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   Chapter 32 Provocation and Humiliation

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Although Irene looked calm and elegant, only she herself knew that her heart almost stopped beating. Although Jessica may not hurt too much. However, in order to make it convenient for the guests, the banquet was in the form of buffet, so the champagne tower was under the stairs. So even though Jessica's life was not in danger, her face and skin would suffer unimaginable damage.

Jessica felt her legs so weak that she couldn't even feel the pain of her swollen ankle. Her heart beat wildly and she couldn't make any sound.

Looking at her pale face and lips, Matthew felt even more pitiful.

"Irene, your mommy is not feeling good. Why don't you help her go upstairs and have a rest?"

In fact, what Matthew wanted most at this moment was to take Jessica back to his room regardless of the guests at the banquet, but he knew that he couldn't do that.

"No, thanks."

Jessica struggled to utter these words. She raised her head from Matthew's arms and shook her head stubbornly.


Irene knew that it was because of her that Jessica insisted on staying there. This party was held for her. In order to let the world know that she was no longer the unwelcome girl from the An family, but the beloved granddaughter of the Lin family.

As a mother, Linda had great empathy with Jessica, so Linda agreed to let her stay there. But she called in a servant to bring Jessica slippers.

Although it was not polite to wear slippers to attend the banquet, Jessica was a little scared when she wore that pair of high-heeled shoes at this time. Arguably, then high heels had scared her so much.

Everyone could see how much the Lin family loved Jessica and her daughter. When Irene and her daughter quietly snuggled up to each other in the rest area, many women gathered around, including Lydia and Tia.

"Ah! Is there anything wrong with my sister? Are you okay? I think the private doctor of the Lin family is the famous medical professor who is quite popular these days, right? You are so lucky to have such treatment! I envy you so much! "

Lydia covered his mouth with hand to hide her jealousy, but the jealousy in her words had already been obvious.

Jessica's face was still pale and she was not in a good mood. She didn't want to talk to Lydia at all, but Lydia just sat next to Jessica shamelessly and held her arm intimately.

Jessica frowned and wanted to pull her hand back.

"Ouch! Sister, we have been friends for ten years. We can't turn against each other when our status differs! "

She implied that the relationship between Jessica and Matthew was suspicious.

"Old friends? What's the old friendship? "

Irene asked curiously, looking innocent.

Lydia raised her eyebrows defiantly. Looking at the darkened eyes of Jessica, she

is behavior like that.

"Aunt, you look so young. Can you tell my mommy some tips to stay young! Look at my mommy. She is worried about me and frowns every day. Now her skin wrinkles despite her young age."

Irene changed the topic and deliberately steered the conversation towards Cindy.

Cindy was a warm-hearted woman who didn't care about return. She had felt Jessica a refreshing and refined woman when she came downstairs. As soon as she heard what Irene said, she immediately became active and told Jessica the tips for skin care.

Jessica and Cindy found themselves had common interests. At last, they exchanged their phone numbers and made an appointment to meet again.

It was the first time that Jessica had been so happy since she showed up at the banquet, and Irene was also very glad to see that. Of course, the premise was that she ignored Lydia who always chimed in.

Irene really admired Lydia and Tia from the bottom of her heart. They knew that no woman here liked them, but they just sat here shamelessly, pretending to be very close to Jessica and Irene.

"My dear sister, have you received the notice? Tomorrow will be the day of the entrance exam. Which class you will stay in depends on this exam. With your performance, I'm afraid we can't be in the same class. What a pity! "

Tia was trying to have Irene's poor academic performance exposed to the public, but Irene turned the tables easily.

"Oh! I see! Then why do you still have time to attend my party? Don't you think that you need to review the books?

"You, you..."

Tia flushed and words failed her. She hemmed and hawed for a long time and almost fainted.

"Scores is not that important. There was no need to care so much. As long as your daddy donates millions of grants to those poor students, the school will arrange a good class for you. "

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