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   Chapter 107 Comforting the Lin Family

Beauty's Rebirth: Take Control Of Destiny By Duwu Qingyang Characters: 9766

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Athena's Nightingale was as efficient as the Black Fiend under Cassius's control, and Nora deliberately investigated Grayson's background and all the information. Therefore, Nora soon found Grayson who was living in the mountain area.

"Who are you?"

Nora was wearing a beige sweater, holding a dress of the same color, and there was no trace of makeup on her face. Grayson was a little stunning and surprised when seeing her.

Nora didn't avoid eye contact with Grayson. Instead, she walked past him and was about to push the door open to enter.

The cabin was a very simple wooden house. It looked very old, but very clean. There was no musty smell, but with a natural freshness.

"Get out of my way! You saved her and took care of her for so long. I really appreciate it! But do you really think it's good to keep her away from the real world like this?"

Nora looked straight into Grayson's clear eyes. Although he had never thought of this, Grayson still wanted to be with Irene in his heart. Even if he stayed with Irene like now, he was satisfied and peaceful enough. Thinking of this, Grayson looked away with guilty conscience.

Nora was not in the mood to spend more time with Grayson, so she went straight into the cabin.

The furnishings in the cabin were even simpler. In addition to some necessary tools to deal with herbs, there were kitchen utensils. When they entered, they saw an inner room blocked by a bead curtain.

When she opened the bead curtain, Nora saw Irene, who was sleeping on the wooden bed.

Nora ran to Irene anxiously, held her hand, and tried to wake her up, but no matter what she did, Irene didn't respond.

"What's going on here? How could this be?"

Hearing Nora's question, Grayson shook his head helplessly.

"She has been like this for the past few months. She has been sleeping all the time. She doesn't eat or drink, nor does she open her eyes. I also felt weird. Even if she lost her consciousness and become a vegetable, at least she still needs nutrition to maintain the operation of her body. But Irene is so different. Master Shifu said that the baby in Irene's belly seemed to fall asleep too. A few months later, her belly was still a little swollen, and it did not continue to grow. Although what's happening is inconceivable, it's true."

Inconceivable? Nora didn't think so. After all, she could be reborn. Then what else could be really inconceivable in the world?

"Then what should we do next? Should we just let Irene keep sleeping like this?"

Nora was a little anxious. Things were getting trickier and trickier in the Cassius's side. If something went wrong, even if Irene woke up, when she knew that the man she protected with her life had forgotten her and another woman had replaced her and become the loved one of this man, could Irene really bear such a blow?

Nora didn't dare to imagine what would happen. Love was the most hur

meat of the spiritual beast in her hand, Jadiel's eyes were shining with saliva. She took time to look at Irene plaintively.

Because all the birds and beasts in the dense forest relied on spiritual power to cultivate, Irene refused to kill small animals, which aroused Jadiel's anger.

Jadiel didn't know why she suddenly had become a carnivore after she was reborn from the egg. She just knew that eating the moist fruits couldn't replenish her strength at all. After flying for a few seconds, her wings lost their strength.

Jadiel had hunted a spiritual beast secretly!

Speechless, Irene looked at Jadiel, who was like a fairy in her heart, and the corners of her mouth twitched fiercely.

"Jadiel, you like eating meat so much. Do you think you will be too fat to fly when we go out?"

Jadiel stuck out her tongue angrily, pointed at the roast yellow skin with her finger, and looked at Irene proudly.

"It smells so good! Jadiel would always be able to fly! Master, you don't know how much physical strength Jadiel needs to use to fly every day. If I don't replenish my strength properly, I will really be weak in hands, legs, and unable to fly."

Irene was wearing a dark green space ring on her finger, which she had just succeeded in refining a weapon. Ignoring Jadiel's theory of eating meat, she threw the materials scattered aside into her ring.

"Well, with the ring, we can finally step out of this dense forest."

Jadiel stopped biting the meat and looked at Irene questioningly.

"You didn't hear it wrong. We are leaving the dense forest later. Peace is not what we need. What we need is a way out, a way to leave here. Jadiel, do you understand?"

Irene said firmly, standing straight, and looking at the mountain outside the dense forest.

Jadiel looked at the taller and more dazzling Irene in the halo of light and nodded foolishly. She didn't even know that the flesh in her hand fell to the ground.

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