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   Chapter 17 Admitting the master

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"Then why do you call me master?"

Irene was stunned. Although she thought it was too mysterious and inconceivable, she didn't feel so entangled at the thought that she was an inconceivable existence.

"You are the new master chosen by the Jade Space. Is there anything wrong for Jadiel to call you master? Whoop! Does Master want to abandon Jadiel! No! Jadiel had been alone in the Jade Space for many years. I felt so lonely! Master, could you please keep Jadiel here? Okay? "

Jadiel knelt in the palm of Irene. Her little face was almost wrinkled into a little bun, and her big watery eyes were full of mist. Her lips were trembling uneasily, and her little shoulders were shrugged. She looked very sad.

Jadiel's cute expression almost killed Irene. She nodded without thinking.

"Wow! Excellent! I know master won't abandon Jadiel! "

Irene only saw Jadiel's little body flying towards her. Before she could see clearly what was going on, she felt a heat in her forehead. Then a colorful light lit up under her feet and tightly wrapped her up.

When Irene saw clearly what had happened, a colorful flower mark on her forehead flashed away.

"What's going on? Jadiel, did you do this? "

Jadiel returned to Irene's hand, shrugged innocently and smiled sweetly.

"Don't be afraid, master. It's the formal ceremony of Jadiel and the Jade Space to acknowledge the master. In this way, even if the Jade Space bracelet is in the hands of others in the future, you don't have to worry that the Jade Space will be used by others!"

Looking at Jadiel's innocent smile, Irene suddenly felt like she was on a pirate ship.

"Jadiel, what's the use of this Jade Space except for storing some jade?"

The smile on Jadiel's face changed. She glared at Irene with disappointment, as if a mother was looking at a stupid child.

"How could master ask such a stupid question? The vital energy body of the Jade Space bracelet was an ancient divine weapon. Later, it was stolen by someone with a malicious intention and changed into a new one. No one knew how much killings it had caused, all because those people coveted the huge wealth in the Jade Space. These treasures were not only the value brought by the jade! The scene in the Jade Space was just the tip of the iceberg in the Jade Space. As the master gets stronger, the space will be expanded bit by bit. There are more precious treasures besides jade in the expanded space! "

Irene was dumbfounded. It turned out that there was something mysterious in Cassandra's bracelet, and now she was its master. What should she do?

Who didn't love wealth? But a gentleman loves money and has a way to get it. Since it is not mine, how can I shamelessly take it for myself! Moreover, in order to avoid the disaster caused by the bracelet, Cassandra had sent such a precious thing to her, although she didn't use it.

"Jadiel, can I change my mind! The owner of this bracelet is not me! "

Jadiel blinked her long eyelashes and shook her head.

"You can't, master. Unless the owner of the Jade Space bracelet has lost his soul and can't be reincarnated, or the bracelet will follow you for generations."

Irene shivered and shut up immediately! She felt sorry for taking this bracelet, but she couldn't sacrifice herself! Irene had never thought that she was an angel, so she secretly decided that she might try to find a way to ask Cassandra how could she pay back to Cassandra without hurting herself.

"My master is so weak now! Let alone expand the space, it's still a problem whether you can maintain the miracle liquid in the Jade Space! "

Jadiel's plaintive voice brought back Irene's attention. Confused, she put Jadiel on the table and sat on the chair.

"Jadiel, what do you mean? What is the miracle liquid? Is it the fountain in the pool? "

Irene's conjecture made Jadiel roll her eyes again. Jadiel was so angry that she gritted her teeth and sighed helplessly.

"The magical liquid is the support of the spiritual power in the whole Jade Space, and the source of the magical liquid is the spiritual power from the master."

Sitting cross legged in front of Irene, Jadiel took out a small chair from nowhere. She raised her eyebrows leisurely and directly choked back Irene's question.

"The spiritual power of the Jade Space's master mostly comes from the absorption of the spiritual power in life. In our daily life, many things contain the spiritual power, some are for use, and some are for eating. They are different in all aspects. Master will be able to cultivate as long as she takes in enough spiritual power. "


Irene felt dizzy and unreal, as if she w

as in a fantasy novel, which made her mind full of doubts.

"Hey! Master is so ignorant! "

Irene's good temper could no longer be maintained when she saw the real Jadiel hidden behind her cute face. She picked up a book and raised it fiercely. The book was about to hit Jadiel's head. But he book just stopped above Jadiel's head. With all her strength, Irene almost jumped to the table, but she couldn't push the book to Jadiel.

"My master! You don't want me to scold you, but look at you. Jadiel just can't help it! Spiritual power is also hidden in the air, but because of the serious pollution here, the spiritual power is relatively thin. But Jadiel's spiritual power is strong, so it's not a big deal to control the air. "

Jadiel raised her head and snapped her fingers, and all the resistance disappeared. When Jadiel flew up, Irene pounced forward, with her whole body lying on the table awkwardly, and her chin hit the table pitifully.

[Irene felt the pain, with tears in her eyes, and gnashed her teeth with hatred.

She was absolutely wrong. The little cutie in front of her was not an adorable angel at all, but a scheming little devil.

"Come on! Jadiel won't fun of master. In fact, master has a spiritual root. The moment you touched the Jade, you opened the Jade Space, and also turned the spiritual jade bottle. I think as long as you can practice harder, the expansion of the Jade Space will be close in time. "

Seeing that Jadiel was drawing a beautiful blueprint there, Irene really wanted to say that she was not interested in whether the Jade Space would expand or not.

"Well, I'm tired! Do you want to sleep in the space or outside? "

As soon as Jadiel heard that Irene was going to stay in the room to sleep, she got furious. She flew to Irene's ear, pulled a lock of hair and shouted at her.

"Ah! Jadiel, are you crazy? "

Jadiel was held tightly in Irene's hand. Her eyes turned red and her mouth twitched, about to cry.

"Well, don't cry. What are you going to do?"

Jadiel sniffed and wiped her tears pitifully.

"If Jadiel sleeps outside, I will soon dry up like a plant lacks water. Therefore, I must go back to the spiritual pool to replenish my spiritual power after staying outside for a certain period of time. It's not easy for Jadiel to meet master, so she doesn't have to be alone. Jadiel doesn't want to be separated from master... "

As she spoke, Jadiel began to cry. Seeing the pitiful look on Jadiel's face, Irene's heart softened as if she had done something unpardonable.

Yes, since it was an ancient magic treasure, it must have been many years. Jadiel had been waiting alone for such a long time. She must have been very lonely!

"Good Jadiel, stop crying! How about this? I'll go inside with you, okay? But I can't stay there for a long time. After all, there is no bed there! "

Jadiel smiled through tears. She hugged Irene's neck and rubbed it hard.

"Don't worry, master. The ground in the Jade Space is made of warm jade now. It's nothing but a little hard to lie on."

The corners of Irene's mouth twitched. She wanted to say that it was like sleeping on the floor, but when she saw Jadiel's expectant eyes, she nodded.

"Great! Master, just think about going into the Jade Space, and we can go in."

Holding the pillow and quilt, Irene followed Jadiel's advice. When she opened her eyes again, she was already in the Jade Space.

Jadiel waved her hand and the small space seemed to be lit up with fluorescent light, emitting a faint light. She didn't feel dazzling or dim, and the brightness was just right.

Irene went straight put the quilt and lay on the pillow. She just wanted to have a good sleep and deal with the affairs between Jadiel and the Jade Space.

Irene soon fell asleep. Jadiel was so excited that she couldn't fall asleep after she had a partner for so many years. She sat beside Irene and protected her.

Not knowing how long she had slept, Irene, who should have felt hungry, felt energetic.

"It's so weird. I have slept for a long time. Why don't I feel hungry at all?"

Jadiel flew up and sat on Irene's shoulder.

"Master, you don't know, do you? The time in the Jade Space is different from that in the master's living space. As the Jade Space is an independent existence, the time outside does not affect the time of the Jade Space at all. The days and nights in our Jade Space are the opposite of those in the outside world. Moreover, the time in Jade Space is quite long, several times longer than that in the outside world. In other words, it has been a few days outside, but only one night has passed here. Do you understand? "

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