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   Chapter 33 Head-on Fighting (Part One)

My CEO Husband: Triumphant Return To Love By Quye Xiaofang Characters: 6077

Updated: 2020-07-10 00:03

Jeffrey curled his lips. This suddenly-appeared report made him out of curious. He asked to reply, "What do you think? It's unnecessary for me to answer such a small question, isn't it?"

The report bit her lips tightly. She could hear clearly what Jeffrey said. If she asked him back now, she would be trapped instead of receiving any answer. But...

"Mr. Jeffrey, do you mean to clarify the relationship between you and the mysterious lady? Are you protecting her on purpose or for your own interests?"

Facing the reporters' questions, Jeffrey didn't get angry as usual. He just said indifferently, "I'm a businessman, so I attach great importance to the immediate interests." Still, he didn't answer the reporter's questions.

Finished saying the words, he left a back to everyone in the press conference.

The reporter withdrew the microphone and quickly retreated from the crowd.

"Hey! Which newspaper are you from? Did you sign the agreement prepared for your death?"

"Which newspaper..."

Other reporters was yelling at this reporter and discussing that she was so reckless! Then they shook their heads and wrote down what Jeffrey had said just now. Mr. Jeffrey always gave vague answers...

In a corner close to the press conference. "Ah..." Jeffrey clenched the woman who covered her face with a peaked cap and paused when he heard her voice. She was that restless reporter.

"Since you came to see me from the beginning, why did you leave? Are you afraid that I will swallow you down?" Jeffrey approached her gradually and cornered her. He must expose this woman's true colors in person!

The reporter didn't know what to do. She stretched her legs in an arc, intending to give the man who was approaching her a heavy blow. But he stopped her first. She quickly took out pepper water from

would jump into the crowd, trying to get rid of the people following her closely!

Who would follow her? Was that person a fan of her? No way. Why did he follow her secretly?

Maggie went to the snack area, but the person behind her seemed to want to stop and did not follow her for a while.

"Mom, I want this..." There was a little girl in the snack area, asking her mother for snacks.

"Patty, these snacks look delicious, but you will get sick if you eat them." the mother coaxed the little girl.

"Mom, I want it. Buy it for Patty please..."

Maggie was attracted by the mother and daughter. The little girl's childish voice attracted Maggie, who had got lost in this scene.

"Disobedient! I'll buy you some fruits. They are delicious and nutritious..." The mother was getting a bit strict.

"No..." The little girl suddenly burst into tears and her crying voices tore others hearts. Her mother was helpless. She patted her daughter's shoulder and coaxed her, "Okay, okay, okay. You have to practice the piano after you go home then, okay?"

"Okay!" The little girl nodded heavily and smiled. There were still tears in her big eyes. She turned around and looked at Maggie, smiling at her.

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