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Mrs. Linda's face darkened with displeasure and coldness in her eyes. The cold sight fell on Tia, making Tia feel a sudden coldness. She could not help but take a step back and hide her body behind Jerry.

Jerry has always been obsessed with Tia, and now she is very dependent, making him very satisfied and sweet. He can't help but straighten his back.

Irene saw the movements of the two people, and a flash of disdain flashed through her smart eyes.

Her eyes twinkled quickly, and no one else saw it. However, Jadiel in the Jade Space could perceive the change in her heart through the existence of the contract with Irene.

"Master, you don't have to spoil your interest for two unimpressive things. If you think they are annoying, Jadiel will help you teach them a lesson."

Jadiel said thoughtfully in the space.

Irene felt warm in her heart, and the haze in her heart also dissipated a lot.

"I know your omnipotent skill, but it's useless to ask you to do such a thing. Moreover, they don't deserve my Jadiel's help at all. Well, Jadiel, I just used the spiritual power of the Jade Space. Although it is not very serious, I still feel a little dizzy and weak. Presumably, I have consumed too much spiritual power. As my protector, you must be very tired. Next, have a good rest! "

Jadiel was very grateful. As the guardian of a divine weapon, she had always been used as a tool to upgrade the power by the previous masters. It was the first time that someone cared about her so much. Jadiel swore to herself that she would protect her master to death.

After she cut off her perception, Irene put her mind on the stone again.

"More? That means my stones..."

Before Irene finished her words, Linda excitedly took Irene's hand and put the stone in her hands. Then she pointed at the green jade which was cut open and revealed.

It was the first time that Irene had seen such a kind of raw stone. Most importantly, the jade without the cover spread more spiritual energy, which made Irene very happy.

"Wow! It's beautiful! Is this the jade, Mommy?"

Jessica was completely dumbfounded. She had never thought that the roughcast she and her daughter had chosen was not only a jade, but also the best emerald!

Irene might not know the specific value of the emerald, but Jessica was an expert, so she was overwhelmed by the sudden joy.

The most attractive part of the emerald was the enchanting green, so the quality of the green was naturally the first factor to estimate its value.

Although the emerald hadn't been completely dissolved, and it was not sure if all of them were treasures, just looking at the pure green without any impurities on the surface, one could tell that this emerald was indeed a rare supreme emerald.

Jessica was delighted and surprised. Then she immediately walked to Irene's side and held her daughter who seemed to be ignorant and didn't know what had happened in her arms.

Although this stone was chosen by her daughter, Jessica made a decision after she saw the essence of the stone. She would never let anyone know that this stone belonged to her daughter, or else the disaster might inadvertently come to her poor daughter. Jessica knew that to heart.

Feeling the warmth of her mother, Irene took a deep breath and felt a little sad. She was satisfied with her mother's consideration

In her previous life, what she longed for most was the love from the family. After she failed to get it, she crazily put all her expectations on romance, and finally ended up miserably.

Linda didn't intend to announce it to the public. She knew its value and the danger hidden behind it, so Linda immediately waved her hand.

Seeing this, the waiter immediately came over with a delicate square flannel brocade box.

"Send it to master and ask him to estimate a reasonable price!"

Seeing this scene, everyone knew that it was a jade, and it seemed to be unusual.

The emerald mineral is called beryl, with a Mohs hardness of 7-8. It has the most beautiful green of all green gemstones, and it is transparent and brittle. The emerald represented beauty, health and happiness. It was even regarded as the best symbol of the nature. It could avoid evil and protect the user from the virus.

The European also believed that the emerald was the gem of the God of love, Venus. It could use magic to protect the unremitting love of lovers. It was the stone of those born in May, the souvenir of the 55th wedding anniversary. Its main origin was Columbia. The price of the emerald was very high and rare, usually 0. 2-0. 3 carat fine grain emerald, 0. The price of a 5 carat high-quality emerald was very high. Since the emerald was very expensive, and it was fragile and did not resis

t bumps, the inlay cost was also expensive, and some of them needed insurance.

It could be seen how precious the emerald was. It was not that Irene really didn't know the value of the emerald. It was just that it was impossible for her to know this with her own identity and status now, so she had to choose to "play dumb".

"Don't worry, Irene. I will give you and mommy a satisfactory price! But this is our family matter. We can have a talk at Grandma's house tomorrow. Grandma just prepared a few gifts for you."

Linda was in a good mood and smiled happily.

Jessica was still not used to the contact with strange things outside, so she wanted to refuse stiffly. Fortunately, Irene stopped her in time.

"Great! It just so happens that I can stay here for a few more days. It's better to visit grandma's house than to stay in my mother's jade shop! "

Irene smiled sweetly and held Jessica's arm. Her fair face rubbed against Jessica's arm, acting like a spoiled child.

Jessica had no resistance to her coquetry, so she nodded obediently.

Linda nodded with satisfaction. She didn't even look at the face full of doubts under the stage, but called the host to continue the banquet.

Although the host had put in a good word, everyone's attention had been focused on Irene and her daughter. This time, they were well prepared. They would not let Linda hide the good things without seeing them.

There were also some people who just desperately scrambled for the cheap stones chosen by Irene, and Tia was one of them.

Then the employee took out the pure stones that Irene specially picked. He cut them one by one, and finally announced her failure.

This result could only be said to be within their expectations. After all, no one could guarantee that they would win one hundred percent surely!

The third stone was about the size of a palm. Although the spiritual energy Irene sensed of this stone was a little smaller than that of the emerald, it was also pure and thick.

"It's green!"

Linda jumped off the chair again and ran to him in a hurry before the employee came to her.

Seeing that Linda ran in such a hurry, Jessica was worried about her and hurried to help her.

"Yes! It's of good quality. If you can take out all the jade in such a big piece, you can also get a big piece of jade. "

As soon as Linda finished her words, the customers off the stage with cheap stones immediately boiled up and desperately scrambled for the cutting.

"My precious Irene and Jessica, come on, let's see if you want to cut them all out or just sold it!"

In fact, Linda also liked this piece of jade. Although it was not rare in the world, it was a rare piece of pure jade!

However, looking at those obviously dissatisfied jade tycoons off the stage, Linda had to consider for Jessica and her daughter. Although she had their back now, there were some things that needed to be solved by themselves.

These stones were nominally hers, but in fact, the owner of the stones was her daughter, so Jessica looked at her daughter.

Irene was satisfied with Jessica's respect and smiled happily.

"Mrs. Linda, let's continue! It happens that mommy's jade jewelry store also needs some amazing treasures! "

Hearing that her daughter cared about her so much at this time, Jessica was deeply touched. If it were not for the inappropriate occasion, Jessica really wanted to hold her daughter and cry.

"Oh! now I see! Irene is such a good girl! "

The cutting continued. Although many people were thinking about the jade, now that Irene had spoken it out, they could only extinguish their thoughts.

Although they had lost their hope, it didn't mean that Tia lost it as well.

Tia was almost driven mad by jealousy. She had got out two stones, which was a small increase, and earned tens of thousands. Tia was very proud of herself, but when she heard this, she almost rushed up and kicked Irene off the stage.

For what? Why was Irene so lucky? She got the favor of Linda and got two stones? That's emerald! And the purity was so good?

Tia was not reconciled, really not reconciled.

While Jerry was brainwashed by her mother, Tia squeezed out of the crowd and went out to look for Lydia.

Now that Tom had heard about the affair between his second daughter and his ex-wife, he didn't know how to react.

Of course, it was a great thing for her daughter to be favored by the Lin family. But the problem was that her ex-wife had become the goddaughter of Mrs. Linda. Would the Lin family help her take revenge on him just because of what he had done in the past!

Thinking of this possibility, Tom felt his legs weak.

Although An Group was a big company, it was nothing compared to Lin family.

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