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   Chapter 22 Green

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The employee was very cautious and dared not act rashly, although Irene had already given the specific location and route of the stab. However, he didn't dare to cut the stone so rashly. He looked around and carefully observed the lines on the stone. Then he took a deep breath and carefully cut the thin stone.

Maybe it was because the strength of the knife was relatively small and the position was relatively far away, there was no trace of green unexpectedly. The employee's heart was a little heavy, and he looked at Linda with a somewhat sullen face.

Although Mrs. Linda liked jade very much and knew a lot about it, when she saw this piece of primitive jade, to be honest, Mrs. Linda didn't hold much hope. She just thought that she was happy to be with Irene, so this result could only be said to be expected!

Jessica comforted as she held Irene's hand. She didn't realize that she just bought a piece of worthless stone. On the contrary, she was full of concern and encouragement.

"It's okay, Irene. Don't blame yourself. As long as you are happy, Mommy will be satisfied."

It was a simple sentence. There was no fancy words or high sounding cover. There was only a simple mother's sincere tolerance and care for her daughter.

Irene felt warm in her heart, with tears in her eyes. She sniffed and smiled brightly.

Not far away from the stage, seeing that nothing had been discovered from Irene's stone, Tia was very happy. She looked at Jerry who was very concerned about her, who should have belonged to Irene, but now had become her boyfriend. An evil smile appeared on her face.

"Brother Jerry, I just saw that my sister's stone seemed to have discovered nothing, and it was in front of so many people. She must be very uncomfortable. How about you comfort her! After all, you were once her fiancé, and my sister seemed to like it very much at that time. "

Hearing Tia's considerate words, Jerry only felt that there was a spring breeze in her elegant voice, which made his heart hopelessly drunk. How could he be willing to see Tia dejected? He hurriedly interrupted Tia's words.

"Tia, you are too kind. How could such a pretentious girl deserve to be your sister! Don't worry about her. Isn't the old lady on the stage very happy with her? "

Jerry said with disdain. In his eyes, the gentle look of Irene to Linda was just flattery.

With a faint smile at the corners of her mouth, Tia was very satisfied with Jerry's attitude towards Irene. However, in order to make things worse for Irene, Tia still begged Jerry to accompany her to "comfort" Irene.

On the stage, [安], Daisy didn't care about the two people at all. Instead, she put her spirit on the stone.

Looking at the employee holding the stone helplessly, Irene couldn't help but laugh. If she had known it earlier, she would have bought some good looking stones directly, so as not to cause the employee to be so entangled. She guessed that the employee would have become bald after she came here several times.

Why did he become bald? Of course, after struggling, he pulled his hair and became bald!

Irene thought She cleared her throat, stood up elegantly and walked to the desk gracefully.

"Uncle, it's just a scrap stone. There's nothing to be nervous about. Just cut as I drew!"

Irene smiled brightly. Her refreshing breath instantly made everyone present feel cool. He was used to those greasy young ladies. Now when he saw Irene, who looked as fresh as a little girl next door, he felt her particularly eye-catching.

Under the stage, Jerry also saw this scene. He didn't know why his eyes were stunned for a moment and forgot to look away.

Tia had been paying attention to Irene and Jerry. Obviously, she noticed his action.

She deliberately put her feet in front of Jerry. Jerry took a step and immediately stepped on Tia's shoes.

Tia's cry of pain drew back Jerry's attention.

"Ah! Sorry, sorry! Are you okay, Tia? You don't look well? Does it hurt? "

Fortunately, everyone's attention was focused on Irene, otherwise, Tia wouldn't dare to do such a thing.

"No, nothing. Let's go to see her! If she stands there alone, she might cry sadly."

As she spoke, Tia felt the same way and choked with sobs.

Such a tearful Tia instantly killed Jerry. Without any hesi

tation, Jerry held Tia's hand and held the soft waist of the young girl in his arms.

"Hey! What should I do with you? "

Jerry said this to Tia, and so did he say it to himself.

When Jerry first saw his mother introduce Irene to him as his fiancée, he only felt disgusted and disdainful. But after several days, when he saw Irene, he felt that Irene seemed to have been reborn. Her temperament and appearance seemed to be different. She was so beautiful that people couldn't look away.

Looking at the trembling girl in his arms, Jerry suppressed the throb in his heart and kept telling himself that the girl in his arms was his love. The girl on the stage was absolutely not, absolutely not!

Feeling Jerry's determination, Tia's hanging heart was finally relieved. But her jealousy and resentment for Irene became stronger.

The employee on the stage made another move and slashed down. This time, the slash was deeper than the previous one. The fine powder of the rock was stained with the stone. Although it was very blurry, the employee could still see the tender green color hidden under the cover at a glance.

"Green! Green! It's green! And it's an Emerald!"

The employee stammered, almost choked by his own saliva. He took a deep breath before he finished his words.

Everyone present couldn't believe what they had heard. They all saw the rough texture of Irene, and almost everyone was convinced that it couldn't contain any jade. But what was going on now? How could it be true?

The hall was in an uproar. Everyone put down their own stones and rushed around the working table of Irene. They were so excited that they were even more excited than seeing green in their own stones. At this moment, many people stood on tiptoe and craned their necks, staring at the place where the stone was being cut. They wished they could have a pair of penetrating eyesight that could penetrate the surface of the stone and see if the employee saw it wrong.

It seemed that he had seen through the doubts in everyone's eyes. After washing the stone with Irene's consent, he immediately saw a pleasant green, so thorough and crystal on the surface of the stone.

The audience gasped. At this moment, even if it was hard to believe, they had to believe it, because everything was true, wasn't it? At this moment, anyone who doubted something saw jealousy.

Tia was one of them. "Oh my God! My sister is so lucky! It was just a piece of waste stone! In the blink of an eye, it had become a jade! "

Her words aroused many people's jealousy.

Indeed. She had bought the worst quality stones, but now the price had increased by many times. Such an opportunity was not something that ordinary people could have, okay? How could one not be jealous?

Jessica, who was still immersed in joy on the stage, changed her face when she heard Tia's voice. When she saw Jerry holding Tia's hand, her face was as dark as ink. "Tia, is this the politeness your parents taught you? "

There were many rules in the rich and powerful family. What Jessica said made Tia blush. She lowered her head with grievance and shrank back holding Jerry's hand as if she was frightened.

Jerry couldn't help but pinch Tia's hand, trying to comfort her.

Instead of being in a good mood, Tia choked with sobs.

Although as an elder, in the full view of the public, Jessica pointed out the shortcomings of Tia, which made Tia embarrassed, but Jessica did not regret it. Lydia and her daughter could taunt and irritate her, but they could not bully her daughter.

Jessica was like a mother hen who felt the danger. She subconsciously protected her daughter and looked at Tia defensively.

Jerry's face darkened when he saw what Jessica was doing and the rich ladies who were pointing at Tia. She turned to one side and stood in front of Tia to block the unfriendly sight.

Jerry didn't notice that Tia could rely on Jerry, her boyfriend and her parents, while Irene could only rely on her mother who spent a few days with her. " Irene, don't mind. It's just an oral engagement when you were young! There will have a better man waiting for you"

Hearing that, Linda almost understood what was going on. She slowly stood up and steadily walked to Irene and Jessica. Obviously, she was on the side of Irene.

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