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   Chapter 20 A Lovely Old Lady

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Jessica was a little confused. She didn't want to make a splash at the party this time. She just came here to accompany Irene. Because she didn't have too much chance to accompany her daughter, so she had to come this time. She just watched Irene pick up the stones, without touching any stones. When she came to her senses, she had already held three stones in her arms.

Jessica knew it was her daughter who picked up the stone, but she didn't understand why her daughter said it was herself.

"Mommy, help me! I've already bought a lot. If I add the three stones in your hand, people will say that I'm spending money like dirt. "

Irene lowered her head pitifully, as if she was very aggrieved. She blinked her bright eyes wittily, of course, on the condition that the slightly raised corners of her mouth were covered by the band.

Hearing this, Jessica thought what Irene had done was reasonable. She sighed and nodded.

"You have so many evil ideas. Forget it, as long as you are happy."

Everyone listened to Irene's childish words and thought it was just a mother's action to make her daughter happy, so they didn't take it seriously. After all, these people were of high status and no one cared about the money.

"Mommy, hurry up! My hands are so sore! "

There were many waiters in the club, but because they were all scrambling for the stones at this time, they were busy placing orders and were too busy to do anything. What's more, the total amount of money in the hands of Irene and Jessica was less than ten thousand dollars. Daisy was too embarrassed to ask the waiter to help her instead of those with the bill worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, so she took Jessica to the cashier's desk.

"Ah! Are you blind? It hurts! "

Tia's mean voice came from behind Irene. It turned out that Tia had fallen in love with a stone. In order to coax the beauty, Jerry took the initiative to pay the bill, so Tia was afraid that Jerry would go back on his words. She rushed to the checkout counter and bumped into someone.

When Irene came to her senses, she saw Tia holding a stone and glaring at the grey haired old woman at her feet.

Irene frowned and shook her wrist. Thinking that the waiter was coming, she handed the stone in her hand to the waiter and took Jessica to the old lady.

Jessica was a kind woman. When she saw this scene, she didn't even care about the stone in her hand. She let go of it and the stones rolled down on the carpet. However, it seemed that Jessica didn't notice it at all. Irene and her carefully helped the old lady up.

"Humph! It's you again. Birds of a feather flock together! What an eyesore! "

When Tia saw Irene's increasingly beautiful face, the anger in her heart was rubbing out, and she couldn't restrain it. When Jerry had gone to pay, her ferocious and disgusting face immediately appeared.

"I didn't really know you before, Tia? Did Aunt Xiao teach you how to respect the old and cherish the young. You should really ask the mayor to apply for a medal or a brocade flag for you. "

Irene didn't change her face. She didn't curse, but the words implied something. After sneering, Tia's face turned red with anger.


Tia almost broke out into curses. When she saw Jerry getting closer and closer, the expression on her face became pitiful in the blink of an eye. Her eyes were filled with tears and endless grievances. She bit her sexy red lips with her white teeth, as if she was holding back something.

After Jerry came back, he saw Tia like this. His heart was immediately shot by an arrow. Looking at Irene's attitude as if she was watching a play, he subconsciously thought that Tia was bullied by Irene.

"Irene, what the hell are you doing? What's the point of always bullying Tia? Couldn't a family be harmonious? You have a grudge against aunt Lydia and uncle An's marriage. You can't vent your anger on innocent Tia! "

Jerry scolded Irene angrily. His voice was so loud that even those who were preparing to cut the stone were attracted.

Jerry's parents also came here, but because of business, they couldn't get rid of it. At this time, they heard their son's roar and rushed over.

"Jerry, what are you doing? How could you do such a rude thing? "

Jerry's father asked angrily.

When his mother saw Irene and Jessica, she was surprised and held Jessica's arm.

"Ah! Jessica, you and Irena are here too! Why didn't you tell me that you were here? I've already c

ome to see you. "

Joy was written all over her face as she held Irene's hand.

With a long face, Jessica pushed away her mother's hand and glared at Jerry.

"I just want to play with Irene here for a while. But if your son can stop bullying my daughter again and again, I will be very happy."

Jessica's voice was cold and alienated, and her attitude was the same as that in the ward.

Jerry's mother was stunned. She looked back at her son's angry face, and then looked at Tia with tears on her face beside her son. She knew what was going on.

"Jessica, don't be angry. I think there must be some misunderstanding. How about we go out for tea and have a talk when we are free? "

Without asking, she knew that her son must have been instigated by Tia to do such a thing. Her heart was burning with anger, but now so many eyes were looking at her, so she could only try her best to make everyone not so embarrassed.

How could Jessica not know what her good friend was thinking? She looked at Irene and Irene smiled, indicating that she'd better let it go. She sighed and nodded slightly, indicating that it was over.

Tia glared at Irene viciously. She was jealous of Joan's love for Irene. However, no matter what Tia did, Joan just took a cold look at her and then asked her to leave.


When this matter was about to be solved, the old lady finally made a sound. If she didn't make a sound, Irene would think that this old lady was deaf and dumb.

"Granny, are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital? "

Jessica gently patted the old woman's back, and the latter finally stopped coughing. She gently raised her head, revealing her white hair and a face that was not very old.

Looking at the grey hair all over her head, Irene subconsciously thought that the old woman should be full of wrinkles on her face, but now she saw the old woman who looked like fifty or sixty years old, and her eyes were particularly magical, as if she could see through everything.

"I'm fine. Fortunately, you and your daughter helped me up. Otherwise, I might have been killed by that rude girl!"

Irene was surprised and looked suspiciously at the grateful old lady.

Somehow, Irene felt that this old lady was not like what she looked like. Although what the old lady said just now was true, it directly pushed Tia to the top of the tornado.

As expected, after hearing the old lady's words, everyone stopped what they were doing and began to blame Tia.

"Old lady, old lady!"

A middle-aged woman in maid's dress ran over and took a deep breath when she saw the old lady was safe and sound.

"Whoosh! Old lady! Didn't master say that? There are too many guests in the club. We will inform you as soon as the jade is cut? "

The old lady blinked naughtily and raised her chin, as if she had heard nothing.

'inform her as soon as possible?'? As soon as she said this, the crowd began to be restless.

The host of the banquet was the Jade King, Austin. This Jade King relied on the huge source of jade materials from his ancestors. Rumor had it that the jade was the heirloom of their ancestors. When Austin received this from his father, the Lin family had already been very rich, so he seldom held any activities in front of people now. He just occasionally held a banquet of gambling stones. And every time the jade was cut from the banquet, it must be seen by Lin family's old lady. If Lin family's old lady was not interested, it would be offer to others to bid. This unwritten rule had long been known in this banquet of gambling stones.

Tia trembled. She really didn't know what was wrong with her today. She not only made a fool of herself in front of Irene, but also offended such a big shot.

"Madam, are you okay? It was Tia's fault. I was weak since I was a child. I just felt dizzy and didn't stand firm. I'm sorry to offend you. Please don't take it to heart, madam. "

Tia choked with sobs, her little shoulders constantly shaking. Her voice was gentle and soft, and she really felt like she was about to fall.

Irene really admired Tia from the bottom of her heart. She was so shameless. Tia was the second person she had seen since she was a child that could be so shameless. The first person was, of course, her mother, Lydia! Compared with Lydia, Tia was definitely better than her!

"Although I'm old and dizzy, I'm not blind. Just now, I almost died to accompany my husband. If you are weak, then I can be said to be dying. "

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