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   Chapter 19 A Small Confrontation

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"Malnourishment? How could the daughter of An family suffer from malnutrition? Is this real? Isn't it obvious that she is humiliating the An group? Don't be kidding? "

"Hey! What do you know? This Miss An is a poor woman! Now the one who stood beside her was her biological mother, and the current Mrs. An was the second wife of Mr. An! Besides, have you ever seen Mr. An take Miss An to a banquet? Miss An's life can be imagined! "

Some people began to sigh, as if they had seen what happened to Irene, and their eyes began to pity her

"Eh? Really? How could she have such a cruel father? He treat other's daughter better than his own daughter? "

"Humph! There's more! You haven't seen what Miss An looked like a few days ago. She was so thin that even we outsiders will feel sorry for her! Alas! Poor girl! "

The man speaking was a regular customer of the An family and was quite familiar with the affairs of the family. Although every time he saw Irene, he only took a quick glance at her when she came back from school, and then she locked herself in the room and didn't come out. But no one could turn a blind eye to Irene's pitiful look, but the An family seemed not to see her. They couldn't even see her on the table at dinner.

These women were all the wives of rich businessmen, and the most hateful one in their lives was a mistress. With money, men naturally liked to seek new excitement, so for their wives, they only had some financial satisfaction. Therefore, when they looked at Jessica now, the jealousy when she came in just now had all turned into sympathy. They looked at Irene with pity, and when they looked at Tia, their eyes were full of contempt, disdain, and even anger and hatred.

Tia's heart jolted and she looked at Irene in disbelief.

What happened? Shouldn't Irene complain bitterly in her arms? And then make everyone despise her? Why was she the one who was despised now?

Tia didn't know what had happened at all. She looked left pitifully at Jerry.

Jerry's eyes were glued to Irene from the beginning. Tia pulled Jerry's sleeve hard and then Jerry turned his eyes to look at Tia.

Jerry liked Tia. Now seeing the girl he liked wanted to rely on him pitifully after being wronged, Jerry felt proud. He opened his mouth without even thinking.

"Miss An, is it necessary to be so mean? Anyhow, Tia is your sister. She always took care of you. How can you reveal her identity in front of everyone. Do you feel comfortable when you see your sister who used to protect you and take care of you being despised in front of others? "

Jerry stood beside Tia and held her in his arms, accusing Irene loudly.

"Mr. Jerry, I remember that we met for the first time before the car accident. It's only a few days since then. I didn't expect that Mr. Jerry knows more about the An family than the aunts who are familiar with it! I don't need to tell you what kind of place it is. Mr. Jerry, you know it very well. Do you think it's really appropriate for us to continue to create chaos here? "

Irene was getting impatient. It was really not a good feeling to be watched, discussed and judged by people like small animals in the zoo.

Irene's words made everyone immediately understand Jerry's identity. The business seniors who had just had a good talk with Jerry couldn't help shaking their heads and sighing. Obviously, they were not satisfied with the way Jerry dealt with things, and even disappointed.

It was not a big deal to break off the engagement. After all, one could get divorced at any time after marriage, let alone the engagement now. But it didn't make sense for people like Jerry. Even if Tia's was nothing more than a burden brought by Lydia, everyone had to call her Miss An now! The most important thing in the business circle was reputation. If something went wrong, it would affect the stock market.

Jerry's face turned livid with anger, but he couldn't lose his temper. He could only glare at Irene.

Ignoring the murderous eyes of the two people behind her, Irene held Jessica's arm and turned around indifferently. She nodded friendly to the women who spoke for her.

The voice of the host interrupted them. Those rich CEOs led their helps to search for the stones they liked as if they didn't want money.


Although Tia was very depressed this time, she had no choice but to accept the failure. She stamped her feet unwillingly and took Jerry to join the selection.

Irene didn't care about her childish behavior. Instead, she held Jessica's arm and walked towards a pile of low-priced stones.

These stones looked very cheap. The

y were thrown to the ground by the so-called upper class without any care.

Although these stones were cheap, they were considered luxury by ordinary families. Therefore, when some poor relatives who admired vanity came here to seek jades, these stones were undoubtedly the best choice.

Regardless of the ridicule in the crowd, Irene stood leisurely beside the small pile of stones.

"If you want to buy some stones, Mommy will take you to choose some with better quality, OK?"

Although Jessica was not an expert in gambling stones, she was at least a person who had contact with jade all year round, so she felt that these ordinary stones could only be used as toys. If she bought them to gamble, it would be a little useless.

The cheapest stones on the table cost tens of thousands, and it was not sure that every piece contains jades. If she couldn't get the money, it would be in vain. But as Irene's mother, even if Jessica lost all her money, she couldn't let her precious daughter be laughed at by others. In the past few years, all the hardships that her daughter had suffered were all because of her, so without hesitation, Jessica stopped Irene.

Of course, Irene knew what was on Jessica's mind. She felt warm in her heart, and her calm eyes were full of tenderness.

"Mommy, don't you come here to make me happy? I know what Mommy is thinking, but I don't know why. When I first came in, I liked these stones very much. So Mommy, don't worry. Even if it's an ordinary stone, it's the first time that we have attended a banquet together for so many years. Isn't it more precious than one hundred thousand or millions? "

Irene's voice sounded soft and sweet, like the warm and comfortable spring wind. Instantly, Jessica's heart was filled with happiness, and her eyes could not help but hold tears.

With a sweet smile on her face, Irene held Jessica's arm tightly and rubbed it with her cheek like a lazy Persian cat.

"You naughty girl! You have grown up, but you still love to act like a spoiled child. "

With a doting look on her face, Jessica patted on Irene's rosy cheeks and smiled more brightly.

The mother and daughter's voices were not loud, but they were not hidden, nor deliberately lowered, so the people around them could hear them clearly.

The people who had laughed at them just now couldn't help but feel a little sorry. After all, many people present had seen the farce of Tia just now. They were very clear that the two mother and daughter didn't have so many days to be together. And some men were stingy. After divorce, it would be more difficult for ex-wife to see their daughter. Everyone looked away, chatted or lowered their heads to study the stones, but no one was watching them anymore.

Of course Irene didn't know this, because she had sensed the existence of the spiritual energy since she entered the club, and the purity of the spiritual energy was very high. After several days of cultivation in Jade Space, she could clearly distinguish the spiritual energy emitted by the jade in the air, so her goal had long been locked in this cheap stone heap.

Irene concentrated her mind and looked at these stones.

It was the first time that Irene had used her spiritual power to feel the spiritual power outside Jade Space, which could cause resonance reaction. Therefore, Irene felt a little tired and looked around carefully. Although she was not sure which one it was, she was sure that there were many good things in the stones.

Irene twitched her mouth and suppressed the boiling air in her chest. She held her breath and scanned every stone with her sharp eyes.

Suddenly, an emerald green light appeared in front of her eyes. Following the light, Irene squatted down and picked up a palm sized stone with a silk ribbon and a price tag on it. At this time, Irene was not in the mood to care about the price. Instead, she took advantage of the abundant spiritual power in her body to detect other stones as soon as possible.

After detecting for a while, Irene found five stones with strong spiritual power reaction. But considering that she was just an unknown girl and didn't want to cause unnecessary trouble, Irene handed three pieces of stones to Jessica. After she picked up two pieces of stones, she took two bigger ones, but the inner part contains no jade.

"Mommy, let's buy these. I have chosen two bigger ones. The two pieces in Mommy's arms were so small! If it is a stone, we can take it back and put it in the bathtub. I believe it will be beautiful. "

Irene's sweet and cheerful voice instantly attracted many people's attention.

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