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   Chapter 30 Choosing Mommy

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"Shame on you! Pervert, I'll sue you for obscenity! "

With a slight fascinating smile, Cassius shrugged his shoulders. The glimmer of smile in his charming and deep eyes showed that he was in a good mood.

Seeing that Cassius was so annoying and treated her as a toy, all Irene's education collapsed at this moment.

"You ungrateful scumbag! You have such a bad nature. Even if you give me hundreds of millions of dollars, I will leave without hesitation! Saving you will bring endless troubles to hundreds of thousands of girls! What a mistake! "

Irene said with disdain, looking at the perfect shape of Cassius.

Cassius's face froze. When he looked coldly at the meaningful smile of Irene, he really wanted to strangle the calm girl who behaved not like anyone else at her age.

Except for the instinctive fear and vigilance against danger when Irene met Cassius for the first time, Irene could now face Cassius in a calm way. Especially after she got the Jade Space, she felt guilty. The distance between her and Cassius became closer.

"What are you looking at? Haven't you seen beautiful girls? Let me tell you, I hate old man who dreams of young girls! "

What she said seemed not acceptable, and she trod on his branded sneakers and ran away right before Cassius burst into anger.

Looking at the figure fading away, Cassius gritted his teeth.

"Pfft! No? What a talented girl? How could she embarrass our boss so much? "

There was a sound of muffled laughter behind Cassius, and he resumed calm and looked coldly at his best friends who had already got out of the car with faint smiles on their faces.

"Simson, after I leave with Teddy, you have to enter the headquarters to train yourself for a month,"

Simson, one of the best friends of Cassius, was the third son of the president of the Xi Group. Because he often came into contact with the underworld, and it was even said that Simson had joined the underworld. For the honor of the Xi family, Simson was exiled.

"Boss, do you need to take revenge on me on this excuse? Though I really teased you just now. If you ask me to carry out this task, you are actually asking them to torture me.

Simson's face was even more dazzling than a woman's, but now it was full of sadness. However, Cassius had known the ulterior motive behind this smile. Everyone in the team was very clear that Simson always looked harmless and heartless. But when it came to the outside world and the so-called family, he would become a life-threatening death, cold and bloodthirsty.

Leaving only a perfect back to his brothers, Cassius sat in the passenger seat first. Everyone looked at each other and saw the smile in each other's eyes. Maybe it was also a good thing for their boss to be defeated by the little girl this time, wasn't it?

The car whizzed past, and the five amazingly handsome men left happily.

On the other side, Irene was not in a good mood at all. While walking, she kept cursing Cassius to vent her great dissatisfaction.

"What's wrong with Irene? Look at her face. It's so wrinkled!"

Linda walked in the park with the help of Jessica. She couldn't help but ask when she saw Irene, who looked cute when pouting, from a distance.

Irene knew that the park was very close to Linda's old house, but she heard that Linda didn't like to meet strangers, so she seldom came to the park. Irene didn't expect that Linda would come here alone with her mother.

Linda looked at her mother with satisfaction as if she was looking at her daughter-in-law. Irene understood immediately.

Mommy was a kind woman rarely seen in the world, and she had a sense of putting family first in her mind, which was just in line with most of the old generation's preferences.

It was said that Matthew broke up with his ex-wife when their son was three years old. In her previous life, it was said that his ex-wife had an affair and had a child, so she signed the divorce agreement and ran away with a large sum of money. For the sake of his young son, Matthew didn't blame her too much. Instead, he bribed the media to cover up the truth, and even used his gossips to distract those annoying media. In this way, he could give his son a quiet environment to grow up. In her previous life, she had heard about it from Jerry. Otherwise, she won't know such a secret.

"Granny, why are you here? Are you tired? Do you need me to hail a taxi to send you there? "

Irene ran to Linda and held her arm. Then she took out a clean handkerchief from her pocket and wiped the sweat on Linda's forehead.

Looking at the handkerchief abandoned by young men and girls who liked to pursue

fashion, Linda looked at Jessica subconsciously.

Jessica didn't notice that Linda was looking at her, but looked at Irene with satisfaction.

"I thought you didn't need the handkerchief."

Jessica's voice choked with sobs, with surprise and endless bitterness in her eyes.

Irene felt heartbroken and smiled brightly.

"Whatever Mommy gives me are all precious!"

In fact, it was not easy for Irene to find this handkerchief after she returned to the An family. In her previous life, because of her misunderstanding of her mother, the handkerchief with which Jessica wiped Irene's tears before she left the family was thrown into the closet by Irene. Fortunately, Lydia didn't care about Irene's things. The cabinet was just a decoration. There was nothing else except for a few clothes, so the handkerchief was left there all the time.

Tears welled up in Jessica's eyes. If it weren't for the public avenue, she really wanted to hold her daughter and cry.

"Okay, okay! Look at you two! You are so sweet that you have forgotten my existence. I'm going to be angry. "

Linda liked Jessica from the bottom of her heart, so she wanted Jessica to live in the old house with her for a while. Jessica was kind-hearted. She hired a shop manager and moved into the Lin family's old house. Therefore, after getting along with each other for two days, the two of them found that they had the same interests, they were like mother and daughter. What's more, Linda used to be alone. So when she finally met a person she liked, she liked to stay with her all day.

"You are telling a lie, granny. You took my mommy away from me. Humph!"

Knowing that Linda treated her and her mother well from the bottom of her heart, Irene stopped pretending, put down all her vigilance and treated Linda sincerely.

"You sharp-tongued girl. Let's see who dares to marry you when you grow up!"

Irene stuck out her tongue naughtily and felt warm in her heart.

Irene had dreamed of getting such warmth in her previous life, but she never got it even before she passed away.

"Well, it's getting late. The banquet is about to begin!"

Irene was stunned!

"A banquet? Isn't it just a casual meal? "

"Silly girl, from now on, you are my granddaughter!"

"What? ?”

Irene looked at Jessica in a daze.

Jessica's face turned red and her eyes twinkled.

Irene's heart skipped a beat.

Is it possible that Matthew had taken actions? But they just knew each other for two days. Wasn't it too early to do so? ?

Irene's hot eyes made Jessica panic and almost stumbled and fell.

"What are you thinking about? I mean, officially announcing to the public that I will take you as my sworn granddaughter! "

Linda stressed the word "you" on purpose when she spoke. When Irene heard that, she looked at Jessica subconsciously. Sure enough, she saw that Jessica's flushed.

Irene knew Jessica very well. Linda and Matthew must have expressed their thoughts, but Jessica only cared about Irene, so she politely refused them. Linda wouldn't want to miss a good daughter-in-law, so Irene could understand why Linda insisted on letting her mother stay in the Lin family with her.

"Ahem! now I see! I am so lucky! Although I am still a high school student, I could tell from everyone's attitude towards you that you must be a great lady. Therefore, I think I am lucky to have you as my grandma! Hee hee! "

Irene's funny expression amused Linda and Jessica.

Then the three of them went straight back to the old house. It was not the time to receive guests, so there were only a few servants and Matthew in the house.

"Mom! You are back! "

Matthew greeted her with a smile. Although he seemed to be greeting his mother, Irene found that he was looking at Jessica.

Jessica took a step back subconsciously and held Irene's hand. Obviously, she was not used to such burning and undisguised eyes.

Although Irene was happy to see that her mother will have a good marriage, the premise was that her mother was happy.

Irene stood in front of Jessica.

Matthew didn't expect that Irene would do this. So he started to observe Irene.

Irene looked at Matthew with a childish smile, which could remind people of pleasant spring breeze.

"Uncle, thank you for taking care of Mommy here! Although my mommy is not young, she is like a shy child. Please forgive her! "

Irene said in a pun. Matthew soon understood what she meant. The anger that had just been raised in his heart disappeared. Instead, he looked at the girl with admiration, who had always been as calm as an adult. She was not shy and panic as other girls of the same age.

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