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   Chapter 109 Different Costume (Part One)

My CEO Husband: Triumphant Return To Love By Quye Xiaofang Characters: 6320

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Without raising his head, Jeffrey flipped through the documents in front of him, glanced at his assistant and said, "Please copy the materials used for the meeting and bring them to my office right away."

"Okay." The assistant nodded, opened the door and left.

The director of Financial Department narrowed his sharp eyes and stared at the direction where Jeffrey's assistant left.

He had long known that it was easy for the CEO to ignore someone, but he was still a director of a department, not to mention the Financial Department was considered one of the most important ones in the Shen Group. How come the CEO still ignored him? This was too much!

The director comforted himself that perhaps the CEO didn't heard what he had said.

"Mr. Jeffrey, as you know, the company has done a lot of things in the financial department recently. Employees in our financial department have much more overtime than other departments, and we don't even have time for lunch or dinner. Your assistant even summoned our financial department to work willfully and asked us to prepare another copy of the company's quarterly financial statements, which occupied a lot of time. Don't you think your assistant has gone too far?" The director said.

"Well, did you mean this report?" Leaning against the back of the chair lazily, Jeffrey raised the document in his hand and glanced at the director coldly.

"Yes! That's the statement! Our Financial Department squeezed our time and rushed out for this statement. In fact, Mr. Jeffrey, I'm afraid your assistant lied to you! He lost the document by accident and asked us to submit another one. He even told us it was you who gave the order! I don't give a shit!" The director said excitedly, pointing at the direction in which Jeffrey's assistant had just left.

The director snorted with dissatisfaction. 'Humph! Let's see how you could escape

colleague who was younger and better looking than him would be jealous by him...

In the performance scene, Maggie clutched the clothes in her hand tightly. The lining was broken, and she couldn't mend it no matter how hard she tried. Now she didn't have much time to think of another way.

"Wow, it looks good on you!"

"You are also very beautiful. Although everyone's costumes are similar, it is said that it is for the director to compare among us!"

"Yes, this is to publicize a game, right? I don't know much about the details. Let's rehearsal the gestures first!"

Seeing that others had changed their clothes, Jane anxiously walked around.

"Maggie, please don't worry! I'll find a way to help you. It's all Erika's fault. Although I don't believe it's her, the evidence showed it was she. I'm still in a shock. Can't you wear it without the lining?"

"Sure." Maggie folded the clothes and put them aside. She took a deep breath and thought, 'Maybe this is another trouble in my life because I have been so lucky all the way here.

Today's incident is just a lesson. It is said that if you are a little different from others in the same crew, you will definitely attract the attention of that person with either good or bad intentions.

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