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   Chapter 8 Stay With Mommy

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Irene and Jessica were very happy, but Lydia was burning with anger.

"Tom, I don't think it's a good idea? Let Irene go home. I can take care of Irene these days. Besides, Tia will come back from school to keep her company. She won't be lonely, will she? "

Lydia gave an enchanting smile, which made Tom's blood boil. He subconsciously wanted to meet her requirements.

With a cold smile at the corners of her mouth, Irene struggled to stand up from Jessica's arms, staggered into Tom's arms and forcefully knocked Lydia out.

"Daddy, you are so kind! Thank you! "

When she said this, there was a happy expression on Irene's face.

Irene disdained to act like a spoiled child, especially for her father who had never cared about her. But this time, Irene was very satisfied with Tom's concession. Such an action meant that Tom still had her in his heart.

This discovery made Irene's cold heart a little warm.

She looked away and saw Lydia sitting next to her. Irene raised her eyebrows imperceptibly.

Lydia, don't you want to force me to leave and get the shares in my hands? I won't let you get what you want.

Tom was stunned by the sudden hug of Irene, and his arms were stiff on both sides of his body. For his daughter's estrangement, Tom had long forgotten when the last time they were close. In the face of such intimacy, Tom was somewhat at a loss.

Jessica didn't expect this as well. She just stare at her daughter who suddenly felt a little strange.

How Lydia wished she could pounce on Irene and bite her to death. But for her image she had managed for so many years, she had no choice but to grit her teeth and swallow it back.


Lydia cried out painfully, trying to draw Tom's attention back.

As expected, Tom woke up, but he couldn't just push away his daughter who was rarely close to him now.

"Okay, okay, Irene. It's getting late. Mommy needs to go back and get ready. Let's go first

Jessica looked at Lydia on the ground and pulled her daughter.

Irene wanted to leave a long time ago, but she didn't want to make Lydia happy.

Irene stepped out of Tom's arms and talked with him for a while. Then, Jessica found a taxi and the two of them left.

Lydia's eyes had never left the direction of the taxi which had disappeared, as if she was looking at her mortal enemies.

Irene followed Jessica to her apartment. Jessica used to be a noble lady and became a rich woman after marrying Tom, she didn't do much housework except cooking.

But after the divorce, Jessica picked up the housework. Now there was nothing else she couldn't do.

After Irene entered her room, Jessica immediately asked Irene to have a rest, and she went to the supermarket not far from the apartment to buy some living goods and vegetables.

Irene didn't have a rest. She pulled up her sleeves and looked at the chic bracelet on her wrist. Then she dialed the number of Cassandra again. The phone was still powered off. Seeing that, Irene sent a message to tell him that she had found the bracelet.

The first day passed quickly under the careful c

are of Jessica. On the second day, Jessica still wanted to take care of Irene at home, but Irene refused.

"Mommy, I'm not a child anymore. You don't have to take care of me like this every day. How about this? We go to buy a hat and cover the gauze on the head later. Then we go to your shop together! I haven't seen what Mommy's shop looks like yet. "

Under the persuasion of Irene, Jessica had no choice but to surrender. She "armed" Irene, and the mother and daughter went to the shop.

Jessica's shop was still very quiet. After resting for so many days, those only regular customers also went to another jewelry shop because they didn't want to wait.

Looking at the frown on Jessica's face, Irene couldn't help but think of the end of her last life when Jessica closed her shop.

"Mommy, where did our jade come from? Do you buy them at a high price or? "

Jessica gently rubbed Irene's head and smiled.

"Lydia has grown up and she knows how to care about mommy's business. In fact, most of the jade ornaments in Mommy's shop are made from the jade of the stone gamblers. And a small part is sold to mommy at a low price by mommy's good friend. "

The reason why Jessica opened this jewelry store was because of her interest. But when she started the business, she realized that she was too naive. Without a fixed supply of stones, she could only buy some from others occasionally. It was not only a high cost, but also a drop in the bucket. It did not work at all.

Thinking of this, Irene was lost in her memory.

She remembered that in her previous life, her mother often accompanied her father to attend gambling stones. As the future daughter-in-law of the Zuo family, of course, Irene would go with them. After so many years of practice, Irene couldn't be accurate, but she could bet several times.

"Mommy, I remember there is a stone gambling party these days, right? How about we go together? "

In her previous life, it was the Zuo family who took her to the party, but because of Tia's begging, Irene was softhearted and agreed to take Tia with her. At that party, Tia was so lucky that she got a priceless stone. Because of this, she attracted a lot of applause at the party.

But Tia had never touched the stone, so she didn't know. Because Aunt Zuo liked Irene, she bought two stones which were twenty thousand and ten thousand respectively, but she couldn't get anything out at last. Irene had been depressed for a long time because of this matter.

Jessica hesitated. She hadn't attended those parties since they divorced. Now she was suddenly asked to attend a banquet that might meet her ex-husband, and Jessica still felt uncomfortable.

Seeing the hesitation of Jessica, Irene's eyes darkened.

The once domineering daughter of a rich family had lost her dazzling light because of a failed marriage. Irene felt heartbroken.

"Mommy, let's go! I've never been to such a party. It must be interesting. "

The party was invited according to the status, and it was impossible for Jessica to get the invitation according to her current status.

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