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   Chapter 28 Failure Is Not Allowed (Part Two)

My CEO Husband: Triumphant Return To Love By Quye Xiaofang Characters: 5446

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"Hello, may I ask the way?" It was not easy for her to see that damn old security guard was not here today. She dared to be so bold. She must succeed!

"Of course!" The security guard stood up, turned his back to the machine behind him and asked, "which way do you want to ask?" He wondered how lucky he was to have an affair while sitting in the security room...

"Can I see the monitor behind you? Let me see where I'm looking for."

The security guard, of course, felt embarrassed to refuse. He quickly stepped aside so that Riley could come forward and watch the monitor.

Riley lowered her body and pretended to look at the small screens. It was strange that some parts of the screen were not turned on.

"Why don't you turn on the monitors in some places? It's so strange."

The security guard stared at Riley's with lustful eyes, attracting by her seductive dressing. But he didn't dare to look at her for long. "Because there are special people patrolling those places and they are designated..."

"I see." Glancing at the greedy look on the man's face, Riley sneered in her heart, 'Men are always like this, aren't they?'

That would be easy. She secretly took out the USB flash disk that had been planted with the virus. As long as this disk was inserted into the computer, she could control which area of the surveillance video on the keyboard! Because it was the latest virus, which could hide the place and prevent hackers from intruding. It was easy for her to achieve her goal.

Now it was difficult and easy to plant the virus in front of this man, so she had to use the honey trap!

"Can you help me find it? There is a golden thing next to it. I can't remember clearly. Alas, my brain..." Riley bit her lips, her eyes brimming with tears, making the man want to protect her!

"Let me see!" The security guard nodded and soon turned around to look at the small screens.

It seemed that he was a new comer. He was not familiar with the plants here, was he?

Riley smiled and thought, 'As I wish!' She reached out and inserted the USB flash disk into the computer silently. As long as she waited ten more seconds for the disk to successfully install the virus into the computer, she urged in her heart, 'Hurry up!' Ten, nine, eight, seven...

"Golden thing? Is it this one?" When the security guard was about to turn around, he was pulled by Riley. The virus transfer hadn't finished yet, she needed more time.

"Where? No, not this one." Riley didn't allow him to turn around. She anxiously glanced at the USB flash disk. Please! Please! She counted in her heart. When the time was up, she took the opportunity to pull out the USB flash disk with her back to the machine behind


The security guard turned around in confusion. He felt something unusual was going one, but he couldn't tell.

"I remember! It's here!" Riley smiled, turned around and pointed at the small screen in front of her. It was a guest room on the four floor of the hotel, with an unremarkable golden frame on one side. When she stopped, she pressed a key on the keyboard without leaving any trace.

The most inconspicuous small screen in the corner was black and did not attract the attention of the security guard.

"I promised I would help you find it. Look at it..." The security guard said shyly, turning his head around. When he was about to ask for her phone number, his fantasy was shattered by Riley's ruthless words.

"Thank you so much. My boyfriend must be very anxious. I have to go. Bye!"

Riley quickly walked out of the monitoring room, smoothed her hair and covered her face. Then she went downstairs in her high heels, ready to watch a good show!

The staff of the hotel had already known that Mr. Lim, a "regular customer", was going to pay again, so they deliberately chose the most enchanting dancers to dance on the stage, trying to seduce Mr. Lim to spend a lot of money.

In a dim corner, Austin took the glass and took a sip. He must be crazy to come a place like this!

Colorful lights were flashing everywhere and young people were dancing enthusiastically. Everyone was drinking happily, and Mr. Lim was no exception. He happily looked at the dancers on the stage and slightly narrowed his eyes.

"Next, the last actor on our stage, the finale of this show!" The host took a step forward, opened his hands, looked up at the sky and said with a smile.

There was a lot of booing off the stage, but as the dancers came on the stage, the applause also came up.

"Beauty! Smile!"

"Look at me, beauty!"

"Wow! Take the money. Take off your mask!"

Maggie had already known that Riley would arrange her to the last round. She wore a mysterious mask and a sexy short skirt and came on the stage in the light.

She walked onto the stage, with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth and her eyes glancing around the stage. She knew where Austin was, but she had to pretend that she didn't know.

When she was in college, she had chosen dancing as her major and practiced to form flexible and beautiful lines on her body. She was really moved by herself that she would stand on such a stage!


"Take off your mask! Take off your mask! Take off your mask! " Everyone couldn't wait to see what the mysterious woman looked like. Although she wore an eye patch, her watery cherry lips and small chin formed a visual impact. She was really good-looking.

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