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   Chapter 107 Candice's Evil Action (Part Two)

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In this way, she could go to work and didn't have to be dragged to the Shen Group to do boring jobs.

"It depends on my mood." Jeffrey smiled and said slowly.

The assistant on the other side was in a bad mood. Since he was involved in the two people's world, how could the CEO have a good mood? Poor Miss Vivian...

In the photograph shooting scene, Candice entered the fitting room. She opened the door and went to her wardrobe. She found that all the actresses had changed the wardrobes and had to look for them one by one. She was really tired!

"So annoying!" Annoyed, Candice reached out her hand and knocked on the wardrobe she used before, only to find that the name on the top was actually Maggie Liu!

She opened the door of the cabinet, which was not locked. Inside was a white Han Chinese costume.

Hatred flashed across Candice's eyes.

It was said that Maggie's clothes had been tampered with before the audition. The person had planned to make a fool of her in public, but it wasn't expected that the bitch had performed a good play in a hurry to save herself and was chosen by the director!

But this time was not an audition. Now all the actors and actresses, including herself, were preparing a publicity video. Many directors and actors of different companies gathered together, which was very sensational and crucial. In a word, if you worked hard and were directly chosen by any director, you would receive a good project and then become famous!

Candice looked up at the surveillance camera in the fitting room. There was only one camera, and her direction was just a blind corner. She didn't need to be afraid of being photographed.

Looking at her newly manicured nails, Candice felt a little guilty, but when s

was not willing to.

"Well, you don't want to do as I suggested, do you? We will be doomed, won't we? But I don't want to do that. I'll make it clear to Maggie now! I have to tell everyone that it was you who ruined Maggie's costume!"

Erika turned around and was about to leave, but was pushed back by Candice and bumped into a cabinet aside. Erika widened her eyes in disbelief.

"How dare you push me!"

Before Candice could say anything, she pulled Erika aside and sat on the ground defenselessly. As soon as Candice raised her head, she saw the camera above Erika's head. She gritted her teeth and carefully stood up.

"Calm down. Listen to me. You don't want to die, do you? I don't want to die either. We can have a good discussion. In fact, I don't hate you so much. I just want Maggie to step down, and you are the same, right? As long as this thing is done, we will have a win-win situation. Is there anything better than this in the world?"

"I don't want Maggie to step down. You are kidding me! You just want to hurt me. Don't confuse right and wrong. You did it all by yourself! "

Erika fought back. She felt a little pain in her shin...

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