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   Chapter 25 Being Saved

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She cried in her heart, and her eyes were filled with sadness.

Both Cassius and Teddy had received special training. Although it was dark, their eyesight was not affected at all, not to mention the little face of Irene, who was standing under the street lamp.

When Cassius saw this, his heart twitched. It was so painful, even worse than when she was seriously injured. For a moment, he had an impulse to rush forward and hold the sad girl in his arms, wiping her tears.

He couldn't keep rational at this moment, and there was only one thought in his mind, that tears should not have appeared on that pale little face. That was not suitable. She was supposed to be smiling. But now she was too pitiful.

Teddy was stunned for a while, and then he understood him and pressed the button to lock the door of the car. Seeing this, Cassius's face darkened.

"Open it if you don't want your wife to be ruined!"

His voice was as cold and sharp as ice in winter. Even though they were brothers who had risked their lives together, Teddy had to admit that his boss was absolutely a god of death.

"No, no! Boss, I can understand that you want to save your woman, but could you please check the situation? This is the territory of the Lin family. If you show up now, it means that this girl is close to you. Is that really appropriate? "

Teddy made a gesture of surrender, with his hands raised, and said with grievance.

Upon hearing this, Cassius froze and stared at the petite figure of Irene with his deep eyes.

It was the first time that calm and sensitive Cassius made a mistake. As lookers on see more than players, he was completely lost in his care for Irene.

"Don't worry! If the news was correct, Matthew would be here soon! Your little girl is really something. She is so lucky to bet on a piece of jade that is rarely seen even in a century... "

Compared with Teddy's endless chatter, Cassius was enveloped in a cold atmosphere, holding the mini crossbow tightly in his hand, and staring at Irene with bloodthirsty eyes, ready to give those men a fatal blow at any time.

"Ha ha! Boss, look at that girl. She looked fearless just now, but now she is still scared to tears. Ha ha... "

The minions shouted arrogantly and inched towards Irene.

The buyer said that Irene was from a well-off family! She must be tastier than the prostitutes in the nightclub. Although the minions couldn't have the first taste, wasn't it acceptable to enjoy the girl later?

At the thought of this, the minions' eyes fell more unscrupulously on Irene, as if they could burn the dress on Irene with their fiery eyes.

Being stared at like this, Irene felt sick. She only hated herself for being too weak.


Suddenly, there was a sound of tires rubbing the ground beside her. Irene was overjoyed and held Jessica's hand. Jessica almost cried with joy.

No one knew how scared Jessica was in that situation just now. She wished she could block everyone and let her daughter escape successfully. She was determined to die.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

With three sounds of crossbow, the door of the pure black Lamborghini opened. A tall man was holding a crossbow that let out slight green smoke in his hand.

"How dare you be so arrogant in my territory? It seems that I have been so quiet recently that even you the rabble dare come here!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the sound of crossbow sounded again, but this time it was followed by the painful howl of the scarred man.

"Mr. Lin, please spare my life! Please spare my life! "

Regardless of the piercing pain on his left leg and the gurgling blood, the scarred man knelt down and begged in fear.

Matthew Lin had never been a merciful man. Otherwise, he wouldn't have reached the peak of his life before he was forty years old.

In Irene's previous life, she had known that Matthew was an omnipotent figure both in official circles and the criminal world. No one had ever dared contend with him.

"You want to leave?"

Sean took out his phone and dialed the internal line. It took him three minutes to finish the call, but the six men on the ground felt it as long as a century.

"Are you okay?"

Matthew asked politely, with a faint smile on his face.

Her soft voice was comforting, inexplicably comforting.

Irene looked at Jessica subconsciously. Jessica's face was pale and she was too scared to speak.

In the face of friendly care from strangers, Jessica knew that she should thank him, but she just felt very weak, and her sight was blurred.

After a while, Jessica staggered and fell down.


Irene was in a cold sweat and tried

to hold Jessica's hand in panic.

However, although Jessica was very thin, she was so tall that Irene couldn't hold her and Irene almost fell down with her.

Anyway, Matthew was a master of martial arts, so Jessica was not heavy to him at all.

He stretched out his long arm and firmly caught Jessica's falling body.

"Mommy, are you okay?"

Irene asked anxiously with her red eyes.

Linda hadn't seen her son's car for a long time. She walked out curiously and saw this scene. Her heart almost flew out.

"Irene? What's wrong with Jessica? "

Jessica and her daughter had been away for a long time. Linda thought they had arrived home safely! She didn't expect that Jessica fainted in her son's arms, and Irene cried with tears all over her face. Linda, who didn't know what was going on, was really shocked and asked worriedly.

"Mom! I can't explain it clearly now. The most important thing is to save her! "

"Oh! Right! Hurry up, take Jessica and Irene to our home, where there are doctors on call all day. "

As soon as Linda gave the order, Matthew immediately picked up Jessica and got into the car. Irene didn't dare delay and followed him to get into the car.

At this time, Irene was so worried that she completely forgot the existence of the Jade Space.

The magical liquid in the Jade Space was the most precious treasure in the world and had a magical effect. Jadiel was so anxious in the Jade Space that she stamped her feet. Unfortunately, Jessica was the only one Irene cared. Jadiel's constant shouting could only make Jessica feel annoyed, so she forcefully cut off the connection with Jade Space.

"All right! The show is over. Should we go back and treat your wound? I don't know what you are thinking. She is just a child. Except for her good looking, she has neither good figure nor charm. What on earth attracts you? Ah... "

While saying, Teddy seemed to be enlightened all of a sudden. He lengthened his voice in a strange way, and his eyes were even more obscene.

"I see. You must have pedophilia. Otherwise, why did you ignore the beautiful women who came to you?"

Before Teddy could finish his words, all the voices stopped when he saw the silver gray crossbow facing his car door. He didn't even dare to breathe.

"Why don't you go on?"

Raising his eyebrows, Cassius said firmly.

Teddy shook his head and kept his mouth shut. He was afraid that he might say something to irritate his boss, who may hurt his beloved wife, namely his car!

"Why don't you drive?"

Looking at the direction where Matthew's car disappeared, Cassius's eyes became deeper and deeper. Finally, the deep eyes, along with the Lamborghini, disappeared in the darkness.

On the other side, Lydia was sitting in her daughter's room and waiting for the report from the men, but the phone did not ring.

"Mommy, what happened? It has been three hours. Why haven't you gotten any news yet? "

Tia couldn't help getting up from the bed. Her charming face looked ferocious because of anger. Her big eyes were shining with malice, which made Tia look even uglier.

"It's impossible. Although they are not big potatoes, they are by no means ordinary people. How can they just disappear? It can't be possible! "

Tia couldn't believe that. She couldn't figure out what had happened. She had called him many times, but all she got was the automatic response.

Lydia's face didn't look better. These people were followers left to her by that person. She would not have used them if she had not been extremely angry. It was not a pity to lose them. The main point was that if the power behind these people was involved, then her happy life would come to an end.

Thinking of this, Lydia's face turned paler, which made Tia think she was sick.

"Mommy, are you okay? However, it's not a big deal to lose some humble minions. They just take us nothing more than some money. It's nothing! "

In Tia's mind, all the property in Tom's hand was hers, so that little money was not worth mentioning at all.

"Oh! Mommy is fine! It's late now. You can go to bed. Mommy is going to sleep too. "

Instead of going back to her room, Lydia went to the kitchen, poured a cup of hot milk and sent it to Tom

After drinking the milk mixed with sleeping pills happily, Tom fell asleep soon.

Lydia immediately opened the door and looked around carefully. After confirming that no one was there, she locked the door and opened Tom's study. She spent two hours there.

When Lydia appeared again, the haze on her face was swept away. Instead, she looked relaxed. She pretended to yawn gracefully and turned into the bedroom.

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