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   Chapter 13 A Gift From A Package

Beauty's Rebirth: Take Control Of Destiny By Duwu Qingyang Characters: 6301

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The second day, Irene came to the shop with Jessica. The first thing she did was to turn on the computer and search for some information about the gambling stones.

Although she had the experience in her previous life, Irene's experience was not worth mentioning in the elite of gamblers, so it was better to be safe.

As soon as she turned on the computer and clicked on the website, she heard a call from Jessica from the door.

She stood up confusedly. Beside Jessica stood a staff of the express company, who was still wearing the uniform of the express company and looked at her with a professional smile.

"Miss Irene, right? This is your package! "

Irene was confused and looked at the small parcel in the courier's hand.

No, in her previous life, although she occasionally went online at this time, she did not have the habit of shopping online. It was impossible for her to have her own package?

Jessica looked at her daughter in a daze and thought about receiving it for her, but the courier shook his hand and avoided Jessica.

Seeing this, Irene frowned.

The courier moved very fast and lightly. It was impossible to see it clearly without careful observation. It was impossible for a courier to have such a skill. It seemed that this package was not that simple. Irene didn't feel any danger from the courier, and although the deep eyes of the courier were hard to understand, there was no malice.

At the sight of this, the face of Cassandra suddenly flashed through Irene's mind. Was it him?

"Mommy, I didn't have much breakfast. I'm a little hungry! I want to eat lean meat porridge. Can you buy me some? "

Irene said in a sweet voice, holding Jessica's arm and looking at her like a spoiled child.

Jessica smiled kindly, completely forgetting that she could order food. She picked up her bag and told Irene a few words before she went out.

The courier lowered his head and raised his head. He glanced at Irene undisguisedly, scrutinized and evaluated her.

"Take it back!"

Irene didn't like this kind of feeling. She just wanted to live a happy life and didn't want to seek any stimulation after she was reborn.

Obviously, the courier did not expect such an answer. He could not help frowning, and his deep eyes turned into a cold knife. But when he thought of what his boss had told him before he left, he had to put away his coldness and put on a stiff smile.

"Miss Irene, this is the order from my boss. You must take it."

Then he tore the small package quickly, revealing a delicate jewelry box. He opened the jewelry box, revealing a delicate platinum necklace. There was no extra decoration on the necklace, and only a few pieces of platinum made leaves were decorated on it.

At the sight of the necklace, Irene immediately thought of the bracelet on her wrist.

What did he mean? A gift for saving his life?

She took the jewelry box with one hand and picked up the platinum necklace. She was a little confused.

At this time, her phone rang. It was a strange number. Irene pressed the answer key suspiciously.

"Have you received it?"

It was him, Cassandra.

"What do you mean?"

Irene didn't mean to restrain her voice at all, and her anger was undisguised. Cassandra laughed in a deep and magnetic voice, with a sense of tease.

"Girls usually like gifts from men, don't they?"

Irene rolled her eyes impatiently. She wanted to split through the brain of Cassandra to see if there was any brain in it. How could such an idiot say such words.

"As you said, that's normal. But I'm sorry. I'm just an unusual person. "

Irene clenched her teeth when she said this, but Irene managed to hold back her anger because of the good education she had received from the Zuo family for so many years.

On the other side of the phone, except for the free movement of his hand holding the phone, all the other parts of her body were tightly wrapped in gauze. When he was bored and uncomfortable, he received a call from Irene, who was determined to find out the relationship between him and Irene.

For a moment, all the friends in the room were muted, staring at him like obedient babies.

"Isn't it normal? ha-ha! That's right. When that woman saw the invaluable Bracelet again, she looked like you now, as if I owed you tens of billions as a gift. "

Irene didn't find it strange, but Cassandra's friends was shocked by what she said.

Murphy looked at his brothers who had the same expression as his yesterday and immediately showed an aggrieved expression. He silently complained that what he said was true. Yesterday, he was absolutely not blind. His boss was indeed knocked down by a little girl. Otherwise, would his brother act like such a little daughter-in-law?

On the other side, Irene didn't know what Murphy was thinking at the moment. If she knew it, she would definitely knock on the door and tear up Murphy's mouth.

Irene was gasping for breath, which showed how angry she was.

"Cassandra, I warn you for the last time. Take it back quickly. Otherwise, I don't mind throwing your broken chain directly into the toilet and flushing it into the sewer."

Irene's words were absolutely not frightening. What Cassandra did at this moment made her regret. She wondered if she should have saved him yesterday.

Platinum was very rare at this time, and the price could not be cheap. Besides, looking at the simple but elegant design of the bracelet, Daisy guessed that it must be not cheap. Such a gift was too precious. No matter what the intention of Cassandra was, it was impossible for Irene to take it.

"It's just a gift for keeping the bracelet for me. Wrap this bracelet around your wrist, try not to make my bracelet too obvious."

As he spoke, a cold and murderous look appeared on his face. Although he was talking on the phone, Irene could still feel it clearly from the other side of the phone. Irene was lost in thought. She had only suspected that there was some hidden secret in the bracelet, but now she saw the arrangement of Cassandra, she instantly confirmed that there was a turbulent danger behind the bracelet.

People were selfish, especially when they were in danger. Compared with an unfamiliar stranger, Irene must care about her mother more!

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