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   Chapter 16 Jade Space

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Irene was lying on the ground covered with jade. It was not a big place, only about one square meter. In the middle of the place, there was a high platform, the same height as her. On the platform, there was a small bottle, which was like a jade bottle held by the goddess of meditation in the journey to the West. It was pouring out water. Strangely, after the drop of water fell on the ground of the jade, it disappeared.

She couldn't believe her own eyes. She rubbed her eyes hard, but everything in front of her hadn't changed or disappeared. But Irene still couldn't accept such an incredible thing. She gritted her teeth and pinched herself hard on the cheek.

"Ah! It hurts!"

There were two red fingerprints on her pink cheeks, which showed how much strength Irene had exerted.

"Everything is true. It's not a dream? But where was this place? How, how did I get here? I remembered I was sleeping. "

A red halo of light shone. Irene lowered her head suspiciously and looked at the source of the light, the blue crystal in the center of the bracelet on her wrist.

It was so weird. What happened? Did it have anything to do with the red light on the bracelet?

If this matter was to be put in the previous life, Irene would definitely think that she was mentally disordered. But after she was reborn, Irene realized that there might be many things in the world that could not be explained with science.

After the shock, Irene walked to the bottom of the crystal bottle and reached out her hand curiously. Then she carefully smelled the water from the crystal bottle and didn't find any peculiar smell. It seemed that there was nothing special except the water here was especially clear. Driven by curiosity, Irene stuck out her tongue to lick the water, only to find that the water was particularly sweet. Even though only the tip of her tongue was touched, she felt her body was full, and a flow of warmth from her chest went to every part of her body, making her feel completely reborn.

Irene's eyes twinkled with joy. She stretched out her arms and kicked her legs. She found herself so light and dexterous.

Because of Tia and Lydia, Irene barely did any sports. She was almost the same as a house girl, so she was in poor health. Since junior high school, Irene had never taken the PE class. In her previous life, even if Irene moved to the Zuo family, she had no time to do any sports except doing housework. On the contrary, Tia was a well-known white swan in everyone's eyes, and her ballet was comparable to professional dancers.

The magic of the spring water made Irene ecstatic. For a moment, she even forgot to doubt why such a place would appear in front of her.

Regardless of her image, Irene opened her mouth and went directly to drink water under the crystal bottle. The red light on the blue crystal of the bracelet became thicker and brighter, and even Irene's body was changing.

Irene had been bullied a lot in the An family. Although she was 16 years old, she was a little short because of lack of nutrition. She was only 155 centimeters tall, and her weight was only more than 60 pounds. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been so tired that she almost lost her life to help Cassandra that day. Luckily, Irene was like Jessica. Although she was malnourished, her skin was always white and tender. Even if she was exposed to the sun, it would only make her red, but not tan. Since Jessica left the An family, Irene hadn't gone to the hair salon to tidy up her hair, let alone to maintain her hair. Her hair was as yellow and messy as straw because of the occasional torture of Tia. It was disgusting to see it.

In the past few days, though Irene had improved a lot under the careful care of Jessica, it was a drop in the bucket, and there was no obvious effect. When Irene kept drinking water, her whole body was changing little by little at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"HMM! I'm so full! "

After drinking a lot of water, she could even hear the sound of water swaying in her stomach. Irene couldn't help but blush and feel a little embarrassed.

She had lived for two lifetimes, but she was not an African refugee. How could she be so greedy and drink water till she was full.

Irene felt energetic all of a sudden. Moreover, she found that her eyesight, hearing and the perception of all the organs in her body seemed to have become much stronger.

Along with this discovery, Irene blinked doubtfully, trying to confirm if it was her illusion.

At the moment when Irene blinked her eyes hard, she suddenly felt a little hazy in front of her. Then the dark space suddenly lit up like a curtain that had been opened to block the sunlight. To her surprise, the light showed her room. It was an empty bed, and there was a delicate lamp on the bedside table. It was the carefully decorated apartment of Jessica. It was Irene's room which had been repaired.

She tentatively reached out her hand. When her hand touched the

wall that showed her room, the wall seemed to be calm and rippling like the stone. Then she found that she had touched the bedside lamp by her bed.

She looked back in surprise and almost cried out.

What she saw was half of his body exposed, and the body below her waist was still in the magic space, so she couldn't see it at all.

Irene's legs went weak and she fell back into the space and almost hit the edge of the high platform.

Still in a state of shock, Irene breathed heavily. Obviously, she was frightened.

It was dark in the room when she first came in, so she only saw the ground of jade and the high platform made of stone. With the help of the light this time, Irene looked again and found that every jade was the rare supreme warm jade in the world. Besides, the quality of the jade here was excellent, without any flaws. Taking a small piece to the market for auction would cause a big trouble.

Irene had only seen such a beautiful jade In her previous life from a distance when she had accompanied her mother to attend an auction. Even so, she could still see that the jade sold in the market was nothing compared to the jade in this space. There was no comparison between the jade in the market and the jade in this space.

With appreciation, she gently put her fingers on the bottom of the high platform. Suddenly, the white light shone brightly, and then the high platform seemed to have a spirit, gradually shrinking into a bathtub sized spray pool.

Before Irene could be surprised, a colorful light suddenly appeared in front of her. After the light flashed, a bundle of things like ancient bamboo slips fell into her arms.

Irene lowered her head and looked at it. It was made of many thin jade pieces. There were some words on the jade pieces, which looked a little complicated. She felt that she couldn't understand it from the bottom of her heart. However, when he took a glance at it, he found that the words were automatically transformed into Chinese characters at a speed visible to the naked eye. And the words she saw would become its original form in the blink of an eye. It looked a little strange, but unexpectedly it's human-friendly.

"Master, master!"

The sweet voice of a girl came to the ears of Irene. Although it was sweet, it made her feel a little scared in such a strange environment. Irene was shocked and looked around subconsciously, but she didn't see anything.

Irene's face turned pale. She stood up abruptly and was about to run away.

Suddenly, something came to her mind. Before she found it out, Irene had left the weird space and returned to her room.

Irene was sweating and panting. She kept patting her chest. Obviously, she was frightened.

"Master, master! Don't be afraid. Jadiel is not a ghost! "

The sound she heard in the space came again. Irene, who had not yet calmed down, was frightened again. Her face was pale, and her whole body was stiff. Her legs were trembling.

At the thought of Jessica in another room and her rebirth, Irene gritted her teeth, held back her fear and looked around.

The situation was the same as what Irene had seen in the space. She didn't see anything, which didn't reduce the fear in Irene's heart but made her even more scared. She couldn't help but think of those ghost movies she had seen.

"Master! Jadiel is here, and Jadiel is in the master's hand! "

The sweet sound complained in a low voice, full of grievance.

Irene was stunned and lowered her head subconsciously.

"You? What are you? "

The thing in her hand flew up, and with a flash of white light, it turned into a small person! The little person was really very small, only the size of half a palm. She wore an emerald green princess dress, long golden hair, and her pupils looked blue. Ten small fingers emitted colorful light under the light.

Irene really wanted to say that she had seen a ghost, but the little thing in front of her was so cute and exquisite, like a little elf seen in an animation, which could not make people feel disgusted.

The fear in her heart faded away little by little. Irene took a step closer to the little thing.

Although the little girl looked small, her eyes were very good. Seeing that Irene didn't reject her so much, her little body floating in the air flew to Irene at once and rubbed against Irene's face desperately.

If it weren't for the fact that the little thing was so small and soft, Irene would have doubted whether her skin would be broken if it was rubbed down like this.

The little girl's cute behavior successfully dispelled Irene's rejection. After going through a strange space, Irene was surprised, but she was not as spineless as she was in the space.

"Your name is Jadiel?"

The little girl was held in front of her by Irene. She held her fingers and kept acting cute. When she heard Irene's question, she immediately stopped and sat straight.

"Yes, master. Jadiel is the guardian of the Jade Space."

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