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   Chapter 43 She Was Super Smart

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Maggie turned around and felt her dress a little tight. Her clothes suddenly was about to open, just right on her chest.

She realized immediately that she was set up. If she showed up in this way, it would undoubtedly be a big "success" for the backstage manipulator.

No, she couldn't lose this opportunity, otherwise... Someone must have set her up on purpose, but most of these actresses were very simple. Some of them would be cold to her, but they were kind-hearted. Who the earth wanted to set her up?

Maggie's agent suddenly widened her eyes and stared at the stage in disbelief. Maggie turned around, her hands flying, and her speed was so fast that no one could guard against her. There was no such action designed.

Holding Riley's hand, Elisa smiled complacently. Her friend had told her that this director hated actors to modify his own designated actions without permission, and it seemed Maggie was one of them.

As long as the director gave a cold answer, Maggie could lose this chance. She might not know that the director in front of her was one of the most irritable directors in the circle, and no one dared to offend him. Why did she want to get special treatment?

"Riley baby, are you happy? Let's watch a good show later. After everyone laughs at her, we will give her a hard blow, and give her a fatal blow when she is most helpless and desperate. I can't wait to see what kind of expression she has. Look at her complacent face now, I really want to..."

Riley's lips curled into a smile, and a dash of hatred flashed across her eyes. She was also looking forward to it.

"All right, all right. Be quiet. Don't you want to watch a good show?" Riley patted on her hands.

"Well, it doesn't matter if we have a discussion here. There is no one beside us now. Don't worry." Elisa looked around complacently. She had already made a way to the most suitable place to watch a good show.

If you want to watch a play, why don't you choose a place suitable for enjoying the scenery?

"Fabulous! Wonderful!" The director shouted excitedly while clapping his hands, staring at Maggie on the stage with his brightened eyes.

Just now, he had seen through Maggie's mistake and her eyes were flustered, but in the end, she suddenly performed her own action. She was not annoying at all, but bringing out true feelings of the scene.

The director had always thought that there was something missing in the movie. When he saw Maggie's improvisation just now, he suddenly realized what was missing. It was indeed exciting to make the movie scenes in his mind one by one.

Jay was surprised by the director's reaction. He knew the director's temper. He was also worried about Maggie because of her mistake just now, so he didn't pay much attention to the director's expression. But now, he looked happier.

"Great! Good job!" Jay also clapped his hands following the director.

After the performance, Maggie bowed deeply.

It seemed that the director was not angry with her sudden whimsical performance. The moment she turned around and flew, she had already tied a knot in the crack of the cloth on her chest with one hand.

Then she turned around and smiled. If others didn't look carefully, they wouldn't have found a tiny bowknot on her collar.

Riley star

snorted. Anyway, she didn't have any shortcomings. It didn't matter even if she made a slip of the tongue in front of her. She had a good friend, Elisa, behind her. What was she afraid of?

"I..." Elisa looked at Riley with her eyes wide open. What did Riley say? She say that Elisa was the one to blame.

Elisa was completely stunned. She didn't plan on this situation. What was Riley doing?

"Elisa, we had fought together before. It doesn't matter whether you are still hostile to me or not. I just hope that we can make up, okay?" Said Riley.


Riley didn't give Elisa any chance to speak. She walked up to Elisa and hugged her. "Let's just have a hug, okay? We can make it up now."

Looking at her eyes, Elisa nodded and hugged her with a smile.

"Cooperate with me." Riley whispered in her ear.

Jay looked at the two and smiled meaningfully, "Honey, as long as you can make it up, it's alright."

In a café.

Still at a loss, Elisa pointed at Riley and herself from time to time.

"When did I say that I would be the one to blame? That bitch Maggie must have known our weakness!"

"Don't worry. I haven't said anything yet." Riley comforted her.

"Of course you are not worried. I am the victim and you escaped. In that case, our plan will be over! Why did you suddenly rush forward? Riley baby, I really can't understand you..." Elisa was still lost.

"First, do you want to sit by and do nothing? Maggie is about to tell the truth," said Riley with confidence. "Second, don't you think she can't guess it's me? You have been with me all the time. Who are you if you are not conspired with me?"

"You mean she knew everything the moment we started our plan? She pretended not knowing it and took the risk of exposing her body, just waited until Jay to ask her to tell the truth?" Elisa pounded the table excitedly. Seeing that the people around looked at her with disdain, she lowered her head and whispered, "She is so scheming, is she?"

"Don't you know who she is?" How could a person who worked for money not be smart?"

Riley believed her guess was right. She picked up the coffee cup and took a sip. She was sure that her sixth sense was right!

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