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   Chapter 35 Searching

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That's right! How could her mommy be replaced by a woman who had never graduated even from an unknown University and had no smart means?

Irene's eyes became deeper and colder.

After all the courses were finished that day, the teacher announced another breaking news.

Military training? And the spot will be the hill that Jadiel had showed Irene on the map.

The No.1 Middle School attached great importance to the all-round development of students. All the new students had to receive authentic military training for two weeks. Therefore, every time the military training was held, the school would choose a spot in the suburb or in a military camp.

The hill chosen this time was a hill among many mountains nearby. Normally, no one would go there because it was not eye-catching, but it was chosen for its green vegetation and tranquility.

Unlike other obviously anxious students, Irene was excited but pretending to be calm, showing no sign of annoyance or impatience. Girls from rich families had already got worried with a long face

When they went back to their dormitory, Irene didn't even have dinner with roommates. Instead, she claimed that she was not feeling good and asked them to bring some food to her.

In fact, since Irene took a sip of the Magical Liquid, she almost couldn't feel the hunger. However, in order not to attract other people's attention and cause suspicion, Irene still maintained a normal diet.

However, she found that once she ate too much, she would be particularly tired when she was meditating in the Jade Space to absorb spiritual power, but when she woke up, her mind would be particularly fresh. But her skin was as red as a cooked lobster. Fortunately, the time in the Jade Space was different from that of the outside world. Otherwise, she really didn't know how to explain it to others.


Jadiel said in a sweet voice and threw herself into Irene's arms.

"That's great, master. In this way, the loss of our spiritual power will be slowed. As long as you get rid of the preliminary stage, you can do further cultivation."

Irene sighed. She looked helplessly at the Magical Liquid, which had been much less.

"This pool is neither big nor small. I wonder how much spiritual power I can gather from that hill."

Irene felt a little helpless. Although the Jade Space was a rare treasure, as anything there could be sold at a good price, Irene knew that she couldn't do that now. On the one hand, she was too young, on the other hand, she was not powerful enough. If she couldn't solve these two problems, she had to wait patiently for an opportunity.

Take that emerald as an example. Irene's unintentional behavior that day might have caused a fatal disaster to her and her mother without Linda's help.

"Master, don't be so pessimistic! Don't you still have me? Now you are at the preliminary stage, so you would feel bored. But master, as the primary stage reaches the full

Jadiel couldn't swim, so she could do nothing but hover there.

When Irene felt the pain under her feet, she just felt stiff and dizzy. Then everything went dark, and only Jadiel's anxious cry could be heard. She became unconscious.

"Who the hell are you? Let go of my master! How did you get in there? Get out! Get out! "

Jadiel tried to drive something away angrily. Irene wanted to open her eyes, but she couldn't.

"Humph! You are not qualified to talk to me! You are no other than a guardian! If it weren't for the fact that my real body is going through the holy tribulation, I wouldn't have bothered to come to you! "

An arrogant child's voice came through, and the undisguised arrogance in his voice immediately angered Jadiel.

"You, you big monster! I will bite you to death! "

The conversation between the two was over. Irene could only vaguely hear the child's cry of pain, followed by anger, and then she completely fell into darkness.

All of a sudden, Irene felt so hot in her body, as if the blood all over her body was boiling. She felt extremely uncomfortable.

"It's so hot! It's so hot!"

Irene suddenly opened her eyes and sat up.

"Boo... Hoo! Master, you finally have woken up. I'm worried about you so much! "

Jadiel cried and held Irene's cheek. Jadiel's eyes were swollen. Obviously, she had cried for a long time.

"Jadiel, stop crying. I'm fine."

"It's all your fault, you shameless fish!"

Jadiel's looked around with red eyes and said fiercely. Irene confusedly looked over and was stunned.


In front of Irene was a little boy with golden skin. He looked two or three years old, but what surprised her most was that he was not wearing clothes, but a set of short pants and a Dudou, traditional Chinese undergarment to protect abdomen, made of scales that emitted colorful light.

Besides, Irene looked at the child and found that he was at least five meters away from her. That surprised Irene.

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