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   Chapter 11 Disinfectant And Alcohol

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After making up his mind, Cassandra changed into another person all of a sudden, with an indescribable domineering aura around him, just like an ancient king, making people dare not look straight at him, let alone disobey him.


The two cold words were emotionless. This is not the same man Irene saw for the first time, who was cold and evil, even a bloodthirsty look appeared under his cover.

This time, Irene didn't resist. Instead, she obediently put her phone in the hand of Cassandra, picked up the dirty water full of blood and went into the bathroom.

He unlocked the screen. Although his aura didn't change, when he saw the little figure of Irene, his eyes flashed with warmth.

Irene hid herself well. Although she looked like a docile little girl from behind, the strength of her steps clearly showed that she was extremely unhappy with Cassandra. Cassandra had already seen all the subtle expressions on her face.


There was only one word on the screen. Since he was not sure if there was someone beside him, he could not say anything more. He had to wait quietly.

Irene didn't come out until she heard no sound outside the bathroom.

When she was in the bathroom just now, she had tried many times, but she couldn't take off the bracelet. Her wrist was bleeding and it was burning.

Seeing that Irene was looking at her swollen wrist with a scowling face, Cassandra was intrigued.

It was the first time that a girl had seen such a miserable look on a delicate jewelry. He was in a good mood and even forgot the wound on his body. He chuckled.

The smile didn't matter. It pulled the wound that was not covered with gauze. The wound burst again and began to bleed. As soon as Irene raised her head, she saw the scene that almost made her mad.

"Hahaha! Please find a place far away from me if you don't want to live. "

Irene was furious. She had spent both money and strength to get this guy back, but he didn't appreciate it at all.

Irene looked like a little girl who hadn't grown up. She looked cute and attractive.

"If I keep looking at you, I'm afraid I'll really die."

Although Irene's attitude could not be described as bad, in Irene's eyes, Cassandra saw the heartache and worry hidden in anger, and an unknown emotion quietly emerged in his heart.

Irene was not in the mood to be angry anymore. She had to take the cotton bud to touch the empty bottle with the disinfectant.

There was a small private clinic downstairs the hotel, because it was aimed at the low-cost people and often lacked goods. Maybe it was because of her bad luck that she only had half a bottle of disinfectant and used up the gauze just now.

"You got lucky. The disinfectant is gone! Only a little alcohol. I don't know if you can... "

Irene was in a dilemma. She could imagine the pain even without experiencing it herself. But she had been out for such a long time. If she went to another pharmacy to buy disinfectant, she might not be able to come back in a while.

Without a frown, Cassandra suddenly held Irene's hesitant hand with her cold b

ut powerful hand, with indifference in his cold eyes.

"Let's begin!"

Irene gritted her teeth and forced herself to get rid of the fear in her heart. She opened the bottle of alcohol and the cotton swayed with the alcohol. Her arms were trembling.

At this moment of hesitation, a big drop of cold alcohol dripped from the cotton soaked in alcohol. Irene could feel the big hand on her wrist tightened, but the expression on Cassandra's face didn't change at all. If it weren't for the extremely hard hand on her wrist, she would even feel as if nothing had happened.

The hand holding Irene's wrist tightened, and he hinted Irene to continue.

This time, it seemed that Cassandra clenched his teeth, and Irene didn't even feel anything unusual on her wrist.

'oh my God! What kind of person is this man? He could endure this. His endurance was as good as that of a turtle!

What Irene didn't know was that he had been injured since his parents passed away ten years ago because of his hard practice in all aspects. The reason why she was hurt by a drop of alcohol was just an accident without mental preparation.

Irene knew that Cassandra was going to put up with it, so she didn't hesitate even though her hands and legs were trembling. It was better to have a short pain than a long pain. It was clear that the wound on her chest, which was ten centimeters long and turned over, was finally disinfected by Irene gritting her teeth.

After the hemostatic was applied, Irene took a deep breath. It didn't take long, about ten minutes, but Irene felt as if a century had passed, and the clothes on her back had been stuck to her back. She felt terrible. She really wanted to go back to her Mommy's apartment right away and have a nice bubble bath.

At the thought of this, Irene took out the gauze with a smile and was ready to bandage the wound.

As soon as Irene stretched out her hand, she stopped.

Just now, she was worried about the injury of Cassandra, so she didn't look at it carefully and didn't think about whether it was inconvenient. Now Irene calmed down and found out the problem.

It seemed that the man in front of her could not even sit up or turn over now. Then how could she wrap the gauze around her body! And the most important thing was that this man looked very thin. She didn't expect him to have such a good figure, and his chest and abdominal muscles were not less than one piece. Maybe it was because he didn't bask in the sun for a long time, his fair skin made Irene jealous, of course, on the premise of ignoring the scars of various sizes on his body.

Looking at the rich facial expressions of the girl who was bending down in front of him and looking at his tangled chest, the corners of Cassandra's mouth twitched subconsciously.

Isn't it easy for a teenage girl to be shy? Why was the girl in front of him so unique? She was completely immersed in her own world and just looked at him unscrupulously, completely ignoring the eyes of the chest owner.

Cassandra was never a sentimental man, but he couldn't help dodging Irene's naked gaze.

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