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   Chapter 5 An Ambiguous Relationship

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In her previous life, Irene saw a man's hypocrisy, so she instinctively hated and resisted men. Therefore, Irene turned her face away subconsciously to avoid such a close contact with Cassius.

The light smell of tobacco from Cassius's breath fell on the bare neck of Irene, which made her shiver. Such a posture and the atmosphere were too ambiguous, and it was inevitable for Irene to feel disgusted. Her face inevitably turned unnatural red. She didn't know if it was because of shyness or anger.

Knowing that she couldn't beat Cassius, Irene opened her mouth and bit his arm.

Although he was good at martial arts, he didn't expect a sick girl like her to do such a thing and forgot to react for a moment.

It seemed that Cassius was thin, but his muscles were very strong. When Irene took a bite, she gritted her teeth and couldn't help but feel sour in her eyes.

"Does it taste good?"

Cassius straightened up, turned around and sat on the sofa beside the bed with a smile on his face. It seemed that he was not the one who was bitten by Irene just now, and the pain had never appeared on his body.

"Just laugh Bah! Bah! I don't know what you are made of. It's so disgusting. "

Disdain was written all over Irene's face. She kept spitting and rubbing her aching cheek.

"That's enough. Tell me, who the hell are you?"

Irene took the warm water from the bedside table and rinsed her mouth. Although the gauze on her arm had shown a shocking red color. But Irene moved her arm as if nothing had happened.

This perseverance surprised Cassius. He looked at Irene with unusual light in his eyes, but this light flashed so fast that even Cassius himself did not notice it.

"It's really unbelievable to say that you are a spoiled daughter of a rich family!"

Putting away his lazy posture, Cassius sat upright on the sofa and looked around Irene inquisitively.

"It's not strange. To put it more bluntly, I'm the oldest daughter of the An group. In fact, I'm just a poor woman who is suppressed by my stepmother and stepsister! But that was the past! From now on, the poor Irene has died. Here is the new Irene. No one can bully her. "

Irene cast a cold glance at Cassius and warned him.

It was the first time that Cassius had been warned by someone since he was a child, and the owner of the warning was a young girl.

Although Irene looked very embarrassed, when she said this, she seemed to emit a dazzling halo, which made her a completely different person.

"It's good to have courage, but should we study the grudge between us?"


Irene was confused. She had almost forgotten what happened during the car accident. She really couldn't remember the man called Cassius.

"Grudges? How do you want to solve it? Just tell me. "

Irene threw this question to Cassius

. He raised his eyebrows and gave Irene a defiant look.

"It's very simple. Give it to me!"

It? I don't remember it at all!

Irene frowned and didn't know what on earth Cassius was talking about.

"I don't know what it is. Look, I'm a patient who has just survived from a car accident. I'm still in a state of shock. How can I remember those messy things? "

Irene lied with her eyes wide open, hoping to muddle through.

All of a sudden, Cassius stood up, emitting a coquettish blue light under the dazzling light. His aura instantly changed, and even the temperature in the room dropped.

Irene was a little scared when she saw the look on Cassius's face. She swallowed hard and covered her heart subconsciously.

Now, Cassius was like a devil from hell, with an evil and attractive smile on the corner of his mouth. Although he was smiling, it made people feel a chill.

"I'm telling the truth. I have been too busy these days to think about anything else. I just lived in a daze, so I had a car accident."

Irene explained anxiously. She believed that her life would be over if she couldn't give a satisfactory reply to him.

"Do you need me to remind you?"

As he approached Irene step by step, she felt as if her chest was pressed by something, heavier and heavier.

"Just tell me what it is. I'll return it to you."

Hearing that, Cassius stopped his steps and resumed his cynicism. It was not until then that Irene felt relieved and gasped for air with her mouth wide open.

"Didn't you hit me before the car accident? Where was the bracelet I wore on your hand at that time? "

Irene was stunned and tried to recall the car accident.

Reminded by the words of Cassius, Irene finally remembered that it seemed to be true, but she didn't remember the specific details. And if she remembered correctly, she had never seen the man in front of her before! When she was injured, Aunt Zuo and Jerry felt guilty, so after she woke up, she immediately moved into the Zuo family. Her daily life was handled by the private doctor there. Was there anything that she had ignored at that time?

"I don't know about the bracelet. Maybe the nurse gave it to Mommy when I entered the hospital! I'll ask Mommy when she comes back. "

Seeing that Irene didn't show any signs of lying, Cassius didn't push her any more. Instead, she grabbed Irene's phone and clicked on it with his slender finger. Then a melodious piano sound came from him.

"There is my phone number in the record. Remember to call me no matter you find it or not. Otherwise, you can't bear the consequences."

As soon as he finished speaking, the phone arced into the arms of Irene. When Irene looked up again, there was no figure of Cassius in the room, only the gauze curtain in front of the window constantly fluttering.

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