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   Chapter 3 Engagement Cancelled And A New Godmother!

Beauty's Rebirth: Take Control Of Destiny By Duwu Qingyang Characters: 6036

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Irene knew that Joan was kind-hearted, so she mentioned her injury to ensure punishment for Jerry.

"Joan, it's probably not the time to talk about this right now, but your son doesn't like Irene. Just look at my daughter. And love can't be forced, can it? It's better to end this now rather than see them unhappy in the future."

Jessica appealed to Joan with tears in her eyes. She stroked Irene's gaunt face with her trembling hands.

Joan was unhappy to hear this. She liked Irene, who was a quiet but sensible girl, from the bottom of her heart.

"We can't do that! Honestly, Jerry is a good boy, but he is a little stubborn and doesn't like to be controlled. And Irene is adorable. I'm sure he will be nice to her henceforth! And I will treat Irene like my daughter. So, Jessica, this marriage... "

pleaded Joan, clutching Jessica's hand. The look of sincerity in her eyes almost melted her heart.

Admittedly, she was touched by Joan's words, but she couldn't change her decision as Irene's fate was at stake.

"Aunt Zuo, I'm sorry! I, I can't marry him. Although I don't hold a place in Daddy's heart, I still have my Mommy. I'm not a wild child with nobody to look out for me or love me!"

Before the car accident, Irene had stormed out of Jerry's house after his nasty comments hurt her deeply, leaving no hope for reconciliation.

Irene's words ruined the glimmer of hope Joan was trying to get from Jessica.

Feeling ashamed, Joan lowered her head. She knew she was in the wrong and couldn't make excuses for it this time.

"Irene, it's not like that..."

Irene struggled to sit up, causing strain on her wound in the process. Immediately, her face turned ashen and she winced in pain.

"What are you doing? Your wounds haven't healed yet. Don't move!"

Jessica gently reprimanded her daughter. Joan also looked worried.

"Marrying into the Zuo family is not the only way for me to be your daughter. If you don't mind, you can be my godmother."

Smiling bitterly through the pain, Irene leaned against her mother.

When Joan realized that both mother and daughter were adamant about breaking off the engagement, she was devastated. Being Jessica's close friend for more than 10 years, she knew that once Jessica made up her mind, no one could change it. What was more, Irene was hurt physically and emotionally this time.

Tia's lips were sealed from the moment Joan had entered the room. She didn't dare to say anything as Joan despised her and her mother ever since Lydia shamelessly swooped in on Jessica's husband. And when Joan learned that Tom didn't care about his daughter as much as he did Tia, it made her even less fond of Tia.

Tia had pinned all her hopes on Jerry. She was desperate to marry into a rich family and get rid of the tag of stepdaughter, which was stuck on her for the past ten years! Now, seeing that Jerry's and Irene's marriage was about to end, she was anxious.

Tia had first laid eyes on Jerry when Tom had sent Irene to the Zuo fam

ily house. She was instantly fascinated by the handsome stud.

At that moment, Tia regretted instigating Tom to send Irene to the Zuo family.

Tia told her mother that she didn't want Irene to marry him, but how could Lydia agree? So she had no choice but to let Tia in on her grand scheme.

This arrangement was not what it appeared on the surface. After all, how would Lydia be so kind as to find Irene such a good family?

It turned out that Irene was Tom's only legitimate heir, and she alone held many shares. Lydia was not to be defeated. When she knew that Irene and Jerry were engaged when they were not even born, she began to hatch a plan.

Lydia's goal was to keep Irene away from Tom right from the beginning. Then both mother and daughter would sow dissension between them so that Tom would completely forget the existence of his biological daughter and transfer all the shares and the property to the evil duo.

However, the accident changed all that. Tia had always been vain. When boys tried to flirt with her, she turned her nose up at them. But it was different this time. Tia fell in love with Jerry at first sight and she was certain that he was the one for her. Tia begged her mother to do something to help her win over Jerry. Lydia had to change her strategy and put her mind on Irene and Jerry's marriage. This was the reason behind all the hatred directed at Irene in her previous life.

"Irene, I can't force you. After all, your happiness is at stake. Although I can't be your mother-in-law, I guess the next best thing is to be your godmother,"

said Joan with an affectionate smile.

Irene felt relieved and warmly smiled back.

She glanced at the clock on the wall. There was still five minutes left before Jerry came.

Irene pretended to yawn.

"Irene, you must be sleepy. Take your medicine and sleep well! I'll bring some delicious food for you next time,"

Joan promised and stood up to leave.

Tia, who was standing at the door, panicked when Joan passed her. She was thankful to her mother for training her to pretend to be calm.

"Irene needs to rest now. Get out!"

Jessica had always been straightforward. This was also the reason Tom chose a single mother instead of someone from a famous family when he decided to remarry.

Tia's face fell and she looked at Irene for help.

In her previous life, Irene would have jumped in and protected Tia. But gone was that girl, who was blinded by Tia's lies in her previous life. After her rebirth, Irene had resolved to never do anything to hurt her mother.

She ignored Tia and closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Tia gritted her teeth. How could she find a way to reconcile with her stepsister? She quickly opened her mouth, wanting to wake up Irene.

Before Tia could say anything, a furious Jessica covered her mouth tightly and shoved her out of the ward. Tia was dragged far away from the ward. After making sure that her protests wouldn't reach Irene's ears, Jessica let go of her.

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