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   Chapter 108 Villain Who Confound Right and Wrong

My CEO Husband: Triumphant Return To Love By Quye Xiaofang Characters: 11082

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"Bitch!" It was not until then that Erika realized that it was Candice who took the opportunity to grab her flesh on the thin. It hurt so much! Erika screamed and reached out to grab Candice's clothes. "You bitch! You tore apart Maggie's costume!"

In the chaos, Candice slipped a white gauze into Erika's clothes and screamed on the ground.

"Don't hit me! Don't hit me! "

As expected, someone rushed to the fitting room after hearing the scream. They were shocked by what they saw.

Candice was beaten by her makeup artist!

Soon, Maggie also heard something happen there. She was pulled into the fitting room by Jane to see what was going on.

"Don't hit me! Ah... Somebody help me!" Holding her head in her hands, Candice screamed and glanced at the door from the corner of her eyes.

"Enough! Stop pretending! I really didn't expect you to be such a person, Candice Bai! If I don't vent my anger on you today, I won't be surnamed Lin!" Erika grabbed Candice and tried to slap on her face.

"What are you doing?" Seeing that there was a red mark on Candice's face, Jane was frightened and took a few steps back. Why did they start fighting?

Hearing Jane's words, Erika finally came to her senses. She looked at the Candice lying on the ground, whose face was bulging and hair was pulled in a mess...

"It's not me..." Frightened, Erika stood up and saw Maggie's costume in her hands. She threw it on the ground. "It's not me! It was Candice! It's her!"

"What are you talking about? Erika, calm down first..."

"Maggie, Candice Bai..."

With a sneer, Candice stood aside and waited to see her makeup artist make a fool of herself and see how she would turn over this time!

There was a saying that when a salted fish turned over the fish was still a salted fish.

Jane bent down and picked up the costume curiously. She was so familiar with it! "Maggie, is this your clothes?"

"How could it be..." Looking at the broken lining, Maggie didn't make a sound. What happened today was too chaotic.

"Maggie!" Erika held Maggie's hand tightly and stammered. "It's Candice Bai... She... She torn apart your costume on purpose! She even wanted to drag me into the mire! What should I do...Aren't we... Aren't we going to shoot soon?"

"Candice Bai, you've gone too far! Don't you think about the consequences?" Jane was so angry that she began to strive for Maggie. Although her costume were not the most beautiful, it must be the most precious!

It was rare for Maggie to reach her achievements today. No wonder she worked harder than others behind her back. Jane felt sorry for her and watched her grow up. Today was a good opportunity. There were so many directors who would choose the roles for their works, but their costume were broken. How could they perform later?

"She's talking nonsense!" Pointing at Erika, Candice said in the same excited tone as her, "Don't accuse others without evidence, okay? Who saw me tear Maggie's clothes apart?"

"I saw it. Don't try to justify yourself! I know you hate Maggie very much. You did this because you were jealous of her. In this way, you lost a competitor, didn't you! And you want to drag me into the mire and deceive everyone with you!" Erika pointed her.

"Well, you said you didn't do it, right? Then why are you so emotional

like me with skillful in action not look around to see if there was any evidence that could destroy his life? Go and find the evidence from the surveillance video! Don't cry to death then. Just quietly pack up and get out of the Lu Group. You never listened to me. Now you are suffering a loss." Candice didn't care at all. She was certain even there was an evidence, it would point to Erika instead of herself.


Erika twitched her mouth bitterly. The camera in front of her was aimed at her side, which meant that when she lost her mind and hit Candice Bai, it was completely recorded.

Therefore, even if she went to find evidence, she would only see that she had slapped Candice on the face in the video, which could not prove her innocence at all!

"I won't let you succeed! Candice Bai, I must let everyone see your true face! I..." Erika said.

"Erika Lin, just get out of here quietly. I'm too tired to get you out of the Lu Group by myself. But if you still want to play, I'll continue playing with you." Candice paused and raised her eyebrows. "Don't you all say that I'm cheap? You are also a bitch, but you are too brainless!"

Candice opened her own wardrobe, took her costume, pushed Erika away, and left with a smug smile.

When Maggie went back to the fitting room to take something she had forgotten, she heard what Candice said. Although she had expected that the result would be like this, she had no choice. Even if she didn't do anything to Candice Bai, Candice Bai would suffer losses sooner or later.

Just Candice was still in a daze because of her "success".

In the Shen Group. Before the company meeting, the employees of the Financial Department had been eager to make a move. They had already figured out the lines to report to CEO that his assistant had secretly asked them do another complicated and difficult work.

Jeffrey sat in his exclusive seat, reading the financial statements of the Financial Department. He was still arrogant and didn't make any eye contact with his employees.

After the meeting, the director of the Financial Department walked up to Jeffrey and spoke to him.

"Mr. Jeffrey, I'm the director of the Financial Department."

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