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   Chapter 29 Unexpected (Part One)

My CEO Husband: Triumphant Return To Love By Quye Xiaofang Characters: 6017

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Riley raised her eyebrows. She didn't expect that Maggie was so good at hiding her skills. Seeing her dancing on the stage and glancing coldly off the stage from time to time, she attracted a burst of cheers.

Was her eyes full of disdain? Or unbearable?

But now the most important thing was to wait for Austin to be interested in her! Then her plan could be carried on. Riley turned her head to look at Austin, only to find that he was staring at Maggie, who was performing on the stage. Riley smiled complacently.

Austin felt strange. The girl on the stage looked familiar, as if they had met before. Was he correct or an illusion only? What was more strange was that she looked at him from time to time.

"Mr. Austin, what do you think? Are you enjoying yourself?" Mr. Lim grinned and thought, 'This guy is really hiding his real strength!' Austin used to be pure and lofty all the time, but now the sexy beauty challenged his bottom line again and again. It was really his nature exposed! It seemed he was still a typical man, just with higher taste.

It would be better to make his dream come true! Mr. Lim had decided.

"Well, just so so. There are so many women like her in the street. Mr. Lim, I think we'd better discuss some formal problems. I came here with you for business. For affairs, I think you'd better go home and have a taste of this kind of trifle." Austin looked at him and answered while frowning slightly.

He didn't like to talk about business in such an occasion, but now it was an emergency, so he had to make an exception.

"Okay, let's talk about business first." Mr. Lim twisted his slightly fat body, stood up and patted Austin on the shoulder. 'If Mr. Austin endures it for a long time, he would get sick!' He thought to himself.

Austin nodded. The two disappeared in the corner and went upstairs to a private room.

Riley kept an eye on them, and didn't let go any details. She looked at Maggie on the stage and found that she was almost done, so Riley went to backstage.

With a burst of cheers, Maggie walked into the place arranged by Riley and met her in private.

"Good job. Next, I will arrange an opportunity for you! Then what happens later would be up to you." Riley reached out to help her dress and said softly.

"I know. You must be careful. He seems to be very cautious and doesn't care about me at all." Maggie said.

"It's hard to predict what will happen in the future. Maybe he will change to a different person after he gets into bed." Riley sneered. Men were different. She knew every man well. When a man saw her, the first thing he thought always was to deceive her into sleeping with him. No exception.

After hesitating for a while, Maggie nodded and watched her leave. After putting on her clothes, she left quietly from the place.

Austin had a quick business talk with Mr. Lim. Since Mr. Lim was looking for a beauty to have fun, he had left the private room after trying and failing to persuade Austin to go toget

her. Now the private room was quiet down. Austin had a big relief.

He stared at the transparent glass in front of him with his black eyes and twitched the corners of his mouth. 'Vivian, you must be strong. Your brother has been looking at you and protecting you!' Austin silently thought to himself.

As long as he was free, he would think of Vivian's heartbreaking cries and her favorite doll, which made his heart ache!

He had investigated Jeffrey and found that he had a good history. There were many gossips and beautiful women around Jeffrey, so Austin had to be on guard. After all, he couldn't tell the relationship between Jeffrey and Vivian clearly.

Sitting in the private room, Austin gradually felt uncomfortable, thinking that he had drunk too much and thought too much. His eyelids gradually became heavy, and he was panting heavily. It was not good! But it was too late for him to realize that he was drugged.

Subconsciously, he was walking. Her body was out of control and very hot. Then there was something soft under her body, like a mattress.

Looking at the unconscious Austin, Riley called Maggie into the room she had booked.

"You are such a lucky person to hook up with such a rich guy. It's all up to you tonight. Think about whether you will live a comfortable and full life in the future, or be ignored? You know, you are in an awkward position now. You don't know how greedy those rich guys who can't get you are!"

Looking at Riley's ferocious and ugly face, Maggie smiled and said to her, "Thank you very much." 'You want me to thank you for setting up a night together with Mr. Austin? What you said is just a fantasy. It will be strange if I would not be killed Austin after he wakes up tomorrow morning. How could he forgive me?' Maggie though to herself secretly.

But she still agreed because she had to do so without any reason to reject.

"Think about it. I'm leaving now!" Riley smiled at her, reached out to straighten her collar, and gently pulled open a gap. A gust of cold wind blew, and Maggie shivered.

Riley took out her phone and looked at the time. Just in time, she pushed the door open and disappeared at the corner.

Derrick walked into the private room with Mr. Lee and saw Riley running away in a hurry. He remembered that Aus worked in the hotel on this floor. Was the "work" he mentioned to...

'How dare he get laid alone? He even didn't tell me!' Derrick chuckled in his heart. He had to "blackmail" Austin after tonight. After all, Austin always made him suffer losses?

Maggie stepped forward and gently climbed into the bed. The light in the room had been turned off, and only the moonlight faintly shone on [陆云臻]'s face. Although he frowned and sweated, he was still handsome.

She couldn't bear to see him suffer, so she pulled open Austin's white shirt and untied his tie gently to let him breathe some fresh air. Now it was time to call her friend, as long as her friend could sleep with him for one night...

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