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   Chapter 12 The Extraordinary Endurance of Cassandra

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Noticing the twinkle in Cassandra's eyes, Irene turned her head away awkwardly, clenched her fist against her mouth and coughed.

"Ahem! Don't move. Just stay here. "

In order to prevent the wound from getting worse, Irene had to remind him. She was afraid that he would bleed to death by accident.

Seeing that she had wasted a lot of time on her wrist, Irene had to bend down to try not to touch the wound and put the gauze under the waist of Cassandra with difficulty.

Although Irene didn't want to let Cassandra move, she couldn't lift his body because he's so heavy. At last, Cassandra raised his waist slightly without pulling the wound, and then she wrapped the gauze around his waist.

When Irene was about to reach for the gauze on the other end of his body, the door was kicked open. The air froze in an instant, and Irene's action was also frozen.

"Boss, are you okay?"

Before the man could finish his words, he was stunned when he saw the posture of Irene and Cassandra.

What was going on? When did his boss change his taste

His eyes fell on Irene from time to time. Although Irene had been hypnotizing herself, she hoped to ignore it! But such a burning sight was not something that she could ignore by hypnosis.

Irene's face turned cold. She loosened the gauze in her hand and straightened up, taking her bag from the bedside table and taking back her phone from him. She didn't even look at him, as if he didn't exist at all.

What she meant was very clear: she won't serve you anymore.

"I will find a way to get the bracelet back to you!"

After saying that, Irene was about to leave, but her wrist sank. When she turned around, she found that Cassandra had grabbed her wrist.

"I'll leave the bracelet to you. You can give it back when my problem is solved."

Irene rolled her eyes and glared at Cassandra impatiently.

"I'm busy!"

He spit out two words irritably and tried to get rid of his hand, but failed. On the contrary, he pulled her more and more tightly.

She turned to look at Cassandra, and a coquettish smile appeared on his face. He opened his sexy thin lips slightly and took a charming look at Irene. His eyes were no longer deep, but full of charm.

Such an enchanting man made Irene feel a chill for no reason. If she hadn't been in the hands of Cassandra, she would have slapped the man in front of her.

He was not a good person at all. Why was he still here?

"Cassandra, my name!"

Irene frowned. She didn't seem to ask. Moreover, she planned to stay away from this guy as far as she could after returning the bracelet. What did he mean now?

Irene had a bad feeling and looked at Cassandra suspiciously.

Murphy, who had been standing at the door for a long time, almost dropped his chin. When did he see his boss like this? In front of his brothers, his boss was calm, and in the gang, he was cold, but he had never seen such a charming boss.

Irene took a look at Cassandra with doubt in her minds, and final

ly withdrew her wrist from Cassandra's hand. Without looking at Murphy, she ran out quickly.

Murphy took a look at it and thought, 'is this the so-called fleeing of being spotted?'? The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was true. Murphy smiled ambiguously and lifted his foot, ready to tease his boss.

He opened his mouth and swallowed the gossip that had just come to his mouth subconsciously when he saw the cold handsome face of Cassandra.

"Ahem! Boss, the environment here is so bad. Why don't you go to my place? No matter what, my place is clean. "

It was not only clean, but also the most luxurious villa in the army base!

Murphy's flattery didn't get the attention of Cassandra, and he even got disgusted.

"Forget it. Your place is dirtier."

The frequency of Murphy changing women was comparable to turning a book, and there were countless women who had lived in Murphy's villa. There was no doubt that Cassandra didn't like women, and he wouldn't go there.

Hearing this, Murphy shrugged his shoulders and looked at the serious look on Cassandra's face. He stopped being cynical and looked at Cassandra seriously.

"The man behind it hid well. This time, there is no trace left. They had checked the old woman and found nothing unusual. She was still fighting abroad. As for Jacky, he didn't do anything either. "

Murphy also looked serious. Although he knew that his boss was often assassinated since he knew him, he could solve it calmly every time, even though he was only a high school student at that time. As time went by, Cassandra's skills became more unfathomable. But this time, he was seriously injured without being found any clues by his brothers. The risk of this person could be imagined.

If they didn't solve the problem, their boss would live in the time bomb every day and might be blown to pieces at any time.

"Is my life so easy to take? Do you think he can succeed without any sacrifices? "

He sat up gently. The white gauze on his chest was dyed red, but he didn't seem to feel it. His deep eyes were half closed dangerously, and the cold smile at the corners of his mouth made people feel frightened.

Anyone who was familiar with him knew that this expression was the omen of his killing intent.

"Prepare the helicopter. Let's go back."

Looking at the pitiful bright red chest of Cassandra, Murphy sighed helplessly. Murphy knew his boss's stubbornness very well. In order to reduce the bleeding of Cassandra, he had to arrange everything as soon as possible.

Murphy took the helicopter to his villa and left with Cassandra. At the same time, Irene returned to the villa of Jessica.

Jessica was so sad that she kept muttering how long it took to buy a bra than to make it on the spot.

Irene didn't want Jessica to worry about her, so she had to lie that she was greedy. She went to the snack bar on the opposite street of her apartment and ate something, which helped her escape from the endless chatter.

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