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   Chapter 30 Unexpected (Part Two)

My CEO Husband: Triumphant Return To Love By Quye Xiaofang Characters: 5770

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She really couldn't do it by herself.

"Don't go..." Maggie was about to climb down from the bed and make the call. Subconsciously, Austin grabbed her hand, which was cold and comfortable, and put it in his face. "It's my fault. It's brother's fault... Vi... For the tears you dropped, I will..."

Stunned, Maggie tried to get rid of his grip, but she was defeated by the disparity in strength between men and women. She had to let him grab her. It seemed Austin was murmuring something.

She moved closer to his mouth and wanted to hear what he said clearly.

"It's all my fault...all your brother's fault... I'm sorry..." Austin frowned and said in a daze. He seemed to see his sister Vivian standing in front of him and wiping off his tears. No matter how close he wanted to get to her, it was useless.

Maggie heard it clearly now. Did Austin have a sister?

"It's me who made you suffer... I hate myself for not being with you... Vi... Vivian..."

Austin opened his eyes in a daze and saw a woman's face faintly in the darkness. He was very familiar with her face. He wanted to make a sound, but he had no strength. Enduring the discomfort of his body, he reached out and pushed her away with all his strength.

"Go! Go..."

Maggie thought he had seen her, so she looked at him in a panic. "Don't hurt her... Do you know? She is my sister..."

Maggie's brain was buzzing. He had a sister, but he couldn't see her so he felt bitterly? How she wished she could be his sister, feel his love for her and the warmth of being his family.

She wiped off her tears and gave herself a mocking smile. Whom did she think she was to cry here?

It turned out that a perfect man like [陆云臻] was so fragile in his heart. He really felt sorry for [郑诗雅]. How much hatred did she have with him to set him up? He had a clean conscience. How could he have anything to do with a casual woman like her.

Maggie quickly edited a text message and sent out, and received another new message. Then she stretched out her hand with satisfaction. Seeing that he was uncomfortable, she went to the bathroom to get a basin of water to help him wipe his body and lower his temperature.

Riley was so cruel that she had no idea how much Austin was drugged and how strong the drug was... It was not until he breathed steadily that Maggie put away her stuff and left quietly.

In the early morning, Derrick saw Austin with a long face in his office. He wondered why Austin had been acting strangely recently. Why did his mood change so obviously? It was really not like the Aus he used to know before. Was it about last night...

"Aus, I know something, last night..." Derrick tried to ask.

"Don't talk nonsense. I'm thinking about something important." Austin interrupted him mercilessly. When he got up early this morning, he found that his body was very heavy, and the blurred m

emories in his mind were finally forced to be pieced together.

He was framed last night! If he caught that bold person, he wouldn't spare him easily.

Strangely, there was no suspicious trace in the room, and there was even no blackmail information. Didn't the manipulator behind it succeed? It seemed that he had to make a thorough investigation.

Derrick stared at Austin's sad face and snickered in his heart. Austin always pretended to be elegant and pure, but he would take off his armor at night! He has seen through Austin.

"Give me a reason why you did that!" Riley widened her eyes and listened to Maggie in disbelief. She was so angry that she grabbed the cup in front of her and poured it on Maggie.

"I..." Riley was surprised why she didn't dodge, but more with alacrity.

She had just learned that the bitch Maggie had let such a big fish go! How could she not be angry? She was so stupid. The perfect plan was just for the last step. This girl gave her an accident.

Maggie took out a tissue and wiped her wet hair calmly. Fortunately, she was in the private room of the tea house, with her and the two of them. She was also surprised that she would finally make such a decision, but since she had already made it, she could not go back on her word!

She removed her hair from her face and said softly, "I had something to do, so..."

"So you let my previous efforts be wasted? Shame on you! I was waiting for your good news. Did you plan it intentionally? Do you want to piss me off to death?" Riley interrupted her with a ferocious look, reaching out to pull her.

Maggie dodged in time, "I will return the money to you. We will have nothing to do with each other in the future."

"Do you think I care about money? I was thinking that no matter how much money I had, you would have to personally complete my plan, but it was ruined! " Riley threw the glass cup on the ground. Hearing the loud sound of glass breaking, she calmed down.

"Nothing to do with each other? Dear? Do you think it's Taobao? What I want you to do is a matter of life and death. Do you think you are superior now? Look down on me? Do you want to play with me?"

"Tell me!" Riley grabbed her shoulder and shook it violently, yelling at her, "Bitch!"

"Please respect me!" Maggie was expressionless. She had already been used to Riley's vicious face, hadn't she? When she just started her career, she was often bullied and mocked by Riley.

The most she said to her was just a dispute, enduring the ridicule of her and all her friends

At the beginning, she just wanted to save her face and talk nicely with her, but now she showed her true face.

Riley was thrown away by her and suddenly knelt on the ground. She stared at Maggie and sneered, "You hypocritical bitch!" She even tried her best to please her, just to laugh at her after seeing her failure.

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