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   Chapter 26 Matthew

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Irene and her mother were brought back to the Lin family by Linda, which caused quite a stir.

Arguably, the Lin family was a family that the young ladies of famous families tried their best to hook up with. As a thirtysomething, his charm, which partially was contributed by proper care, was definitely not inferior to that of young people. On the contrary, he had a mature attraction that young people did not have.

Matthew could have sex with women outside, but he was forbidden to bring women into his house.

However, this time, Matthew brought a mother and a daughter back. Everyone felt it strange.

"What are you waiting for? Call the doctor! "

After Matthew carefully carried Jessica in a coma into the bed of the guest room, Linda immediately roared angrily.

"Matthew! You have to apologize to Jessica and Irene! How dare they bully my friends in the territory of the Lin family! How dare they?"

Linda was so angry that she kept panting.

Irene wiped her tears and hurried to Linda's side to help Linda breathe smoothly.

"Granny, don't be angry. If you fall sick out of the anger, how am I supposed to explain it to mommy?"

Tears welled up in Irene's eyes again.

Jessica was such a kind and beautiful woman, but unfortunately, she chose an errant husband.

Irene's tears made Linda's anger disappear at once, leaving her heart full of pity.

"Good girl, you've suffered a lot!"

Linda gently hugged Irene, her eyes full of pity.

Matthew had always known that his mother liked cute girls, so he didn't pay much attention to Irene. His eyes involuntarily fell on Jessica, a woman exuding classical charm.

When Jessica and her daughter met the gangsters, Matthew was not far away. But he didn't show up immediately because of the video conference, but he didn't miss every move of her.

It was the first time that he had met such a woman who was so simple, even though she was a mother. His eyes were riveted on her.

Irene didn't miss the tenderness and appreciation in Matthew's eyes. She was stunned for a while, and when she saw the thin body of Jessica, her eyes flashed, and she gave a faint smile.

That was good. At least when Irene wanted to finish her task, her mother would be taken care of by this man, so Irene would have nothing to worry about.

Irene knew a lot about Matthew. Although there were many gossips, there was not much negative news. And most importantly, Matthew was definitely the best choice if she was to fight the An family.

Moreover, if Matthew was not the one Mommy should love, Irene would separate them without hesitation at all costs.

Matthew suddenly felt a chill. He turned around subconsciously, but saw nothing. He only saw his mother wiping her tears pitifully and looking at the poor Irene beside her.

Matthew shook his head, thinking that he had been too tired recently.

The doctor came soon. The result was that Jessica was just too tired and frightened. There was nothing serious.

After sending away the doctor, Linda gave a lot of instructions, before she reluctantly went back to her room.

After confirming that Irene slept sound, Irene immediately went to the bathroom and flashed into the Jade Space.

"Master, are you okay? Why did you cut off the connection? With my help, you will not be exposed to any danger at all. I can predict dangers after all."

Jadiel floated in front of Irene, pouted and complained.

"I didn't think too much at that time. I just wanted to protect my mommy. That's all! I won't do that again, okay? By the way, Jadiel, I remember that your original body seems to be something like a bamboo slip, right? Do you know how to make me stronger? "

What happened today made her realize that she was too weak. Not to mention defeating those who once hurt her. She could not protect herself.

Besides, the people who were intercepting them would never appear there for no reason. Daisy couldn't think of anyone else except for Lydia and Tia, who had been scheming against her all the time.

Since those men were unmoved by her offer, there must be something behind them that they were afraid of.

This thought made Irene's face become serious at once, and she was more determined that she must become stronger.

"Master, it's very simple! The Jade Space can help you! Have you forgotten it? Jade Space was an ancient divine weapon! At that time, people got the Jade Space just to make themselves stronger and dominate a region, didn't they? "

Irene was suddenly enlightened!

"That's right. But how should I cultivate?"

Irene hesitated and looked at Jadiel for help.

"Master, you are too weak now, so you can only cultivate at the preliminary stage. The preliminary stage is very simple, which is to replenish the Jade Space's spiritual power."

With a c

urious look on her face, Irene stared at Jadiel.

"Master, can't you pay more attention to the Jade Space? We have a contract. Our senses are connected. You will know everything if you synchronize you sense with the Jade Space.

Jadiel raised her chin proudly!

Hearing this, Irene was ecstatic! She was thinking that she would be practicing some fairy skills like what she had seen on TV and novels!

"Master, even if you want to learn now, you are not qualified? You are only at the preliminary stage. As for the cultivation of the skills I've got, you must be at the medium stage or above. "

Jadiel didn't want to be a wet blanket. To be honest, she didn't want her master to be too complacent to make progress.

"Master, there is one thing that I want to tell you, I just found no proper chance to say it!"

Jadiel's cautious expression made Irene realize that what Jadiel was going to say next must be very serious.

"There are actually many people in the world who have divine weapons like you. Some of them have become successful, some have become hermits, and some have the pursuit of eternal life to become immortals."

Irene blinked her eyes in confusion, indicating that Jadiel should go on.

"You don't have to care about the first two kinds of masters, but you have to be careful about the third kind! In the world where you live, there is a lack of spiritual power. Many cultivators would hunt and plunder other cultivators' spiritual power if they couldn't get enough that. When a cultivator's spiritual power is sucked away, his life would come to an end. At last, he will fade away like a pall of dust So we can't let anyone know the existence of the Jade Space before you are strong enough. "

Irene was not a fool. In her previous life, she was killed by the greed of others. She knew clearly how terrible people's greed was. Therefore, she decided not to use the Jade Space's sensibility in the near future, in case of exposing her real identity.

When she came out of the Jade Space, she drank a few mouthfuls of magical liquid, and her face had resumed ruddy.

Irene climbed onto Jessica's bed and fell asleep.

On the second day, as soon as the dawn broke, Jessica woke up. Looking at a strange place, she grabbed Irene's hand in panic and was about to run away, but was bumped into by Linda, who was going to visit the mother and daughter.

Linda tried her best to persuade Jessica to stay.

Time elapsed. In the twinkling of an eye, Irene's new semester was about to begin, which meant that she had to go back to the An family.

Although she was reluctant, she had to go back.

Accompanied by Linda and Jessica, Irene went back to the An family with a smile on her face.

Tom was extremely glad, while Lydia and Tia tried their best to suppress their disgust and pretended to be happy.

"Ah! My dear sister, you are finally back! "

As if missing Irene very much, Tia held Irene's hands and said intimately.

Irene sneered and withdrew her hands secretly.

"Oh? Are we so close? "

Not at all!

Irene roared in her heart, but she looked indifferent.

"Ouch! Irene and Tia have been sisters for more than ten years, of course they are close sisters!

Lydia stressed the words "more than ten years" as if to remind someone of something deliberately.

Sure enough, Jessica's body froze and her eyes darkened.

Irene saw everything. Her cold eyes seemed to inadvertently glance at Lydia and Tia. But it made Lydia and Tia feel as if they were on pins and needles, and they became nervous.

"Ah! Since we love each other so much, why don't you help me transfer to the high school where Tia is going to study! I think with daddy's identity and status, there must be no problem. "

Irene didn't give Tom any chance to refuse as she kept complimenting him.

"What? Go to the No. 1 High School? Are you sure you didn't say anything wrong? That's the best high school in the city. Aren't you ashamed to say so with the 50 marks in virtually each of your subject? "

Tia said sarcastically and curled her lips contemptuously. It was obvious that she looked down upon Irene, who had always been inferior to others in terms of performance at school.

Jessica and Tom were also stunned. Irene's performance at school had always been a big stain of the An family, so in order not to affect Tia's reputation, Tom sent Irene to a high school with no reputation, and far away from her home, which was a good arrangement for everyone.


Jessica called Irene worriedly. Irene patted her hand to comfort her.

"Since we are sisters, how can we be separated so far! After all, you still don't treat me as a family member? Well, I'd better forget that! "

Irene's voice was sad and lonely, making people who heard it feel sorry for her.

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