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   Chapter 35 Horrible Eyes (Part One)

My CEO Husband: Triumphant Return To Love By Quye Xiaofang Characters: 5784

Updated: 2020-07-12 00:03

Riley paused and sneered. Then she continued, "I knew you were wronged. It's all right now. Don't take it to heart. Do you know each other? Why did she never talk about you?" She pointed at Maggie and asked Vivian.

"Even if I know Vivian, I don't need to tell you, do I?" Maggie smiled coldly, with a flash of code in her eyes.

"Really?" Riley raised her eyebrows and said, "Yes, you're a famous star now. How can you remember the way we worked together? At that time you just joined the entertainment industry, and I often took my best friends to visit you. But now I haven't heard anything from you. How ungrateful you are!"

Visit? Riley's visit was to bring people to bully Maggie. Every time Maggie had received an advertisement, she would be blamed and ridiculed by Riley's team.

What did they say? "I know you slept all the way to become famous!"

"What a dissolute woman! If she becomes famous at that time, she will be exposed to the public!"

"It's ridiculous that you keep your nose clean. Director Xu's martial art in bed was not bad, right? Hahaha..."

Ringing bells of the past, familiar mocks came to Maggie's ears, as if the time had returned to the past when Riley was right in front of her, pointing at her with her friends, and trying to take the clothes from the sponsor!

"That's right. How can people always stand at a low point? We all have our own goals and always make any progress. Unlike someone who has always been standing in a place where she mistakenly thought and felt proud, but in fact, she has been laughed at by countless people behind!"

Maggie said crossly. She pulled Vivian aside and walked past Riley, glaring at her for several times.

Riley gave herself a sarcastic smi

aged driver nodded in a hurry. He had to save his life now! 'Wasn't it said that the more the murderer was interested in the person before the motivation of killing had been raised, the less chance that the person would be killed?' They aged driver thought. He decided to have a try. Even if there was no result, it was better than sitting still.

"Miss, I think you are too anxious. Is there anything wrong at home?" He asked softly, glancing at the money spilled by Riley from time to time.

"Old dick! Cut the crap. You just need to drive! If I am late for a second, I will..." Before Riley could finish her words, she saw a white railing in front of her

"Ah..." Fortunately, she had fastened the seat belt, so she only bumped a few times and felt dizzy. She had just seen the railing! Was there a car accident?

She raised her head in a hurry and saw the aged driver was clasping his face in the direction, without any vitality. This was a remote road. Because Denny left in a hurry, he drove around to the suburb. The hospital he was taken to was also the nearest hospital here, which was far away from the city. This road was inevitable!

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