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   Chapter 7 Change Of Attitude

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Being stared at by Irene, Tom felt as if he was standing on the back of a knife. He couldn't help but take a step back.

Lydia was also surprised. She suddenly realized that Irene seemed to be different, but she couldn't tell what was different. But she just gave up the chance to drive away Irene. Lydia couldn't accept it. She felt like her chest was pressed by something and she was suffocated to death.

"Irene! You can't say that. Your marriage with the Mr. Jerry has been a hot topic recently. If you cancel it like this, how can your father face others? Our An group is a big company after all. Does it become a laughing stock? "

Lydia said, pretending to be considerate. She implied that Irene was willful, completely ignoring Tom's stand. Speaking of something that seemed to be conscious in the end, she could only blink her eyes full of aggrieved tears and looked at Irene.

Tom felt uncomfortable because of Irene's strange attitude. Now when he heard what Lydia said, he felt that Irene was getting more and more unreasonable.

"I don't care what you are thinking. You have to remember that you are my daughter, and you must listen to my arrangement!" said Tom! Otherwise, from now on, you can't take a penny from me. "

Tom knew very well that although Jessica seemed to be doing well on the surface, she was nothing compared with An group, which was a big company. So as long as a person had a brain, he would definitely choose the big one over the small one without hesitation.

Looking at the arrogant look of Tom, Irene sneered disdainfully.

"Since daddy said so, I have nothing to say! I choose to give up everything in An Group, which means that I don't have to listen to you anymore! "

In fact, Irene really wanted to cry out and see what expression would show on Tom's face.

Seeing the scheme in Lydia's eyes, Irene hid her emotions and her eyes were gradually filled with tears.

In her previous life, if Tom was so rude to her, Irene would definitely throw things and leave with disdain. But things were different now. How could Irene be so stupid to jump into the trap of Lydia.

"Daddy, don't you want Irene?"

As soon as she finished her words, Irene's frail little body shook. If it weren't for the fact that Jessica held Irene's body, Irene would have fallen down the stairs.

Tom was also startled. He didn't expect his daughter to be so weak that she would faint in just a few words.

Irene's eyes were blurred with tears, and her face became paler and paler. Her voice was trembling.

"Daddy, please don't abandon me. I'm a good girl. I can do anything. Irene can cook for you, wash your clothes and wash your feet, as long as daddy doesn't drive me away. "

Now it was the right time to visit the patients in the hospital, so there were more and more people at the gate of the hospital. Listening to the trembling voice and pale face of Irene, everyone looked at Jessica, who was holding Irene and crying heartbrokenly, and soon understood what was going on.

Since ancient times, few stepmothers had been kind-hearted and selfless. The hidden fiercenes

s behind them was self-evident. Everyone's disdain, disgust, and even reproachful eyes were fixed on Tom and Lydia.

Seeing her daughter like this, Jessica's heart was almost torn apart. She looked at the man in front of her with beseeching eyes, who she had given up everything and wanted to be with.

"Tom, you know what kind of life Lydia has lived in the past few years. Look at Tia, and then look at your own daughter. Don't you feel sorry for your daughter? Anyway, Irene is your own daughter! Irene had a car accident, but there was no one to take care of her. At least the Zuo family knew to visit Lydia, but what about you? Touch your conscience and ask yourself, do you deserve to be a father of a child? "

Jessica became more and more agitated, as if she was going to pour out all the grievances in the past few years, and every word was full of unwillingness and regret.

She was unwilling to lose the right to raise her daughter. She regretted falling in love with such a heartless man, hurting herself and her only daughter.

Looking at the woman who always had a good memory, like a snow lotus on the mountain, she was now in a mess. The beautiful face in her memory had aged so much.

Jessica was four years younger than Tom, but now she looked much older than him.

Tom felt a little guilty. He couldn't resist the temptation and had an affair with Lydia in secret. In other words, he felt sorry for his ex-wife.

At that time, Tom had also struggled in his heart, but Jessica was too arrogant, which made Tom feel a sense of distance. Gradually, the sense of distance turned into boredom. In addition, with the means of Lydia, Tom decisively chose to divorce.

The guilt in Tom's eyes infuriated Lydia.

'damn it! You bitch! You are old enough, but you don't look in the mirror. How dare you come here to pretend to be pitiful, to win sympathy, and to dream. '.

"What are you talking about? It sounds like you are blaming Tom! He worked so hard in the company every day. You can't say that to him. It makes Irene hate her father, doesn't it? "

After sobbing for a while, Lydia looked very distressed. She held Tom's arm as if she had suffered a lot.

The coldness in Irene's eyes flashed, and with a whine, the anger that had just risen in Tom was extinguished a lot.

"Daddy, I miss Mommy. Mommy has been taking care of me these days. Only in this way can I recover so soon. Irene can promise that I will go home as soon as I get better, okay? "

Irene had been lukewarm towards Tom since he divorced Jessica. Sometimes, she even spoke in a cold tone. Therefore, it was the first time that he had seen Irene spoke in such a soft voice.

Hearing this, Jessica looked at Tom with expectation. After all, Irene was still under age, and Tom was her guardian. Without the guardian's permission, Jessica couldn't force Irene back. She could only place her hope on Tom.

Looking at the mother and daughter's pleading and expectant eyes, Tom nodded stiffly.

Seeing that Tom nodded her head, Jessica cried with joy. It was rare for Irene to show a satisfied smile to Tom.

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