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   Chapter 46 Identity

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At this moment, the media in the venue had long been unable to calm down. Everyone was hustling each other, trying to grab the headlines.

"Miss Irene, miss Irene, can you answer me a question?"

"Miss Irene, are you still living in the Lin family?"

"Miss Irene, I heard that you applied for the accommodation in No. 1 High School. Does Mrs. Linda know it?"


Most of the media's questions were about the relationship between the Lin family and Irene, which confused the guests present.

Most of the guests knew that Linda had adopted a girl as her surrogate granddaughter, but few knew her identity, background and appearance. Of course, only those rich and noble clans had the qualification to know this.

How could Emily invite those people with her background? Therefore, the guests present were all nobody!

"What? What? Is Miss Emily's classmate the surrogate granddaughter of Linda? "

The guests took a deep breath, panic and regret were manifested all over their faces.

Just now, when they had no evidence but guessed the identity of Irene, they had often sneered at Irene.

Everyone knew that Linda was sensitive to any threat to her family members. As long as Irene went back and said something, their small companies would go bankrupt overnight!

At the thought of this, everyone's face changed and they glared at Emily's family.

Emily just heard that Irene got into the No.1 High School by virtue of some inside story, but she didn't know that the inside story of Irene was the Lin family, which even her father had to show reverence for.

"Irene, listen to me. In fact, I..."

After weighing the pros and cons, Emily immediately realized that Irene was the one she really should cling to. She immediately changed her attitude and wanted to explain, but was frightened by Irene's cold eyes.

"Emily, Miss Emily, I don't care who is behind you. I don't care what you want, I just want to tell you that not everyone can pick on me and my friends! Of course, you are not my friend! "

Irene was not as cheerful as she used to be. She looked indifferent and alienated. The coldness in her eyes made people shudder and step back subconsciously.

That was what Emily did. She took a step back, holding her mother in panic, as if she had been hit.

Isn't such affectation the usual trick of Tia?

Irene sneered. She didn't even bother to look at Irene. She looked at the major media with a faint smile.

"Thank you for your concern. I'm just a nobody. I'm sorry that you come here just for me. Thank you so much!" Said Irene. But today, I'm just an invited guest. Although it's a little speechless to see how they received their guest, I can't spoil the party as a guest, right? How about this? I promise y

da when you go back. It's possible that you can't book a banquet at the hotel even months ahead!"

Raising her head high, Tia walked to Irene and touched the fabric of Irene's dress. Jealousy immediately crept up in her eyes.

Irene took a step back with disdain, and got rid of Tia's hand.

"You just want to tell me that you know who that person is, don't you? Tell me, what do you want? "

Since they had already broken up, Irene didn't want to play the disgusting sisterly drama with Tia anymore.

Tia gritted her teeth with resentment. For the sake of the following plan, she still raised her face with a gentle smile as usual.

"Since you are so straightforward, I don't have to beat around the bush. But can we have a talk alone? After all, family scandal can't be publicized! "

Tia stressed the two words "family scandal" on purpose. Hearing this, Irene frowned and turned to look at Athena, who was dumbfounded.

"Athena, there is a dessert shop nearby. Can you wait for me there?"

Irene wanted to call a taxi for Athena, but when she saw Athena's stubborn frown, she had to compromise. "Anyway, I have left Athena's safety to that person. I should be relieved, right?" Irene thought.

"Well, where shall we talk?"

Tia pointed at a door of the hotel.

"There is a private room underground. Let's go there!"

Irene lowered her head with hesitation, as if she was thinking about something.

"Jadiel, can you feel something?"

"Master, they have so many decorations in favor of wealth under the ground. Those items seriously affect the perception of the spiritual power. I, I can't feel anything. I'm sorry, master!"

Jadiel's small head drooped, feeling that she was becoming useless. Although she had a vague memory of her own past because of the age, she knew that she was omnipotent back then.

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