specific route, I believe that as long as we walk everywhere under our feet, we will be able to leave here one day, and this day will not be too far away."

Irene also wanted to leave here immediately, but she knew it was just a good wish. It was impossible to leave here only by wish. The only thing she could do was to rely on her own strength.

Jadiel didn't say anything. She just made up her mind not to be a drag of her master.

After the two of them flew out of the dense forest for a long distance, Jadiel fell on the side of a river wearily and helped Irene sit on a big stone, out of breath.

"Master, shall we have a rest?"

Irene also knew that Jadiel was tired, so she didn't urge her. Jadiel to jump into the water like a child naughtily.

Irene gave a rare smile, but soon the smile froze on her face.

The water that had just been incomparably clear was instantly as dark as ink, and Jadiel's body quickly became black at a visible speed.


Irene waved her hand, and a vine was thrown out and twined around Jadiel's arm in an instant. With a little strength, Irene pulled out Jadiel's small body, but the black color on her skin had no signs of retreat. Moreover, Jadiel began to curl up in pain, and her face was getting worse and worse.

"Jadiel, Jadiel, are you okay?"

Looking at Jadiel's pale face, Irene was very anxious. She didn't realize that she could shoot the vines with her bare hands out of air.

"Master, it hurts! It hurts!"

Jadiel's breath was getting weaker and weaker, and her voice was getting lower and lower, but the black color on her body was getting deeper and deeper.

Irene raised her eyebrows and immediately found something wrong. With a thought, a clear spring was spilled from her finger and all over Jadiel's body. She didn't know what kind of material the black color on Jadiel's body was, but it didn't seem to retreat at all. Moreover, a touch of stains would be lighter when it met clear water, but the black color on Jadiel's body didn't look like this at all. The most important thing was that Irene didn't have the ability to call for water, because she had evaporated the water from her own spiritual power into water. To be exact, this clear spring was the spiritual power at all, and it should be able to purify everything.

Irene's face became serious, and then she looked at the calm surface of the water.

"Hello, whatever under the water! It's you, right? If you don't want your place to become a hot spring, show yourself quickly."

As soon as she finished her words, Irene summon

o be the food on my plate! Ha ha ha!"

The big octopus laughed complacently, and stretched out his seemingly long tentacle in Irene's astonished eyes.

Irene suddenly pulled out the cork and poured out the kindling.

The big octopus seemed to have foreseen what Irene would do. It kept hitting the tentacle in her hand with cold steam. Before the kindling could be poured out, it flew out and was even extinguished by the water steam.

All of a sudden, Irene felt the blood all over her body become cold, and a fear of death surrounded her.

She had used all her smug skills used in the dense forest, but they couldn't hurt the big octopus at all. What should she do? What could she do?

Irene tightened her grip on Silver, her palms full of cold sweat.

Without any hesitation, she raised Silver rod again and shot several arrows of different performance. Before the arrows approached the big octopus, a curtain like barrier was erected in front of the big octopus to steadily block Irene's arrows.

The big octopus looked at Irene provocatively. He put more strength on his feet. Irene could even feel the wet and cold wind brought by the tentacles. She gritted her teeth and raised the silver in her hand. In the blink of an eye, Silver turned into an iron bar and blocked her head.

The power of the tentacle was too strong, and Irene only felt a creak in her arm, and then a heart wrenching pain spread all over her body. Then she tightened her waist, and she was tightly entangled by the tentacle of the big octopus.

The air in her lungs became thinner and thinner, and Irene could even hear her own hard breathing. Everything in front of her was getting more and more blurred, and she could vaguely hear Jadiel's call, and then everything became illusory. At last, everything in front of her was dark, and all the sounds disappeared. The world was quiet, and she could only feel her unwillingness and unforgettable missing for Cassius.

'Cass, I'm so sorry!'

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