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   Chapter 28 A Slight Counterattack (Spending Money)

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Lydia couldn't stay calm anymore and stood out quickly.

This time, Tom didn't even look at her. Instead, he dialed the driver's number.

"Well, the car is ready. We can set off at any time."

Irene smiled faintly. She didn't show any excitement, as if everything was within her expectation.

"Ah! Now that you want to choose something, as your sister, I can be your consultant, right? Daddy? " Tia stuck out her tongue, pretending to be lovely and innocent, but it can't cover the scheme and fierceness hidden in her beautiful eyes.

"Yes! Right! I forgot that the furnishings in Tia's room are a little old. It's a good chance to change them. The No. 1 High School is not open to ordinary people. Most of them are the children of influential families. If they come to visit us one day, we can't make Tia lose face. How do you think, Tom? "

Tom didn't set any limit on Tia's expense. In addition, this time, Lydia offered to say that. Tom didn't know how to refuse, so he waved his hand and gave another card to Tia.

Although this card was worth a lot of money, there was a limit. Although Tia seemed ecstatic, she hated Irene for taking away her things upon Irene came back.

Irene didn't want to waste time on the hypocritical mother and daughter, so she found an excuse to get out of the car when the driver was driving halfway.

"Hey! Sister, where are you going? Don't we go shopping together? Why do you get off? "

Of course, Tia was not so kind-hearted to care about Irene. She just wanted to see what Irene was about to buy, so that she could report that to Tom.

"I suddenly remember that I haven't prepared the clothes yet. You might as well go shopping alone!"

After saying that coldly, Irene stopped a taxi and left without looking back.

"Mommy! She ran away herself. What should we do? "

Tia dialed the number of Lydia and complained a lot. Later, Lydia told Tia that she could spend as much money as she liked, after all, they can frame up Irene on this excuse.

Hearing this, Tia was not angry at once and happily went to the shopping mall. On the other hand, Irene went to a shopping mall by taxi. She chose some practical, simple and elegant furniture, and wiped the card. Then she filled her address and went to choose clothes.

In the past, most of her clothes were from Tia. Although she also had some pocket money, as a self-abased girl, she didn't dare stroll around in a large shopping mall where there thronged with people, so she had few suitable clothes.

Irene chose several sets of sportswear, casual clothes and three sets of evening dresses for the banquet. She bought evening dresses in case Linda would invite her. After getting along with her yesterday, Irene felt that Linda sincerely loved her, so she was sure that there would be many invitations.

After shopping around, she bought new clothes to replace all her old ones. There were a lot of small bags at her feet. Although she bought a lot of goods, Irene didn't mean to stop. She spent money without mercy. As long as it was what she liked and the price didn't exceed her bottom line, she would buy it. There were too many things in the store, so Irene simply gave the waiter her address and asked them to deliver them directly to her home.

Looking at the mountain-like parcels and several workers standing in the hall, Tom was almost choked to death.

"Tom, the workers said that Irene hasn't paid for the installation cost yet!"

Although Lydia hated Irene so much, she looked like a good wife and an amiable mother, looking at him hesitantly.

Tom was angry that his daughter, who had always been inconspicuous, suddenly became a spendthrift. Although he didn't care the money, he couldn't let her just squander it!

"Since the workers are already here, you have to pay them."

Tom said as if he didn't care about it at all. Only Lydia knew how distressed his husband would be when he gave his daughters money. Every time his daughter wanted to buy something, Tom would agree without hesitation, but he would delay for a while until he had to fulfill his promise. It could be seen that Tom loved money as much as his life.

After Lydia paid the bill, Irene came in with nothing in her hand, which surprised Tom and Lydia.

"Why didn't you buy some decent clothes? You will be officially admitted in a few days. You have to dress up to show your identity."

Said Lydia, holding Irene's cold hand.

"Oh! I bought some clothes. But there are

a lot of things that I can't bring, so I come to ask someone for help! Olivia, bring some guards to move what I bought in."

Irene said lazily, pointing at the maid at home. Then she sat on the sofa, looking tired.

"Most of my clothes once belonged to my sister. I don't know if I have grown fast these days. The clothes don't fit me well now, so I bought more. Daddy, you won't blame me for wasting money, will you?"

Irene blinked her big wet eyes at Tom, as if she was afraid of being frightened.

Seeing his daughter explaining to him in a low voice, Tom couldn't vent his anger. He could only comfort Irene with his fatherly love.

"Don't say that, Irene. It's all my fault. I was too busy to take care of you. Isn't dad's money yours? You don't need to worry about money. If you think you haven't bought enough clothes, you can go and buy them tomorrow. After all, there are still two days left before the new semester begins. "

Tom said, pretending to be generous. He didn't expect that his daughter would believe what he said.

"Really? Can I go shopping again? Daddy, you know those clothes are so beautiful! There are so many styles. It's not like what I got from my sister, which were either black or gray, as if they are for old ladies. It's a little late today, and I'm a little tired. Besides, I'm afraid that dad doesn't like me to spend money, so I only bought a little. Since daddy loves me so much, I'll buy some clothes tomorrow! Daddy, you are so kind! "

Irene's eyes lit up. She held Tom's arm and shook it, acting like a spoiled child.

It was the first time that Irene had been intimate with Tom since her parents divorced. For a moment, Tom was at a loss and could only grin dryly.

"I'm so tired! I want to go upstairs and see how those worker install my furniture. By the way, if my sister comes back, daddy can tell her that I will go shopping with her tomorrow. I have bought a lot of things these days, but I didn't accompany her. Please don't let her be angry with me. "

Irene knew that Tia liked squandering money, and she also knew that Tia would definitely owe the spending to Irene. So Irene forestalled that.

Tom didn't care about it at all. He just kept feeling sorry for the money when he thought that Irene would have to spend more tomorrow. Suddenly, Tom seemed to think of something and his face softened a little.

"Irene might have been influenced by the Lin family, but our Tia is not like that! Tia is a good girl. "

As soon as she finished speaking, Tia came back with many bags happily.

Seeing that every bag in Tia's hands was marked with a famous brand, Tom's face darkened.

Seeing this, Lydia's heart skipped a beat. She kept winking at her daughter. Unfortunately, at this time, Tia was still immersed in her happiness after spending a lot of money. What's more, she was constantly thinking about framing up Irene. She didn't even look at Lydia at all.

"Tia! Didn't Mommy say that? You don't have to choose the gifts for the class teachers. Mommy will go buy them later! Look at you. You should choose your own things. Why are you thinking about others? "

What she meant was that all the things in Tia's hands were for Irene's admission. Tia didn't buy anything for herself. In this way, Tia's squandering became a sensible and considerate move.

As expected, Tom's face softened at once.

Tia was not a fool. Her mother kept winking at her, and she was not blind. She immediately echoed what Lydia said.

"I just think that I can continue to wear my clothes and don't want to waste them. What's more, the money I brought was for the gifts. The teachers will also take our company seriously by the time they receive the gifts."

Speaking of this, Tia wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. She looked at Tom nervously.

"Did I do something wrong? Daddy, don't be angry. I......"

As she spoke, Tia seemed to be wronged and said in a choked voice. Taking the opportunity, Lydia held her daughter in her arms and pressed Tia's face without tears on her chest.

"Ah! My good daughter, what are you talking about? Your father is the president of the An Group. You don't need to save money to buy clothes and gifts. Lydia! You go to pick some decent clothes with Tia tomorrow. She is my daughter. How can she suffer such a grievance? "

Tom thought highly of his own dignity. As soon as he heard what Tia said, he immediately changed his attitude and became generous

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