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   Chapter 2 A New Life

Beauty's Rebirth: Take Control Of Destiny By Duwu Qingyang Characters: 5875

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"Irene, are you still mad at me? Please let me explain. I really didn't know that your daddy would be so heartless as to send you off to the Zuo family even before you finished high school! And the whole thing about your engagement to Jerry was just a joke between me and Aunt Zuo. It was not a serious agreement. I did not agree to you having a relationship with Jerry. Everything was decided by your father, that heartless man! Irene, my child, don't scare me! I have already lost everything. If I lose you again, I really don't know how I will survive! Irene! Say something,"

Jessica wailed. She was afraid that Irene wouldn't believe her, so she kept explaining as she wiped the tears off her face.

Her mother's familiar voice did little to soothe Irene as she was still reeling from the pain of her broken heart. She had caught Tia, whom she once regarded as her biological sister, making out with her fiance, Jerry. Despite the grief, she had no choice but to believe this surreal moment she was in.

No wonder it all felt familiar. Wasn't this how it happened when she was 16 years old? How did the clock turn back? Was this all just a dream or a reality? Was it because God pitied her and gave her a chance to restart her life by transporting her back to the year when she was 16?

It was inconceivable but she had to believe it. She wanted to believe it!

"Mommy?" Irene choked out the word in between sobs.

It was the first time that she had called Jessica 'Mommy' after she divorced Tom. It took her a long time to react.

"Irene, did you...did you just call me, Mommy?" Tears of joy welled up in Jessica's eyes.

Feeling warm inside in spite of the pain, Irene stretched out her bandaged arm with difficulty.

Jessica quickly held Irene's arm so that Irene wouldn't have to exert too much.

"Don't move! You have multiple fractures. The painkillers haven't worn off yet so you won't feel the pain right now. But you will feel the pain as soon as the effect wears off! Besides, your bones are still healing. Be careful not to disrupt the healing process!"

Jessica said with concern, holding her daughter's arm carefully, as if it was the most precious treasure in the world.

It was not until this moment that Irene realized that the person who cared about her the most was not her backstabbing sister, or the man who fooled her with his sweet words and then cheated on her, but it was her mother, her only family.

She recalled that in her previous life she was not loved by her father after he remarried. His family only comprised Lydia and Tia and there was no place for her. But back then, Tia was like an angel, who cared about her and accompanied her everywhere. Irene used to think that Tia was her only family in the world. And her uncaring parents were responsible for all her misfortunes.

Irene's whole world was distorted in those years. She cut all ties with her family, and put her

self in the care of the Zuo family, which was full of lies and hypocrisy.

No wonder Jerry hated her so much back then, but after the car accident, he had suddenly become very gentle, perhaps because of Tia.

"Ah! Isn't that Aunt Jessica? How come you are here?"

Tia was wearing an aqua blue dress and white high-heeled shoes made in Italy. She looked dainty and posh like the daughter of an eminent family. Although she looked good, she couldn't hide her inherent tackiness, which was evident from the gaudy sapphire bracelet on her wrist.

Tia liked luxury, but in order to create the image of affluence, she resorted to decking herself up in way too much jewelry than necessary.

Other people didn't know this, but Irene knew very well how Tia's mind worked. It was because she had naively tried very hard at being a good sister and wife. When she was living with Tia and Jerry in the villa, she had assumed the role of a nanny.

Jessica's expression became cold at once. She wiped her tears, fussed over Irene's quilt, and glanced at Tia indifferently.

Tia ignored her expression and calmly walked towards Irene's bed. She immediately held her hand, and her face was full of fake concern and worry. If Irene hadn't been familiar with Tia's hypocritical nature, she would have been stupid enough to fall for her act.

"Irene, are you okay? I was scared to death! When Jerry found out about your accident, he was very worried. He has asked for leave from school!"

said Tia with a worried frown. Seeing Tia's antics, Irene felt sick in her stomach and wanted to vomit.

'Hah! Jerry worries about me? It was more likely for the sun to rise from the West.'

Irene tried her best to conceal her hatred. She simply gazed back at Tia innocently. Compared to Irene, who was the legitimate daughter of the An family, Tia was more favored and spoiled. So Irene knew this was not the right time to expose her.

"Really? How come he's worried about me? I thought he hated me! If he hadn't been so angry with me, I wouldn't have run out and nor would the accident have occurred!"

asked Irene, gently raising her gauze-covered hand to wipe her tears. 'Two can play the same game,' she thought to herself.

"Ah! It hurts! Mommy, it hurts so much!" Irene sobbed miserably.

Tia was completely stunned. She didn't expect Irene to behave so childishly.

She didn't realize that Irene was pretending. She could never imagine her stupid, innocent sister to be conniving.

"Aww! Irene, why are you crying? I will teach that wretched Jerry a good lesson later!"

It was Joan Zhao, Jerry's mother, who had just walked in. She looked at Irene anxiously with guilt and pity written across her face.

Irene was happy to see Joan Zhao.

When she was all alone in a strange family, Joan Zhao had been like a mother to her. She patiently taught Irene everything and genuinely cared for her without any vested interests.

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