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   Chapter 29 A Special Farewell

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Tia and Lydia breathed a sigh of relief. They looked at each other, with malice flashing in their eyes. The mother and daughter had tacit knowledge and were thinking of the same thing.

Irene saw everything at the secret corner of the stairs. She didn't feel disappointed, but thought it was ridiculous. She might care about these things in the past for the sake of Tom's love, which was worthless in front of money, but now she only felt that the love was nothing valuable at all.

On the second day, Irene went out early. She bought a new laptop and a wireless network card, which could charge a large sum of money. At that time, the digital products were still very expensive. In her previous life, Irene would never dare think about it.

In fact, Irene's bank card could be far more enough to afford these trivial goods. But all of a sudden, Irene found that she was in a much better mood when she looked at Tom, Lydia and Tia in volatile emotions.

One day passed quickly. Irene and Tom were allowed to move freely in the name of visiting the Lin family with Jessica.

"My dear sister! I haven't seen aunt Jessica for a long time. How about I go with you? We can have a chat about the No. 1 High School. "

With delicate makeup, Tia was wearing a decent and shining tight dress adorned with diamonds.

Looking at the situation, Irene knew that Tia was treating her as a stepping stone.

Irene snorted and made no secret of the contempt and disdain in her eyes. "I really can't help you with that. I haven't forgot that because of you at the banquet that day, Granny Linda almost had an accident. Besides, your attitude disgusted her a lot. Who knows if she will blame you in a fit of anger after I take you there? By that time, I'm afraid I won't even know how to deal with that. "

Irene's attitude arguably was quite, even extremely arrogant. Hearing that, the faces of Lydia and Tia darkened.

Tom was not in the mood to care about the feelings of Tia and Lydia. He was thinking about what Irene had just said.

After weighing the pros and cons, it was reasonable for Tom to give up Tia. He kept telling Irene to remind herself of what she should say and do.

Irene didn't refute or answer, but nodded obediently as before.

After leaving the annoying home, Irene walked on the road to Jessica's apartment in a good mood. Irene was thinking about a plan for the future. In a flash, a black shadow blocked the sunlight in front of her, making her fall to the ground.

"Don't you know it's dangerous to be distracted while walking?"

Hearing the voice of Cassius, Irene was a little surprised. Because of the link between the Jade Space and her, Irene always felt a little guilty. After all, it was a supreme treasure! But the bracelet had become hers. Irene was a little confused and didn't know how to explain it to Cassius that the bracelet can't be returned to him anymore.

Seeing that Irene was so uneasy in front of him, Cassius frowned slightly. Her deep eyes were dark and he was enveloped in silence.

"I have something to deal with and have to leave for a period of time..."

After a short silence, Cassius said bitterly.

Irene raised her head abruptly and saw Cassius in a low spirit.

Somehow, Irene's heart skipped a beat. She felt sorry for the mysterious man in front of her. What on earth made this man appear here in a manner that suggested that he was going to die? Why did he give her the bracelet, which was more important than his life, as she was just a stranger to him then?

"But the bracelet..."

Irene wanted to say that the bracelet couldn't be returned, but Cassius spoke first.

"You'd better keep the bracelet for me. It's troublesome for me to take it away!"

From the very beginning, his eyes had been falling on Cassius. Although he didn't understand why he would involuntarily look at a girl every time he saw her, he knew that he was relaxed when he got along with her, and there was no need to hide his emotion.

"Oh! Now I see! Well, good luck to you! "

Irene said politely. Her voice sounded a little alienated, cold and even a little defensive.

It was impossible to be unsuspecting. Being hurt like that was indicative of danger in Irene's mind. She of course cherished her hard-won new life.

Cassius also understood what Irene was thinking and agreed with her, but he still felt sad. Although Cassius once had had an impressive lover, he couldn't understand why he was so emotional now, let

alone the nuance in his mind.

"As for your safety, you can take this mobile phone with my and my brother's numbers in it. If you encounter any problem, you can call any number here."

Irene was a little confused. She met the man by chance. If it weren't for the bracelet, they wouldn't have known each other. But what was going on now? Why did she have a bad feeling?

Noticing her hesitation, Cassius grabbed Irene's hand and tried to put the phone on Irene's hand. But at the moment they touched each other's hand, shivers that came from the fingertips spread through their whole bodies.

Irene quickly withdrew her hand, as if it burnt.

Stunned for a while, for the first time, Cassius felt a little awkward and rigid.



The two of them spoke and kept silent at the same time. The atmosphere began to be strange and somewhat ambiguous.

"Tell me ..."

"Tell me ..."

The two of them spoke and kept silent at the same time again. They then froze and looked at each other's embarrassed and unnatural expressions. They smiled at each other.

It was rare for him to have such a pure smile on his face. With such a dazzling handsome face and a perfect smile, he immediately overshadowed Jerry.

In the car not far away, the men were dumbfounded.

"Is he our boss? He not a fake, is him? "

"The little girl doesn't look like an adult yet, does she? Is our boss going to transfer all his feelings to this little girl since he has been suffering over these years? "

"Really? Ella is more important than life to our boss! "


Someone asked the question, but no one could answer. Everyone continued to stare at their boss who had been different from before.

Cassius didn't think too much about it. He just thought that he somehow had brought his disaster to the girl in front of him, so he felt sorry.

"You'd better tell me what you're thinking!"

Irene broke the silence first. She didn't like the feeling of losing control.

"Nothing. I just heard that you are going to a high school with a great sense of hierarchy?

Irene nodded.

"It's not an ordinary noble school. If you have any problem, just contact me!"

Irene was a little confused. The reason why she chose the No. 1 High School was that it was a sore spot in her previous life. The other reason was that she could make Lydia and Tia unhappy. That was like killing two birds with one stone. But why did he suddenly remind her so solemnly?

Looking at the confused and adorable look of Irene, Cassius suddenly felt that his mood was miraculously good.

This time, he planned to transfer his business to the domestic market and try his best to control all the internal affairs. Teddy was right. Although that man was Cassius's uncle, they had been apart for ten years after all. His understanding of him was only based on his judgment made ten years ago, so his uncle can't prove that he had nothing to do with his grandpa's accident.

"Don't worry. I cherish my own life. I won't allow myself to do anything dangerous."

Irene's shining eyes seemed quite obscure. Her delicate face was full of earnest, and her whole body seemed to have a halo of haze, making her look mysterious and beautiful.

For some unknown reason, Cassius took Irene's hand. As Irene was confused, a kiss with the smell of tobacco fell on her wrist, to be exact, on the bracelet.

"Ah! What... What are you doing? "

Irene flushed and her big watery eyes flashed with panic, like a frightened deer. Of course, the premise was that we have to ignore her little foot that was treading hard on Cassius's foot and the sound of gritting teeth.

"How dare you flirt with me? Do you want to be killed?"

Irene roared in anger, which completely shocked Cassius's brothers in the car.

"Damn it! The one our boss likes is not a good girl, but a tough woman! "

Teddy said in astonishment, which immediately received others' approval.

"Alas! It was a miracle! Boss doesn't get angry. Instead, he looked at her with a teasing smile! "

Another man pointed at the mischievous smile on his face and said in surprise.

"I just want to say goodbye to my bracelet!"

Looking at Cassius, who was like a rascal in front of her, Irene was so angry that she almost spat blood. Did it turned out that she was too sensitive? Damn it! Did he really think Irene was an ignorant girl? That excuse couldn't even fool anyone!

"Shame on you! Pervert, I'll sue you for obscenity! "

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