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   Chapter 26 Flying a Kite

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As soon as Austin stepped in the office, he said, "Derrick, I have to ask you for a favor. It seems that you are not busy. That's good."

"What? Did I tell you I'm not busy?" Derrick was unhappy to hear that.

"You came here, and you've arrived pretty soon." Austin said indifferently with a smile on his face. He had something to ask Derrick for help, but Derrick's weakness was that it depended on his mood. Austin was really not sure if he had time or mood.

"Come on, just say what you want to say. Is it about the beautiful lady last time?" Derrick crooked his finger at him and winked at him.

"Come with me." Austin walked in front of Derrick and hinted him to follow him. Derrick shrugged helplessly and followed him. If he didn't go, he would be dragged by Austin to death.

In the hospital.

A nurse gently tucked Albert in the quilt. Seeing that he was still awake, she wondered why he was so abnormal today.

"Do you need me to call the doctor?" The nurse asked softly.

"No, thanks. I'm thinking about something now. If I stay in a daze for a while, everyone will be surprised. I'm really old..." Squinting slightly, Albert sighed.

He thought as long as Abby stayed by his side, she would force him to recover. Now the company had been running normally and he didn't need to extra energy to take care of it, but there were many small things.

"In fact, I envy you. No matter how I sigh or stay in a daze, no one will care about me. You should be content. You are so lucky to have such a thoughtful child as Vivian." The nurse said with a smile.

Kelly stood in front of the door and heard the conversation. She couldn't help but grab her bag tight. When did they become so intimate and even talk about life?

"I have wronged Vivian before. I don't know how painful her heart will be. I'm old and confused. I don't know any proper way to talk..." Albert sighed.

Kelly couldn't stand it anymore. She was afraid that Albert would talk about that bitch Vivian. She came here just to put in a good word for Riley, but as a result, she heard something she didn't want to hear in her life.

Then she pushed the door open and walked into the ward. "Honey." Kelly smiled and glanced at the nurse coldly. Then she said to Albert with a smile, "I made some porridge. Eat it while it's hot."

When Albert was about to stand up, the nurse went up to support him naturally. This dutiful action was considered a taboo in Kelly's eyes!

"Let me do it. You can go to do something else." Kelly interrupted the nurse impatiently and held Albert's arm. After the nurse left, she turned around and opened the lunch box. The smell was good, but Albert had no appetite.

"Honey, drink it." Kelly took a spoonful of rice soup and put it in front of Albert, indicating him to open his mouth and drink it.

"Forget it. I'll drink it later. I don't have any appetite now." Albert turned away his head.

Kelly's face was stiff, but she regained her composure the next second. She closed the lunch box and held Albert's hand, "How are you feeling recently? Are you feeling better? If you have nothing else to do, you can go out for a walk. Let me take you there."

"I just walked around outside. What are you doing here?" Albert's eyes slightly narrowed and his face was leaning against the pillow.

"What? Why can't I come to see you? Last time Riley came to see you, I know that you had a big fight with each other. You also know that Riley is still a naive girl. Don't take her words seriously."

Albert opened his eyes and stared at Kelly. He had never thought that this woman around him were good at acting. He couldn't tell whether Kelly's smile was sincere or hypocritical. For the first time, he felt a little scared, but he couldn't understand.

"How old is Riley? She was already married. Why was she still acting like a child? Do you still want to put in a good word for her? I'm really pissed off by her, but she didn't do anything but cried to you, did she?" Albert coughed.

"No..." Kelly patted him on the back. How could she explain? What was the real action? Would he want Riley to visit that bitch Vivian?

Albert would never yell at her like that before. Just as his daughter said, he was really obsessed with Vivian. How could he be so stupid? She had been his wife for many years!

Or was it because he had a nurse who looked a little like his dead ex-wife? Then he thought he could leave her and Riley. Well, the nursing worker even put in a good word for that bitch in front of Albert. Everything made sense!

"Honey, don't be angry. Don't be so mad at yourself. I mean, Riley still retained her former character. She argued with you because she couldn't stand your anger for a while. Now she has known that she was wrong. A few days ago..." Kelly kept explaining.

"She is crying to me, but she cares more that she doesn't have a surname of Pei, doesn't she?" Kelly carefully looked at Albert's face and found that his eyes were so sharp that they could kill her.

"She just cares about the same family name. She doesn't think about anything else. Now she should go to see Vivian. In fact, Riley has been doing the responsibility as an older sister, but she has never told us. She has been silently contacting Vivian."

"Even if she is laughed at and insulted by Vivian, I really feel sorry for her. About Vivian... I don't mean she is bad

, but sometimes she is too mean..." Kelly wiped her tears and shook her head.

Albert didn't say anything. He also did something wrong, but what Riley had done was really annoying!

He waved his hand and said, "Forget it. I don't care about it anymore. It was my fault as well. Forget it. Don't mention it again. You have to tell Riley that she must be a good old sister."

"I know." Kelly smiled, with a flash of complacency in her eyes.

After Albert had finished drinking the porridge, Kelly pushed the door open with the lunch box and ran into the nurse outside the yard.

The nurse nodded politely and was about to walk over, but Kelly stopped her, "Don't go."

"What? What's up, Mrs. Kelly?"

"I..." Kelly gave her a smile. All of a sudden, her hostility to the nurse vanished into thin air. "I just want to ask you about my husband's recent situation."

The nurse nodded and the two walked on the path outside the hospital.

"Mr. Albert has been doing a good physical examination recently. The doctor said that he needs to be recuperated. It depends on the situation in a few days, and you can ask your family to sign and leave the hospital."

"Okay, I see. Did Albert say anything in his dreams recently?" Kelly asked with a smile. She wanted the nurse to believe that she was concerned about her husband, so that the nurse could put in a good word for her.

Looking at her familiar face, she wished she could tear her face apart! But it was not the right time yet. She should seize this opportunity, for Riley and for herself.

"Well..." The nurse paused and said, "No, he didn't. He had a good sleep. The doctor said there was a little side effect because of the medicine he took, but I haven't heard of he say anything in the dream yet."

"Well, when you take care of him, is he usually in a good mood, or does he frown, is he in a daze, as if he is thinking about something?" Kelly asked again.

"Yes, sometimes he will be in a daze, but I think he will think so much when he is bored. As his family, you should spend more time with him." The nurse nodded while answering Kelly's questions.

Kelly frowned slightly. This damn nurse was so blind that she didn't tell her any important information! Was she hiding it on purpose or was she really stupid?

"We will try our best. When you take care of him, you should do as he says. I think you know that you look a little like her." Said Kelly.

The nurse hesitated. Judging from Kelly's facial expression, she knew that Kelly would say something like that.

She knew that when Vivian saw her, she would cry so sadly, like an orphan who had been wandering outside, eager to have a mother or father by her side.

Vivian told her many times that her face looked exactly like her deceased mother. When she saw Albert, the way he looked at her was very complicated...

"I know. Vivian told me about it." Answered the nurse.

"Well, it's good that you know that. It's inevitable for Albert to be attached to your face. I think you don't need to be too polite. Maybe we can try to be friends. My husband needs your care, and I need you to report something in time." Kelly tried to control her temper and said to her with a smile.

"Yes, Mrs. Kelly. You can let me know if you need anything."

Kelly nodded and said goodbye to the nurse. At her back, she sneered in her heart, 'Who wants to be friends with you!'!

Back home, Riley was arranging flowers at home. Wild flowers were wrapped in Kraft paper one by one. When she saw her mother coming, she rushed up to her mother.

"Mom, how's it going? What did Dad say? Is he still mad at me? I already felt sorry!" Riley said in a hurry, her eyes full of complacency.

"Don't worry. He has forgiven you. He doesn't mind it anymore. But you should behave yourself. If he makes you angry again, I can't care about you!" Kelly said jokingly, pointing at the spot between her daughter's eyebrows.

She had seen the terrible look in Albert's eyes, so she knew how much her daughter had angered her husband. Alas, she had to lower her face to plead for mercy. It was really embarrassing!

"Mom, don't worry! I won't do that again. " Riley pushed her mother's arm and handed her a bunch of flowers on the table.

"Why are you in the mood to do this?"

"Mom, have you forgotten? The Lu Group is on our side now. Vivian definitely can't compete with us for it. I can't wait to see her facial expression. Will she be crying or staring at us and not giving in?"

Riley smiled and pulled Kelly to sit on the sofa.

"Really?" Kelly raised her eyebrows and smiled complacently. That would be interesting! How could she repay the CEO of the Lu Group's kindness?

It was obvious that the bitch Vivian had been dragged into the battlefield. Now, even if she cried out for injustice, no one would support her, right?

What a pleasure!

"Isn't Austin still single and available? Look at him. He is rich and handsome. All women want to be with him. We will send him a beauty and let him become obsessed with women. At that time, he will keep dating... "

"That's a good idea. As long as there are negative news about him, he will gradually turn from a good man without any affair to a playboy. Everyone will feel sorry for him. But as long as he is rich, and that bitch, Vivian, won't mind!"

Kelly snapped with a smile when thinking about her plans.

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