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   Chapter 10 Take Care Of Him

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Fortunately, he was wearing a black windbreaker. Even if it was stained with blood, he didn't look very eye-catching.

It was not easy for Irene to help Cassandra Mo walk to the roadside. Although it was only about thirty meters away, Irene felt powerless as if she had run a marathon.

Irene carefully put the man under the streetlight, and stopped a taxi, gasping for breath. With the help of the driver, she finally helped the "drunk" man get into the taxi.

Although the hotel was not far from the apartment, Irene was not confident that she could transport Cassandra to the hotel when she was still gasping for breath, so she had to do so.

After paying double of the taxi fare, the driver even helped her carrying Cassandra to the hotel room. Fortunately, Jessica felt sorry for Irene and gave her a credit card of fifty thousand dollars so that Irene could buy her favorite daily necessities.

Although Jessica's life was not very rich, it was not easy for her daughter who had been separated for so many years to come back to her side. Even though it was only temporary, she still wanted to love Irene as much as possible.

After sending Cassandra to the hotel room, Irene asked the waiter to buy some hemostatic, anti-inflammatory drugs, disinfectant and gauze.

With the medicine sent by the waiter, Irene returned to the side of Cassandra. In the light, the face of Cassandra, with a little dust in the alley, came into the eyes of Irene.

What happened? It had only been a few days since they last met. How could such a dangerous man end up in such a mess?

Irene looked at him in confusion, put the medicine on the bedside and took a pair of scissors from the waiter.

When she was outside the alley, she didn't look carefully. She only saw a large area of darkness on his chest and several holes in his arms. Under the light of the bedside lamp, Irene looked at Cassandra carefully and found that she had no idea what to do. The black windbreaker on him was almost covered with dark dried blood marks.

Seeing Cassandra like this, Irene's heart softened.

In this case, the injury must be bad, but the man in front of her did not die. He was just in a coma. It could be seen how tenacious his desire for survival was!

She gently unbuttoned the buttons on his chest. The moment his collar slid down, she saw the dark red blood that had already dried up but covered her white shirt.

Although Irene had been mentally prepared, when she cut off all the black windbreaker of Cassandra, the shirt that covered with blood exposed, and she was still greatly shocked.

She didn't know when the wound appeared. It seemed that it had been treated in an emergency. When the shirt on his chest was removed, she could see the gauze that was still bleeding, although it was dry. As for his arm, it was no longer bleeding, but it festered and had some signs of infection.

Irene had a headache. She couldn't save such a serious patient only by herself without professional treatment!

It took more than half an hour for Irene to cut his clothes. In addition, the disinfectant fluid and gauze were used to remove the gauze that had been tightly stuck to his chest. It took more than an hour. Perhaps the anti-inflammatory dru

gs that she had fed him earlier worked, or perhaps he woke up because of the pain of the pulled wound, Cassandra took a deep breath and woke up slowly. But it seemed that it was very difficult to open his eyes, so he could only squint.

"Are you awake? Don't talk now. Drink some water. "

It was obvious that Cassandra had lost too much blood, so Irene asked the waiter to make a cup of hot sugar water.

After drinking the warm sugar water, he felt warm in his stomach and his dry throat felt better.

Cassandra was not a fool. He didn't ask where he was Or why didn't he die or something like that. He just quietly looked at the girl who made him feel unbelievable again.

"Do you have any plan? I've been out for a long time. My family has urged me several times. I can't stay here to take care of you all the time! If it's convenient, I can help you contact your family, OK? "

This was the best way. After all, Irene didn't want her family to be implicated because of an irrelevant person. What was wrong with Cassandra? He was full of danger. She had known this since she first met him.

Raising her eyebrows wickedly, Cassandra smiled.

It had to be said that the beautiful face of the Cassandra was really very destructive. Even Irene, who had decided to isolate herself from men, could not help but be stunned.

After a moment's daze, she came back to her senses and looked directly into the joking eyes of Cassandra. A blush appeared on Irene's face, and she felt more and more disappointed at herself.

"Ahem! It's useless to look at me like this! And your bracelet is here! Why can't I take it down?"

Irene wanted to ease her embarrassment by returning the bracelet, but she didn't know what was wrong with the bracelet and the buckle couldn't be opened anyway.

Looking at the white and red marks under the bracelet that was constantly pulled by Irene, with a flash of his eyes, a hand held Irene's hand that was holding the bracelet.

"Well, if you pull it down again, your wrist will be broken. Do you think this bracelet is a little ornament for girls to play with? It's made of a special material. You can't take it down even with a chopper now, let alone your boneless hand. "

The bracelet was the treasure of his grandfather, his family had never seen it except his grandfather. If it hadn't been for the accident of his grandfather, Cassandra wouldn't have known the existence of the bracelet. After the bracelet was in the hand of Cassandra, he was chased by someone before he could put it away. He almost lost it several times along the way.

To her surprise, the bracelet was not damaged at all, not even a scratch.

Irene's face darkened at his words. She frowned.

"How come? It's not an ordinary thing at first glance. It can't stay with me all the time? "

Upon hearing this, a light flashed in Cassandra's eyes. His grandfather's last words repeatedly reminded him to protect the bracelet.

Although he didn't understand what his grandfather meant, it was obvious that the news that the bracelet was in his hand had been targeted by someone in the dark. If the bracelet was embellished

Thinking of this, Cassandra's pale face suddenly brightened up, even more dazzling in the light.

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