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   Chapter 106 Candice's Evil Action (Part One)

My CEO Husband: Triumphant Return To Love By Quye Xiaofang Characters: 6152

Updated: 2020-09-21 00:02

"Well..." The assistant was in a dilemma. Seeing the expression in the CEO's eyes, he thought about how to refuse politely so as not to hurt Miss Vivian's feelings.

"Come on. Besides, we are all very diligent bees. I am very tired after sorting out too many documents in the morning. As the boss, he can understand you, right?" Vivian smiled and glanced at Jeffrey with a cunning look in her eyes. He wanted to have lunch with her alone, but she didn't want.

As long as her assistant was present, Jeffrey wouldn't ask her anything about her work. At that time, she didn't have to find any excuse. Besides, he definitely wanted to save money from hiring another assistant, didn't he? Vivian felt herself a Bodhisattva!

"Well, as a rich man, you are too stingy. After all, he is your employee. Isn't it good to invite him to a meal occasionally to reward him? He couldn't find a girlfriend because of working for you..."

Vivian talked to Jeffrey. The assistant was stabbed in the wound and felt that what Vivian said was so poisonous. He was looking for a girlfriend now, why did she meant that it had something to do with the CEO?

"Let's eat together." Jeffrey said crossly. How could he not know what was on Vivian's mind? No matter how hard he refused, she would find a way to convince him.

She would try her best to vent her anger on useless things. Jeffrey really wondered if her wound on forehead caused her head damage...

"Okay." When the assistant heard the president's words, he knew that there was no room for him to refuse, so she had to carefully follow Jeffrey and Vivian, ready to be killed by Jeffrey's eyes at any time.

He was the third wheel now!

"Sir, this way please." The receptionist pointed to one direction of the three people and pinched his thigh to hold back the laughter. It was the first time

oy! What's more, you have been hanging out with men for a long time. You would be definitely misunderstood! I remember that there was a magazine office that wanted to interview you, not because it was screwed up, and then a reporter retaliated against you, saying that you are a..."

"Puff..." The assistant was choked by the large mouthful of meat he had swallowed. He struggled to pick up a glass of water in front of him and drank it up in one breath.

Jeffrey stared at Vivian who was sitting in front of him and talking nonsense. How dare she call him a gay?

Vivian wanted to learn from the reckless reporter to take revenge on Jeffrey. Now his assistant was with them, so she was not afraid of being kicked out by him. Jeffrey always had an expression of "you owe me money, but you don't return it" to those diligent bees. If possible, she wanted to teach him how to control his facial expression...

'Make all his expressions to Emoji...' Vivian wished.

"Go to the hospital for a physical examination after lunch. I suspect that you really had a brain damage." Jeffrey said to her.

"No, no, No. my stomach doesn't hurt anymore, and my forehead is almost recovered. How about I remove the gauze directly?"

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