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   Chapter 6 The Unscrupulous Father Shows Up

Beauty's Rebirth: Take Control Of Destiny By Duwu Qingyang Characters: 6280

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"It's so strange!"

Irene muttered discontentedly and patted her chest with lingering fear.

Irene didn't like the feeling of being controlled by others, but she had to bear it. She was too weak currently to be a match for the strange man just now.

After the shocking moment, the room returned to peace again. Lying quietly on the bed, Irene gently raised her injured arm and looked at the dazzling bright red in the sunlight.

"I'm reborn! I'm really reborn! Jerry, Tia! In the previous life, you used my humbleness to achieve your glory. In this life, I will let you live in a dark corner and look at me, Irene, become more and more brilliant day by day. "

After Jessica came back, Irene asked about the bracelet. It turned out that she really had a blue crystal bracelet on her wrist when she had a car accident. But later, in order to deal with the wound conveniently, the nurse kept it for her.

Looking at the bracelet on her wrist from Jessica, Irene was a little surprised.

Although the bracelet wasn't priceless, it was absolutely of high quality. Even though she had seen so many jewelry in her previous life, Irene had never seen such a delicate and unique bracelet.

After appreciating for a while, Irene fell asleep. The injury on her body made her feel very uncomfortable and dizzy.

On the second day, in order to cut off the contact with the dangerous man, Irene found an excuse to send away Jessica. She took out her phone and was about to contact with the man, but no one answered. At last, his phone was powered off.

"It's strange. Is it out of power?"

Hearing the unchanged voice on the phone, Irene pressed the hang up button.

"Irene, are you ready?"

Jessica had been staying in the hospital for three whole days. In order not to make her sick, for the first time, Irene was willful and forced to leave the hospital. Moreover, she wanted to live in her shop after leaving the hospital.

After Jessica divorced and failed to grab the custody of her child, she put all her heart on the jewelry store. Although there was a small but high-end house, Jessica thought it was not a home without her family, so she lived in the shop.

"Okay, Mommy! Let's go! "

With the help of Jessica and the nurse, Irene walked out of the hospital on crutches.

As soon as she arrived at the gate of the hospital, she saw the last people Irene wanted to see in her life.

"Jessica! Where are you taking my daughter! Let me tell you, our daughter is mine, and you have no right to take her away! "

A roar came from the front, accompanied by the sound of the car door slamming. With a big belly, Tom glared at Jessica and said fiercely.

"Yes, that's true, sister Jessica. Wasn't the custody of Irene given to Tom by the court? What are you doing now? "

There was no wrinkle on Lydia's well maintained face, and the tight black dress outlined her good figure perfectly. In contrast, Jessica's simple flaxen suit and short skirt were much inferior. In addition, she had been taken good care of Irene for three days, which made her look more haggard.

Looking at Jessica's darkened face, Lyd

ia provocatively winked her long and narrow eyes and raised her chin, which showed that she didn't take Jessica seriously at all. Just like the expression on Jessica's face when Tom brazenly brought Lydia to her and asked for a divorce.

Irene's face was cold, and her eyes were burning with anger. She stood aside and blocked Jessica. Looking at the disgusting expression of Lydia, Irene's heart was stirred up.

What mattered most to Lydia was the glory and money brought by her daughter and the title of being the wife of the CEO of An group. Although Jessica disdained to care about these at that time, when Irene saw that Lydia should show off something that belonged to her mother in front of her mother, she absolutely didn't allow it.

"I'm going to Mommy's place. With you, I don't know where I will be sent to tomorrow. I'd rather live with mommy."

Irene was not afraid of Lydia's sharp eyes. She stared at Tom and rebuked him harshly. Her petite body stood against the wind. Compared with Tia's curvaceous figure, Irene was as thin as a piece of wood. Irene raised her chin proudly. The bloody gauze above her head was redder in the sun, and her pale face was completely bloodless.

Tom was stunned. For the first time, he looked at his daughter who had always been silent with her head down.

Irene always looked down upon Tom, so Tom didn't like her. What's more, Lydia and Tia instigated him from time to time, so Tom ignored his daughter, Irene. But after all, she was his biological daughter, with his blood flowing on her body. Looking at his daughter who seemed to be blown away by the wind at any time, Tom felt a little sorry for her.

Seeing the pity in Tom's eyes, Lydia frowned and sneered.

"Irene, how can you talk to your daddy like that? It wasn't your daddy who decided the engagement. How could you blame him? "

It seemed that Lydia was defending Tom, but in fact, she was trying to sow dissension between Irene and Jessica. That was exactly what Lydia and her daughter Tia were good at in the previous life. They always destroyed her relationship with Tom and Jessica without anyone noticing. That's why she had been betrayed by many people, and even had no relatives who spoke for her.

"Yes, aunt Lydia is right. Mommy made the engagement for me. It has nothing to do with anyone else. Therefore, no one has the right to make an opinion on the cancelation of the marriage, right? "

Hearing Irene's words, both Tom and Lydia were stunned.

This marriage was beneficial to Tom, so Tom couldn't wait to send Irene to the Zuo family.

Upon hearing this, Tom's pity for Irene disappeared.

"Cancel it? Do you know what you are talking about? "

Tom frowned and glared at Irene.

Irene's face darkened. She cast a cold and alienated glance at Tom.

Being stared at by Irene, Tom felt as if he was standing on the back of a knife. He couldn't help but take a step back.

Lydia was also surprised. She suddenly realized that Irene seemed to be different, but she couldn't tell what was different. But she just gave up the chance to drive away Irene. She couldn't accept it.

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