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   Chapter 39 Touched

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Bob felt a chill on his back and took a step back subconsciously.

He knew that it was not a good omen.

"Your woman just came back these days. I was thinking about giving her a few days off, but now it seems that she doesn't need it anymore."

Hearing this, Bob's face turned green with anger and grievance.

"Boss, can we hurry up? I want to finish my work earlier and come back to keep my woman company. "

Bob complained in silence with "desire and dissatisfaction" on his face.

Irene looked at the scene in front of her and felt weird.

"Let's begin!"

Regardless of the silly look of Irene, Cassandra held her slender wrist with one hand and raised it, indicating Bob to look at the bracelet.

Bob only took a look at it and then looked away. Of course, unless he wanted his eyes to be gouged out, he dared not continue to look at her as Cassandra was watching aside.

"It's a little troublesome. We have to heat it up and redesign it. The biggest problem is that if we don't take it from her wrist, the process will be troublesome and time-consuming. "

Bob found it troublesome. The bracelet was easy to handle if it could be taken from Irene's wrist. But now......

Looking at Irene's fair and slender wrist, Bob sighed again.

Well, Bob had to compromise for his "good time" with his woman.

"Come with me. I'm sure it will take much time."

Bob emphasized again reluctantly. However, as if he hadn't heard what Bob said, Cassandra dragged Irene, who was struggling, and followed Bob.

This villa arguably was the base camp of Cassandra and his brothers. Each room was designed according to their own hobbies and specialties.

As if Bob was good at jewelry design, the cubicle in the bedroom was a fully equipped studio.

"Put it on!"

Bob gave Irene something similar to a space suit and a big helmet. On the other hand, Cassandra only wore a pair of sunglasses, and Bob wore a pair of silver gloves of unknown material on his hand, and a pair of colorful glasses.

After Irene changed her clothes, she couldn't take out the bracelet.

The bracelet was loose when it was on the wrist. Now there was a layer of clothes between the bracelet and her wrist, so it was a little difficult to show it to them.

With great care, Cassandra held Irene's wrist and put his another hand into Irene's sleeve.

Irene's body had been polished by the Magical Liquid every day, so her skin became more and more white and smooth. Upon Cassandra touched her skin, he felt distracted from his current work. Especially when Cassandra looked down and saw the blush on Irene's face and the shyness in her eyes, he felt a tingle of excitement in his heart and felt her skin getting hotter.

"Have you done it? If you are being licentious, I won't spare you, you pervert! "

Irene pouted and p

energetic, cheerful and relaxed in front of him. So she couldn't help showing her childish naughtiness. Irene had never shown it in front of anyone in her two lifetimes, she just concealed that.

"Take the ointment back when you go back. Apply it when you feel pain. Don't touch hot water recently, or it will be more painful."

Cassandra carefully squeezed out a little bit of bitter ointment and gently applied it on Irene's red and swollen finger. Then he blew on her finger.

Perhaps it was because he was afraid that the hot wind would make her uncomfortable, he kept a good distance, but the wind was not very weak. Instead, the wind was just proper, and with the cool ointment, Irene didn't feel so painful.

"It's all your fault! It's so late. I have to go shopping with my roommate! "

Irene liked the feeling of being spoiled. She acted like a rascal somehow.

Instead of being cool, Cassandra touched Irene's head gently and comforted her.

"It's all my fault! Well, don't lose your temper! I'll drive you wherever you want to go. But there is one thing. You can't turn off your phone. I can't find you! "

No man had ever spoiled her, no man was willing to listen to her seriously, and no man would do anything for her. Her father and Jerry had used tenderness to deceive her in her previous life. But why did Cassandra do it all after only knowing her for less than a month?

Irene's heart skipped a beat when she saw the cautious look on Cassandra's face.

Subconsciously, Irene pressed her chest and blushed. She felt hot and didn't know where to look.

When Cassandra raised his head, he saw Irene like this. He instinctively felt that Irene was not feeling good.

"What's wrong? Does it hurt? Why is your face so red? Do you have a fever? "

Then, he stood up, bent over, and put his hand on the warm forehead of Irene without hesitation.

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