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   Chapter 106 Telekinesis

Beauty's Rebirth: Take Control Of Destiny By Duwu Qingyang Characters: 9793

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Irene was not as cold as she was earlier, and her eyes were gradually filled with warmth.

Jadiel was stunned. Before she could figure out what was going on, she saw that Irene suddenly raised Silver in her hand and threw three crossbows towards the sky. The three colorful fireworks exploded in the sky. They were very dazzling and beautiful.

Jadiel knew that this was an agreement between Irene and the wood spirit tendril. Once Irene released such a crossbow, it meant that she needed the help of the wood spirit tendril.

"Master, what are you doing?"

Before Jadiel could ask the question, the wood spirit tendril had already reached out in front of Irene. There was no change in the expression on Irene's face, but the tenderness in her eyes could not be concealed.

"I want to catch the hawk and the cubs."

These simple words completely erased the bloodthirsty fierceness Irene gave Jadiel just now.

The wood spirit tendril was very sensible. Since it had promised to help Irene, it would not deliberately ask why Irene did that. The wood spirit tendril moved quickly and put away the thorns on the branches. In a few seconds, it became a big net, and the branches and tendrils at both ends skillfully twined around the old trees on both sides. In this way, it wouldn't be so difficult to catch the eagle.

The hawk didn't expect that Irene would help itself. The moment it landed on the ground, it looked at Irene with its big round eyes unblinkingly, as if it wanted to find something from Irene.

"As long as you devote your heart blood to me you can rest assured that I wouldn't hurt your life and your children. I just want your blood."

'Take my heart blood without hurting my life? Was it possible?' The hawk couldn't believe what Irene said. It just looked at Irene warily.

With a faint smile on her face, Irene walked up to the eagle, bent down, and looked at the cubs under the eagle's wings gently.

"The reason why I talk to you so calmly is not that I'm afraid of your fighting capacity. I believe you should understand that. There's only one chance. If you refuse, I won't show mercy to you next time. It's up to you. I'll wait for your reply here."

Leaning against the old tree, Irene closed her eyes lazily with her arms around her shoulders and began to mobilize the spiritual power in her body to move her whole body and recover the spiritual power she had used.

Irene had to adjust her breath several times a day, so she gradually recovered her spiritual power more smoothly and faster. Every time Irene was adjusting her breath, the leaking of her spiritual power would attract many greedy creatures, rushing to the strong and mellow spiritual power.

Sensing the spiritual power, the hawk felt a chill in its heart. It had to give up the last hesitation and doubt in its heart. It looked lovingly at the cub under the wings, as if it had made its own decision. The hawk care

Irene feel cold all over her body, and her heart was so painful that she could not breathe. The tears in her eyes could only fall to the ground silently again and again, and she could do nothing but helplessly call and pray for Cassius. In such a humble shout, Irene woke up. Panting, she looked around with lingering fear and found that the dense forest was still full of spiritual power.

"Master, what's wrong? Did you have a nightmare?"

With the wild fruit in her hand, Jadiel carefully sat around Irene, picked up Irene's coat and put it on her.

Irene wiped the sweat on her face in a hurry and looked at her wrist, still in a daze. Jade Space still didn't exist. She leaned against Jadiel in panic and had a bad feeling.

"I don't know why, but I really saw Cassandra who hugged Vanessa with such a gentle and pampering smile, and when she looked at me, she was so disgusted and impatient as if she was the woman who entangled with him! Jadiel, is this really just a dream? But why was this dream so real? It seems that I can still feel this sharp pain now?"

With tears in her eyes, Irene held Jadiel's hand helplessly, as if she was expecting a negative answer from Jadiel.

Jadiel sighed and patted on Irene's back gently.

"Master, those are just dreams. You must be too tired and stressed recently, so you thought about it day and night. It's okay. Even if you are thinking too much, you shouldn't have dreamed of such a dream. Jadiel has seen the host's love for you from the acquaintance between you and the host. Jadiel can guarantee that such a thing will never happen. You can rest assured, Master."

Jadiel said firmly. But Jadiel had forgotten that there was a beast in human skin outside named Cole, waiting for Irene with covetous eyes. So no matter how much Cassius loved Irene before, he had completely forgotten the existence of Irene. Even Cassius's brothers and friends had also forgotten the existence of Irene.

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