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   Chapter 18 Encountering Tia At The Gambling Party, Provoking

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Many times? Irene was confused and couldn't help thinking about her room.

Looking at the time on the wall, it showed that it was half past ten, and the dim light of the street lamps outside the window without curtain, Irene knew that what Jadiel said was true.

"There's nothing strange. Don't forget that Jade Space is a divine weapon used by the Immortals to cultivate their skills in the ancient times! Isn't it good? Master, you can practice your spiritual power here in the future, which can save a lot of time! As for why the Jade Space is still dark now, I can only say that because my master's spiritual power is not enough, the entire Jade Space is still in chaos. "

Jadiel played cute while coaxing Irene. Irene thought it was true. Since it can help her without any harms, there was no need to waste time arguing here. Now it was a foregone conclusion. Even if she wanted to resist, it was useless. She could only go on step by step.

The haze in her heart was all thrown away. Irene felt much better, and she didn't resist it any more.

Jadiel was like a book recording everything in the Jade Space, so she told a lot of things about cultivation. Under the supervision of Jadiel, Irene began to cultivate.

The preliminary stage of cultivation was very simple. It was to get rid of all distracting thoughts, empty your mind to capture the spiritual power in the space, absorb and digest it and transform it into your own spiritual power.

After the constant absorption, when Irene opened her eyes, all the wounds on her body had been healed, and her skin was fair and smooth. There was no scar at all, as if she was a newborn baby.

Such a change made Irene feel a little headache. Although every girl liked to be beautiful, she had changed into another person overnight. It was inconceivable even for a stranger, let alone her mother!

Looking through the space, she found that it was already four o'clock in the morning on the watch in her room. Her mommy was going to get up and make breakfast. Her change would definitely frighten her.

Jadiel flew over and took the gauze to tie up Irene again. Although she did it terribly, Irene understood Jadiel's intention.

After getting everything ready, Irene left the space and went back to her room. She took out a face mask and put it on her face. Then she found a sports suit and sneaked out of the apartment.

Irene's destination was the park for morning exercise. The air there was fresh and no cars were allowed to enter. It should be a place with mellow spiritual power. That was the only place Irene could go now.

During the four days, Irene lived a regular life. It was not easy for her to make Jessica believe that her wounds were getting better and better. As for the scars, Irene only said that she had applied make up on the scars. Every time Jessica was worried and wanted to have a closer look, she was cleverly avoided by Irene.

Today was Irene's long-awaited gambling party. She went to the beauty salon and then the commercial building with Jessica early in the morning. In the evening, the mother and daughter seemed to have changed into another person.

In fact, in the past few days, Irene secretly let Jessica drink the magical liquid in the name of water. Because the amount of the miracle liquid was very small, nothing unusual could be seen for a day. But four days later, Irene still found the change of Jessica.

Jessica was extremely beautiful now. Especially after she was in a good mood recently, she looked more energetic, which made her look younger.

Irene didn't wear a mask this time. She had a delicate pink face and no extra hair on her head. She just combed her hair into a crooked ponytail after a few strokes, looking vigorous and nifty. She wore a light green dress with a white shawl on it, which made her skin more shiny. She wore a pair of simple wedged sandals with bandages, which suited Irene's age very well.

On the other hand, Jessica's black evening dress was well matched with her perfect figure without any fat. The design of the deep V collar was perfect, showing the advantage of the upper part of her body. The tightening design of her waist was undisguised, and a pair of black high-heeled shoes were partly hidden under the long dress, adding a touch of elegance.

Although the two of them were not the most eye-catching ones, they could inadvertently attract some attention, making people more reluctant to look away.

Ignoring the glittering eyes around, Irene held Jessica's arm and walked calmly under the crystal lamp.


Irene stopped her steps and felt a little stiff. She had a good time with Jessica these days. She almost forgot the existence of her enemy when she heard Tia's disgusting voice.

Seeing the stiff back of Irene when she stop

ped, the light on Tia's face became more charming. She was wearing a pair of expensive limited edition high-heeled shoes sent by Jerry. She was wearing a tight dress and a delicate makeup. She looked mature and charming, but without the vitality and youth of Irene.

Jessica frowned and walked away holding Irene's hand, as if she was avoiding Tia.

Although her daughter and Tia had been getting along well, Jessica didn't like this girl from the bottom of her heart. From any point of view, she could only see one word on Tia's body, that was fake.

Irene sensed Jessica's intention and patted her hand to comfort her. A faint smile appeared at the corners of her mouth, which made Irene look more quiet and graceful. When the men in the party saw such a smile, they instantly gathered together, and their eyes were eager to stick to Irene.

Enchanting, graceful girls and those pretending to be pure could be seen everywhere in the party, but there were few girls like Irene who were as pure as white snow lotuses.

"Ah! Whose daughter is she? She was so steady at such a young age and didn't know how the family taught her. Look at my girl. She is as arrogant and willful as a little princess. "

"Exactly! My daughter is the same. Look, I don't know where she went! Alas! They spend money like pouring water."

"Yes, yes!"


The women around her looked at Jessica with admiration, which made her a little embarrassed.

Tia looked around and found that all the eyes that should be looking at her were fixed on Irene. Her eyes were about to spit out fire, and her teeth were chattering, as if they would be broken at any time.

Irene turned around elegantly, without any arrogance or pride because of the praises around her. She looked at Tia quietly with her calm eyes. Her spiritual eyes were much different from what Tia remembered. Irene's heart suddenly felt a little guilty, and she took a step back subconsciously.

"Tia, what's wrong?"

At this time, Jerry noticed the bustle here. He walked over from his father and called Tia intimately.

It seemed that Tia had found a support. She straightened her chest with confidence, raised her chin arrogantly and raised her eyebrows provocatively.

As if Irene didn't see the provocation of Tia, her eyes were calm all the time.

Tia's provocation was like a punch on cotton, making her a little stuffy.

"Are you feeling better? In fact, you are very excellent. Even if you broke off the engagement, you would definitely meet a good man suitable for you. So please don't care about it anymore. How could you hurt your own body? Do you know how scared we were on the day of your car accident? "

Tears were welling up in Tia's eyes. She seemed to have fallen into some terrible memories. With a pale face, Tia's body trembled weakly. If Jerry hadn't held her body, she would have fainted.

They had already attracted a lot of people to watch, and with Tia's sad voice, more and more people gathered.

There were different opinions among the crowd. People in the circle knew a little about Miss Irene's car accident, but they didn't know the detail inside story. Now, the ambiguous words of Tia's made everyone subconsciously think that Irene committed suicide because the Zuo family had broken off the engagement.

Jessica was so angry that she wanted to turn around and slap on Tia's face. However, the education of Jessica's family made her bite her lips fiercely to vent her anger.

She knew that the daughter of Lydia couldn't be simple! She was distorting the truth and trying to discredit her daughter?

Irene didn't show the panic and embarrassment as people imagined. Instead, she smiled coldly and indifferently.

"Sister? I'm sorry. It seems that my mommy has never given birth to any other child except me. "Said Irene. Miss An, what was your last name? I have forgotten it for it has been a long time. Because of my father's generosity, he allowed you to change your surname to An. Then I will call you miss An. Is Miss An's memory a little messy? About the marriage between the An and Zuo family, it was just a joke between mommy and godmother! What do you mean by breaking off? As for the car accident you mentioned, it can only be said that I am malnourished and coincidentally have anemia. Alas! Don't you remember the clear description on the doctor's note? "

Using ambiguous words to cause public opinion attack. You are not the only one who knows how to do it, Tia.

Tia's face turned even paler. The word malnourishment from Irene was enough for her.

The people who came to the party were all people in the circle, and many of them had a close business relationship with the An family. They had seen what kind of person Irene was in the past, and now the discussion was even more intense.

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