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   Chapter 21 Madam Linda's Protection

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As soon as she finished her words, the old lady began to cough again. Her old eyes were full of sadness, and her face was a little pale, which didn't look so old. Irene couldn't help but sigh that she was inferior to her. The old lady was an actor, and she acted so real! If she hadn't noticed the cunning look in the old woman's eyes, Irene would have believed that the old woman was really in danger.

Unlike Irene, Jessica didn't have so many tricks. She just couldn't bear to see anyone being bullied. Without thinking too much, she anxiously stroked the old man's back, and took out a handkerchief from her bag with the other hand and gently wiped the sweat on the old man's face.

"Irene, call an ambulance! She's old and can't afford to be tortured like this! " Jessica didn't have those crooked eyes. She was worried and couldn't bear to see the old woman suffer. After the onlookers around knew the identity of the old woman, they immediately swarmed up and tightly wrapped the old woman in circles. Even a young and beautiful girl like Irene would feel depressed in such an environment, not to mention the old woman.

"Ahem! I am still alive. You don't have to cry here. Get out of my way. I'm suffocating."

The old lady, like an old naughty child, stared at the men and women around her. Finally, she rolled her eyes at several women who were crying exaggeratedly, including Tia, who was pretending to be anxious.

It took Irene a lot of effort to hold back her laughter. She felt that the little lady in front of her was so cute.

"Grandma, you look so young, you look like mommy's sister. How nice! Others are all jealous of you, how could you always call yourself old! If you are old, should I call my mommy grandma? "

There was a hint of ridicule in Irene's clear voice, but it was a sincere feeling, without any sense of flattery. Her clear eyes were full of sincerity, which made the old lady feel very comfortable.

"You are such a sweet girl. You are telling the truth! That's right. If a person was full of anger and lies, then there was no need to have a mouth! Well! I didn't notice it just now. It was amazing! This little girl was really full of spiritual energy, just like a little elf! Good! Good! Yes! The clothes matched well! Are you too thin? Look at your clothes. They are still a little loose. Little girl, don't follow the trend to lose weight like others. Those people who lose weight are almost popping out in dresses. You are naturally beautiful in this way! "

From the very beginning, Madam Linda had always been on the side of Irene, and her stand was very clear when she mocked Tia.

The people at the party were all smart and could figure out what was going on. They immediately echoed Linda's words. Some praised that Jessica had a good daughter, and some praised that she was noble. In a word, there were different opinions, and every word was praising them exaggeratingly.

On the other side, Tia and Lydia, who was on the outermost layer of the crowd, was so angry that her nose almost twitched.

Irene smiled awkwardly and helped the old lady sit on the carved chair made of sandalwood prepared by the waiter with Jessica.

"Old lady, it's been a long time. We should let everyone to go back to their own work? If it goes on like this, the banquet will end in a farce."

What Irene said was also what those men thought. Was it the business of women to flatter the old lady? Of course, these men were more interested in gambling. However, the old lady in front of them was not someone else but a god of wealth. Without her attitude, they dared not take ignore her.

Linda nodded when she saw the stone in the tray held by the waiter beside Irene.

"Irene, why do I only see you and Mommy! Only you two come here?"

Jessica had always kept a low profile, so she seldom appeared in front of the media even when she was the wife of the CEO of An group. Linda had never seen Jessica, let alone what had happened to her.

Jessica was afraid that Irene would be sad, so she took over Linda's words.

"Irene had an accident a few days ago, so she followed me here to relax with my ex-husband's permission."

Jessica didn't cry out her grievance to everyone like Lydia. Instead, she just said lightly as if she didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Linda lost her husband in the middle age. It could be said that she led her son to break through the talents of Lin family and keep the property left by her husband to her son. Therefore, for si

ngle women, Linda had a special sense of familiarity, especially for women as stubborn as Jessica.

"Oh! now I see! Well, I'm here alone today. Can you and your daughter accompany me? "

Linda looked at Jessica expectantly and then turned to Irene, as if she would cry if you didn't play with me.

The corners of Irene's mouth twitched. She looked at Jessica helplessly.

Jessica didn't feel anything wrong. Instead, she felt uneasy to leave Linda alone.

"All right! Irene had already chosen her favorite. We had planned to go back after paying the bill. Since you are alone, we can stay a little longer. When your family comes, we can leave. "

Jessica was a pure rabbit, with her eyes clear and bottomless. Getting along with Jessica made Linda feel comfortable, relaxed and kind.

Irene was happy to see the interaction between the two people. In this way, even if she went back to the an family, her mother would not be lonely! Two years later, as long as she was eighteen years old, she could come back to her mother.

"You can't just wait with me, it's boring! Didn't you choose the stones? Let's go and see your luck today. "

Without even looking at the shining women around, Mrs. Linda walked to an employee who was responsible for solving the VIP supreme customers with Irene and Jessica.

"Madam! Why are you here in person? If you need anything, just give me a call! "

The worker who was cutting the stone wore a black tuxedo and a black pure leather apron on his chest. He put down the stone in his hand and smiled cautiously.

Linda didn't care whether the man in front of her was a master hired by her son from abroad. With a wave of her hand, the waiter immediately put the tray on the table in front of the man.

"Liu, cut these as soon as possible! I'm telling you, be careful. If you break it, I won't spare you."

Obviously, Linda was telling everyone that she treated Jessica and her daughter Irene differently, and everyone should not neglect them.

Linda was a stranger who had only met once but always defended herself. Irene was very grateful to her and felt warm. She approached Jessica and held her hands. The mother and daughter looked at each other and saw the light shining in each other's eyes.

In the past few years, the people around the mother and the daughter were all standing high and looking down upon them, and they were even extremely cold to them. How could she not be moved when she suddenly met such a person who did not ask for return and not ask for interests!

Looking at the glittering eyes of the mother and daughter, Mrs. Linda pretended not to see anything and took them to a VIP seat, waiting for the cutting.

Generally speaking, the person who came for VIP treatment was half a master, so generally, after drawing the meridians by himself, the employee would cut them according to the meridians.

The employee looked at Jessica, who was embarrassed and sighed. Without asking. She must know nothing about it.

The employee understood, looking worried.

'what should I do? These stones must be low-grade stones with poor quality. It would be better if I could not get anything out of them.'. But what if I broke it? Would Mrs. Linda cut me into pieces on the stage!

Thinking of this, the stone employee subconsciously looked at Linda. Linda was enjoying the cakes prepared by the waiter with a pleasant look on her face with the help of Jessica. The employee could only cover his face and cry.

In fact, Irene was a little hesitant. After all, these stones were worthless in the eyes of these people. If they were really cut and destroyed, she would have to cry.

Irene took a deep breath, stood up calmly and walked to the employee. She gently picked up the pen prepared on one side and a stone with the other hand. She sensed the general position of the stone and drew two strokes casually.

After all, she was just a young girl in her early twenties, so it was impossible for her to have a good estimation of the stone. Therefore, Irene treated the stone casually as if she was a child playing with a toy.

"Uncle, is that so?"

Irene looked at the employee with a smile as usual, which made people feel happy. The burden in their hearts seemed to disappear all of a sudden.

The employee looked at Irene in disbelief and nodded gratefully. Then he turned to look at Linda. After seeing her slight nod, he sat steadily in front of the desk, splashed some water on the stone, and began to start the machine.

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